The Bangkok Arts and Culture Center is situated in the heart of Bangkok’s main shopping and entertainment area in the Siam district and is the main focal point for Bangkok’s contemporary arts scene. This impressive building is open to the public free of charge and regularly displays a wide range of thought-provoking exhibitions, workshops and other types of events.

The main mission of the Bangkok Arts and Culture Center is to create a meeting space for artists in order to provide a range of cultural programmes for the community. Both established and up and coming artists from Thailand and other parts of the world regularly display their art at this impressive institution, and all forms of art are celebrated there. One of the most striking features of the establishment are the large contemporary sculptures that are displayed both outside and on the ground floor, and these sculptures are regularly changed to ensure that visitors always have something new to admire.


The building itself is particularly striking and was designed by Robert G. Boughey and Associates. The iconic curved shape of the building easily leads the visitor upwards to the galleries at the top, while the curving walls provide plenty of space on which to display temporary exhibitions. While the Bangkok Arts and Culture Center provides a number of different functions and rooms, it has been designed as a continuous space and the light flows through the building easily. Although the building is extremely modern, its slanted walls are evocative of traditional Thai architecture.



While artwork is displayed throughout the Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre, the largest galleries can be found on the 7th, 8th and 9th floors. The People’s Gallery on the 2nd floor is dedicated to presenting both traditional and contemporary Thai art, while the 5th floor features a large auditorium that contains 222 seats and has been specially designed for film screenings and musical events.

Art lovers will find a wide range of programmes of art, theatre, film, music, design and cultural events held at the Bangkok Arts and Culture Center throughout the year. The atmosphere at the Bangkok Arts and Culture Center is friendly and relaxed and visitors are free to roam the many floors and exhibition rooms at their own pace.


Inside BACC

The Bangkok Arts and Culture Center also includes several cafes and restaurants where visitors can sit and soak up the atmosphere of the institution over a cup of coffee and a snack. The institution also features bookshops, a large library and a number of souvenir shops where art lovers can browse for a wide range of products in between taking in the surrounding exhibitions.

A number of local artists have set up residence in the Bangkok Arts and Culture Center and can be seen creating caricatures in charcoal and pencil for visitors who sit for them. This provides visitors with both the chance to meet the artists and a unique souvenir of their trip to the Bangkok Arts and Culture Center.

The Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre is situated on the corner of Payathai Road and Rama Road and is open from 10:00 to 21:00 on Tuesday to Sunday. The third floor entrance connects to the National Stadium BTS station, while the institution is also just a short walk from the Siam BTS station.

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