“Calling all poets!” were the words cried by lyrical lunatic KJ Miner as he strode onto the stage. He then proceeded to dazzle the audience with a poem inviting people to take to the mic and share their thoughts. The audience was silent throughout the poem, hanging on each and every word as if under a spell.

But of course, you don’t have to be a poet to enjoy one of the monthly events arranged by Bangkok Lyrical Lunacy. You could be a singer, a writer, an artist or simply someone who appreciates the creative arts. And as the group is quickly proving, there are plenty of creative and talented people in Bangkok these days.

The first Bangkok Lyrical Lunacy event was held last January 26th. Considering that the event was held on a Sunday, the turnout was surprisingly large with every seat filled and many people standing in the doorway or on the chairs outside. Part of the plan of Bangkok Lyrical Lunacy is to present followers to various different venues around Bangkok and the second event was held on February 9th at the Alchemist on Soi 11. This time the group was graced with a visit from professional poet Scott Wings, who entertained the large crowd that had gathered with his passionately presented poems.

Bangkok Lyrical Lunacy Explained

So what exactly is Bangkok Lyrical Lunacy? Well, in the words of one of the organizers; ‘Bangkok Lyrical Lunacy hopes to fill a void, at least partially, a void that we all avoid or unintentionally ignore, a void that exists in a city just as it exists in each of us. This deficit is one of substance and meaning, of deeper truths and feeling, the stuff that bolsters our existence with its presence as much as it deflates it with its absence. Our little Lyrical Lunacy hopes to open a portal, or build another canal so that everything that makes poetry poetry (and makes humans human) can flow freely back into our lives. To connect, to complete, and to encompass the neon city with more compassion. One night, once a month, let’s remember what it’s like to truly be ourselves.’

These animated words are just a small taste of what you can look forward to when you attend one of the monthly events. Around a dozen creative people from all around the world will be sharing their souls through their poetry, song or other types of creativity and inviting you to step into their own unique worlds, if only for a few minutes.

Experience the Event!

If you haven’t witnessed the magic of a Bangkok Lyrical Lunacy show as yet, make sure you catch the next one. It will be held on March 7th at Apoteka in Thong Lor from 8pm. This time around the event is being held on a Friday and the turnout is sure to be huge, so make sure you arrive early to secure a seat.

For more information about the next show, to read some of the work from Bangkok’s resident poets or to get involved, check out the group’s Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/BangkokLyricalLunacy.

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