There is one thing that everyone can agree on in the city that never sleeps. Bangkok is the place to get wild and party all night long!  So, your all dressed up and ready to party. Where do you go? With so many choices in the nightlife scene, we thought we would give you five of our Best Nightclubs to dance the night away.


Levels is the newest edition to the slew of bars & clubs on Sukhumvit Soi 11, and is by far the most popular place on the street, due to the fact they have free entry, great live music & Bangkok’s best DJ’s playing there every night until 3am. Located right across from Bed Supper Club on the 6th floor of Aloft Hotel, the club consists of 4 areas. The open air terrace which is a smoking area, indoor lounge, nightclub and VIP balcony section which can seat up to 80 people.

On most nights this place is busy, but on weekends its packed to the rafters. Getting a drink can sometimes be a hassle, so its best to buy one at the outdoor bar before heading inside, otherwise find the bar located at the back of the room on route to the toilets, as there is never anyone there. The main bar consists of a huge circular bar, which is always crowded and mostly surrounded by single girls hunting their prey.

This place is definitely a popular place with a crazy amount of good looking girls, but its hard to tell which one are good office girls, and which one’s are working girls trying to make some extra cash. The latter have definitely got their hooks into this place and it seems they’re multiplying like Gremlins. This is a great place to go if you want to dance to loud Pop and House music, or listen to live bands. Also if you wanna go all Hi-So then you can reserve one of the many VIP booths located on either side of the dance floor and on the second level balcony area.


Glow is Bangkok’s best nightclub for underground dance music located on Sukhumvit Soi 23. A favorite with locals and the expat crowd, this place gets busy after 11pm on the weekends and keeps going until 4am. The club itself is quiet small compared with Bangkok’s other late night venues with around 220 capacity, but most people love this place because of the top quality music it offers and the intimate vibes this place provides. They’ve recently had an upgrade of their sound system, which helps to provide more deep bass for all you ravers out there. Many of Bangkok’s best DJ’s & promoters run regular monthly events here with the occasional International guest DJs. Music genres range from House to Drum & Bass. Entry fee is 300THB with one free drink.

Route 66

Route 66 is the biggest club located in RCA (Royal City Avenue) and is divided into 3 sections. The two largest rooms play Hip Hop and R&B music hosted by DJ Buddha & the Run BKK crew, whilst the 3rd room plays Trance or has the occasional live Thai rock band. The sound system in this place is second to none, with an amazing lighting system, firing lasers all over the place from floor to ceiling and across the walls.

Most of the dance floor is taken up by tall tables where groups gather to share their bottles of whiskey. Trying to move across the dance floor on a weekend is pretty crazy with hundred of people squeezed in like sardines. If you want to order a drink its best to order table service or buy a few rounds once you manage to get to the bar. The crowd here is mostly young Thai around their twenty’s and university students, but the area is becoming more popular with foreigners. A great place to meet good girls. Foreigners pay 400THB entry with two free drinks and its free entry for Thai’s. If you buy a bottle of spirits entry will be free.


Just around the corner from Glow is Narz formerly known as Narcissus Club, a huge super club aimed at the more high-end nightlife clientele. There are four floors, eight bars and three rooms with super-stylish interior decor. Music ranges from Trance in the main room downstairs, Hip Hop in the middle room and House in the upstairs room. Each room has top quality sound system and laser lighting to dazzle the senses. During the week the place can sometimes feel empty before midnight, as this place is so huge at around 1,000 people capacity spread over 3 floors. The main trance room is a popular place for people who prefer more substance in there night out. Expect to see a more Hi-So Thai crowd here and a few foreigners. Entry is 400THB with two free drinks.


Demo is an upscale club located in the trendy Thong Lor Soi 10. DJ’s play the best in upfront dance music including House, Tech, Progressive and Electro. The sound in this place is immense but crystal clear. Don’t expect to be having an easy conversation here, as the music is so loud. I love the decor in this place, which is designed like an old industrial warehouse, with graffiti covered brick walls, super high ceilings and various pieces of retro furniture. They have a good selection of food and beverage and a great cocktail menu. The crowd here is mostly Thai with a few foreigners mixed in, and there are no freelancers working here which makes a nice change. Entry is free but make sure to bring your ID as they can be strict in turning people away.

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