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Bangkok has many classy bars, fancy nightclubs, and unique cultural experiences.

But are the best neighborhoods and types of places to experience your party on steriods?

Where can you drink ’til you drop, chat to gorgeous girls, and feel the buzz of live music?

If you’re looking for the most outrageous nightlife in Bangkok, we’ll show you all the best neighborhoods and venues to visit.

In fact, we know your jaws will drop after seeing our recommendations.

Check these out!

Best Nightclubs for VIP Clubbing

hot girls at Bangkok nightclubs

Bangkok’s club scene is buzzing 7 nights a week.

The city attracts party-goers almost every night.

It is home to some of Asia’s top nightclubs, featuring international DJs from around the world.

You’ll find all types of music.

There are nightclubs playing hip hop, electronic dance, and even drum & bass.

We’ve listed 5 of Bangkok’s top nightclubs to give you an idea of what Bangkok’s club scene is all about.

  • Route 66 – is a fixture on the Bangkok party scene, well known for its wild weekend parties. The club offers a diverse music policy from hip hop to live bands playing Thai and western hits.
  • Levels one of Bangkok’s most popular clubs, thanks to its quality service and entertainment. Levels are also famous for being the top club in Bangkok for picking up freelancers and single girls.
  • Sing Sing Theater – This is nightclub is completely different compared to others in Bangkok. It has a crazy party vibe and a unique design. More theater than a night club, they feature incredible performers and great music.
  • Onyx – This is the city’s first club to offer big room partying. It’s something more common in places like Ibiza and Seoul. At Onyx, you can experience some of the world’s best DJ’s along with the best laser show in Bangkok.
  • GLOW – Bangkok’s number one party venue for underground dance music. Celebrity underground DJs who frequently perform at Glow are Dubfire, Nakadia, and Pan-Pot.

And there are many other nightclubs that we’ve covered in detail in our article about the best nightclubs in Bangkok.

There are plenty more to choose from, especially if you’re looking for hot single girls.

Best Bars for Chill Out with Friends

Best Bars in Bangkok

Bangkok’s bar scene features every type of bar you can imagine.

There are bars suitable for big parties, romantic dates, and even watching live sports.

Whatever you’re drinking, Bangkok has a bar that serves it.

Here are a few types of bars you might be interested in:

  • Cocktail Bars – These are classy venues with plenty of unique cocktails to choose from. For example, The Bamboo Bar (at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel) is famous for its Thai spice-infused cocktails. 008 bar in Thonglor features traditional no-nonsense cocktails from American Prohibition.
  • Rooftop Bars – The best rooftop bars in Bangkok combine fine cocktails with stunning skyline views. Octave and Cielo are two places we’d highly recommend. Both have spacious seating and unmatched views.
  • Sports Bars – Whichever sport you love watching, there’ll be at least one bar in Bangkok streaming it. It could be Premier League football, rugby, cricket, or even golf. Two places we’d recommend are the Sportsman and Clubhouse bars. Both have plenty of TVs, cold beer, and great pub grub while you’re watching the live game.
  • Craft Beer Bars– Bangkok’s beer bars and brew pubs have changed the face of beer in the city. They have some of the best craft beer offerings. Two of Bangkok’s favorites, Brewski and Craft, offer over 100 different craft beers.

Best Venues with Live Music – Unique Thai Nightlife

Best Venues with Live Music in Bangkok

If you love live music, we can show you where to go in Bangkok.

There are venues open every night, offering different types of music.

Listen to jazz one night, rock the next, and blues and funk the night after that.

The music usually starts around 8 pm and goes on late into the night.

  • Live Music Bars – Besides the great music, these bars have a huge range of drinks. Saxophone Club, one of Bangkok’s oldest clubs, features jazz, blues, and soul every night until 1 am. If you want to rock, there’s only one place, the Rock Pub, Bangkok’s oldest rock club.
  • Chill Bars – These are fun bars with gorgeous girls, great food, and of course, live entertainment. If you want to spend some time with gorgeous young ladies, take a trip to ID Bar 69 or Share Sea Bar. Enjoy fine food and spirits, and don’t forget to keep the drinks flowing. Chill bars are certainly a unique night experience in Bangkok.
  • Karaoke BarsThai girls love to sing, and you’ll find many young hotties waiting for you at Karaoke bars. Order some drinks, finger food, and play some dirty games with girls. They’ll be singing with your mic in no time.

Best Pool Parties for Change of Scenery

Best Pool Parties in Bangkok

A pool party in Bangkok is a great way to cool down while drinking and dancing.

Of course, some of the most beautiful girls in Thailand party here too.

The great thing about Bangkok is that on any given Saturday, you’ll find a pool party at one of its 5-star hotels.

