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It can be hard to choose the right hotel for your stay in Bangkok, unless you’re coming in town to party.

If that’s the case, Aloft Bangkok is probably the best hotel you can pick.


Because it’s located in Sukhumvit 11, a street with a hectic nightlife and tons of bars and restaurant.

Even better, when you’re staying at Aloft hotel, you have everything you need within walking distance.

Bars, restaurants, clubs, rooftop bars, malls, and more.

Aloft is also one of the most guest friendly hotels in Bangkok.

Need more convincing? Here is for you.

The Location

Aloft hotel pool in Bangkok

Aloft Bangkok is located in Sukhumvit Soi 11, which is either crazy or perfect, depending on how you see it.

In the same building (yes, not a few hundred meters away, but right in the same building), you have Levels, one of the best clubs in Bangkok.

If you’re more into hip hop music, Sugar Club is 100 meters down the road. And if that is still not enough, you have Insanity Nightclub 100 meters in the other direction.

For bars and restaurants, there are so many that we can’t even list them all. In Suhumvit soi 11 you can find rooftops bars, secret bars, French food, Argentinian, Italian, live music, Latino music, and many more options.

If you came to Bangkok to party and want to spend the least amount of time in traffic, and most of your stay either chilling at the hotel or partying, Bangkok’s famous Soi 11 is the best location for you.

Aloft Savvy Suite

The best selling room at Aloft Bangkok is their incredible Savvy Suite.

It’s not one of the biggest hotel suites in Bangkok. It’s actually relatively small. But it has something only a few suites in Bangkok have, a big private terrace and an outdoor jacuzzi.

That’s right. You can sit in your jacuzzi, and enjoy the incredible view of the city with nobody else watching.

Savvy Suite at Aloft Bangkok Sukhumvit soi 11

Again, the room isn’t the most spacious, especially for a hotel suite. Still, it’s comfortable enough to sleep a few hours after the sunrise and watch a bit of TV when it’s raining.

And again, you can take advantage of Aloft Bangkok prime location.

You can have all your group staying in the hotel without breaking the bank.

Gather 30 friends for drinks on the terrace, walk to the clubs and come back for an after-party.

That’s one of the few hotels in Bangkok where you can do that.

Why Choose Aloft Hotel for your Stay in Bangkok?

  • The location
  • Walking distance from bars, restaurants and clubs
  • The Savvy Suite
  • The price
  • Part of SPG and Marriott Reward Program
Photos of Aloft Sukhumvit 11 hotel in Bangkok

Aloft Soi 11 is an excellent option because of its price, design, service, and amenities.

It has a restaurant, a bar, a pool, a pool table, and a gym inside the hotel. You don’t even need to leave the building.

We know that if you’re coming to Bangkok to party, Aloft is one of the best options you have.

It’s reasonably priced, comfortable, quiet enough to recover after a heavy night, and its location is perfect for an intense weekend partying in Bangkok.

When you stay at Aloft Sukhumvit soi 11 you can cross the street and eat at Oskar, grab cocktails with an amazing view at Above Eleven, enjoy a good mojito at Havana Social, and finish your night at Levels or Insanity.

All within 200 meters.

Read our guide of Sukhumvit Soi 11 to see the other venues we recommend in the area.


What is the nightclub at Aloft Bangkok?

Aloft Bangkok is in the same building as the famous nightclub Levels Club. And it’s only a few minutes walk from other incredible clubs in Bangkok.

Is Aloft Bangkok guest friendly?

Yes. But they might ask for your friend(s) ID at the reception, which is standard in many hotels in Bangkok.

When is Aloft Bangkok pool party ?

Splash Pool Party, Aloft signature pool party is usually the first Saturday of each month.

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