Some would say there is nothing better than to sit back, relax and indulge in a fine imported cigar. Gone are the days that stogies are for the seasoned affluent smoker. They have since become a go to item for anyone looking to indulge in one of life’s many pleasures. Bangkok’s taste for fine cigars has given rise to lounges throughout the cities affluent areas. These swanky hotspots can be found in the best hotels, as well as, private locations dedicated to the elite. If you’re after premium smoke, top shelf liquor, and an overall seductive vibe, these are the places you need to check out.

Whisgars @ Giusto Restaurant

WHISGARS is an amazing Venue and is more than just a cigar bar. Located in Sukhumvit Soi 23, Whisgars offers an oasis for those who love fine whiskey and premium cigars. Whisgars’ bar is fully stocked of the best whiskeys from around the world. While other establishments offer a limited selection, Whisgars boasts over 100 premium whiskeys and over 60 cigars from South America.

The Blind Pig by The Speakeasy @ Hotel Muse

Let your imagination run wild at this 1920’s US Prohibition era themed venue. The Speakeasy at Hotel Muse covers the 24th and 25th floors and features a variety of exclusive bars, private rooms, and a cigar lounge named The Blind Pig; all things considered it is a perfect name. A combination of superb world class cigars, impeccable facilities and a magnificent view, it is welcome sanctuary for aficionados.

Club Perdomo Bangkok

For those interested in one of the most elite, and discrete, environments in Bangkok, Club Perdomo may be the ideal place. This private club is for members only, which means there is a fee. Privileged membership comes with enticing perks, including access to a secret room called ‘The Vault’. Aside from top quality cigars and liquor, the lounge has focused on the enthusiast’s ability to relax in complete privacy. There is an implemented ‘no phone’ policy; those caught making any noise with it must contribute a round of drinks for everyone in the club!

LaCasa del Habano @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Situated alongside the Chao Phraya River and near inner lobby of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is a cigar lounge with impeccable décor and outstanding hospitality. The experienced staff is happy to help you, should you require any information on the variety of high-end humidors, cigar cutters, cases, accessories, and cigars available for purchase. Just outside the lounge is one of the best jazz venues in the city and a restaurant featuring delicious international cuisine. This place is an excellent choice if you’re looking to relax and enjoy a good smoke.

Humidor Cigar Bar @ The Intercontinental Hotel

Savor the world’s best cigars in style. The Humidor Cigar Bar offers a wide selection of stogies to choose from, as well as, tasty wines and quality whisky. Live music plays elegantly throughout the week while the lounge itself boasts strategic seating allowing for interesting conversations to spark up or complete privacy; you choose. With attentive staff, mouthwatering food at the nearby restaurant, tempting cocktails and a cigar for every occasion, this is the perfect lounge to clear your head, wind down and relax.

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