It’s not something you really want to make a habit out of, but there are occasions when you are just with the right company or in a certain mood, and want to partake in some afternoon drinking. There’s nothing wrong with that and don’t let your better self tell you any different! Bangkok has a wealth of wicked afternoon drinking spots, from the rooftop bars of Sathorn and the bustling backpacker barrio bars of Khaosan, to the expat bars of upper Sukhumvit. Even the neon lights of the Nana Plaza gogo bars are now humming from midday, with some great drinks promotions on offer. However, there’s an art to afternoon drinking in Bangkok, and if you are a novice or simply can’t trust your inner demons, you need to be more aware of the rules.

Start with an easy drink

Don’t go straight for the hard stuff, kicking off the afternoon with some Thai whiskey or a deadly gulp of Yaa Dong, can see things get ugly, fast. Not only do you need to consider your health but also your pride. Pace yourself if you want to go the distance. Your ideal first tipple is a microbrew or light beer, or alternatively opt for a ‘breakfast cocktail,’ such as a Screwdriver, Mimosa, or Bloody Mary, with the latter also doubling up as an old skool hangover cure.

Avoid the heat!

It’s hot in the city, very hot at times; temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius during the hot season (March to May). Baring that in mind try to avoid drinking out in the sun between midday and 4 PM. Better yet avoid bar hopping when the city is a sauna, instead saddle up in a nice air conditioned bar and sink back a few cold ones.

Try to not get wasted!

Bangkok is a true party city and Bangkokians love nothing more than to drink and mingle. However, anti social behaviour is frowned upon, and there is no better way to lose friends and get kicked from a bar than to get totally wasted and act a fool. If you are on an afternoon drinking session try to pace yourself by drinking a little slower, avoiding hard alcohol and shots, drinking a glass of water at least once an hour, and most importantly.. EAT!

Don’t forget to Eat!

Alcohol is no substitute for food, and while drinking on an empty stomach will certainly help you get a buzz on quicker, it will also help you throw up in the bar toilets after telling a stranger you love them and confessing to a waitress you were a big Backstreet Boys fan and secretly cried when they broke up.. Don’t let this happen. Bangkok has some of the best bar food in the world so take advantage of it! Start your afternoon session with a hearty meal and continue to eat and snack throughout the day.

The happy hours!

As well as taking care of your health and reputation you’ll also want to take care of your wallet. Drinking in Bangkok can be expensive, especially if you are heading to some of the city’s many cool, stylish bars. One of the big pluses of afternoon drinking is the ‘happy hour.’ Look out for happy hours and drinks promotions; there are plenty around especially among the Sukhumvit bars between Nana and Asoke.

Drink responsibly and have fun!

By Kim Loe.

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