  • SO Sofitel Pool Party – Once a month pool party on the 10th floor of the So/ Bangkok. It is regarded as the best pool party in Bangkok. Running for eight hours, this party is mostly young ex-pats, wealthy Thais, and tourists. Entry is 600 baht with one drink, and reserved tables with bottle packages start at 8,000 baht.
  • W Pool PartyBangkok W Hotel also holds pool parties on the first Saturday of each month. You’ll find the best hip hop DJs, affordable alcohol, and hot bikini girls.
  • Westin Pool Party – On the third Saturday of the month, head to the Westin pool party. It’s the only pool party in Bangkok that goes on all year long. And no matter when you go, there’s always plenty of girls in bikinis.

But if you want to learn more about all the pool parties in Bangkok, definitely read our complete guide:

Famous Red Light Districts You Can’t Miss

Best Red Light Districts in Bangkok

Bangkok’s red-light districts are world-famous for a reason.

There are raunchy go-go bars, strip clubs, and gorgeous bar girls.

Make sure to check out our reviews of the 14 best a gogo bars in Bangkok. Essentially, every guy’s dream!

Most expats come to Bangkok to take advantage of what these red-light districts have to offer.

Each district is different and unique, so you’ll never have the same experience twice.

  • Nana Plaza – Bangkok’s “naughty central’ is famous for its hot girls and racy a-go-go bars. There are 3 levels with about 30 different bars. It is arguably the most popular red-light district in Bangkok.
  • Soi Cowboy – has a more laid back carnival feel with its flashing neon and colorful streetscape. The girls are friendly, and the prices are low, so don’t be shy.
  • Patpong – is one of the world’s most famous and oldest red-light districts. It’s home to countless neon-lit strip bars. You won’ have trouble finding naughty shows and sexy pole dancers.

These are just the main red-light districts in Bangkok.

But if you want to know the secret areas where real VIP guys hangout, then read this our guide about all major red light districts in bangkok.

Best Gentlemen Clubs for Exclusive Parties

Gentlemen Clubs in bangkok

Gentlemen’s Clubs feature VIP services, entertainment, and the most beautiful girls in Bangkok.

The best way to enjoy your night at a gentleman’s club like the PIMP Bangkok is to book a private VIP room.

These rooms feature couches, pool tables, karaoke machines, and state of the art sound systems.

Perfect for a boy’s night out.

Once you’re in the room, it’s time to bring in the girls.

You choose the ones you want, and they bring their friends.

Besides being ideal for large groups, it’s also suitable for a private party with a lady or two.

Do you have a special occasion or something to celebrate?

Book one of the large VIP rooms at Pimp Club.

They cater to bachelor parties, corporate parties, or birthdays.

Read more on our complete guide to the Best Gentleman’s Clubs in Bangkok.

Best Music Festivals for an Amazing EDM Experience

Festival and water fights during Songkran in Bangkok

Bangkok is home to some of the most colorful and fun festivals in Southeast Asia.

Thais love to celebrate.

When big festivals come around, it’s a great opportunity to have fun and socialize.

The best events in Bangkok feature eating, drinking, music, and lots of hot Thai girls!

Here’s a look at Bangkok’s most popular festivals.

  • Songkran – aka Thai New Year, is the most popular festival in Thailand. It’s a 3-day water fight filled with music, dancing, and drinking. It’s one of the biggest street parties in Bangkok. Everyone is soaked from head to toe, including sexy Thai girls in wet t-shirts.
  • s2o – This is Songkran’s biggest music festival featuring crazy water fights and the world’s best DJs. It’s the biggest and most anticipated music festival of the year. This outdoor, musical water party is sure to draw a young crowd to continue the wet t-shirts party.
  • Siam Songkran Music Festival – Attend Bangkok’s newest music festival which takes place during Songkran. They’ve brought together a lineup of top international EDM artists. Scattered around the grounds are food and drink options, vintage markets, and Thai exhibitions.
  • Kolour in the Park – This is one of the main electronic music festivals in Thailand. It’s an event featuring local and international artists, playing techno and house music. There are after-parties, pool parties, light shows, and lots of food and drinks. Kolour in the Park is a must for party animals.
  • Chinese New Year – One of Bangkok’s most exciting celebrations takes place in Bangkok’s Chinatown. The streets come alive with Chinese lanterns, exploding fireworks, and lion dancers. It’s one big street party with lots of eating and drinking. 

These are just some of the big festivals in Thailand. Check our guide and keep an eye on other major music festivals


What are the best ideas for a bachelor night in Bangkok?

A bachelor party is definitely unique in Bangkok.

There are so many things to do, which will blow your mind!

Just watch the movie Hangover 2!

We have another guide that details the best ideas for a Bachelor party like no other.

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Bangkok Hangover party

What are the best party streets in Bangkok?

Bangkok’s best party streets are actually neightboods.  Party zones full of all types of nightlife.  

Royal City Avenue (RCA) is Bangkok’s clubbing hotspot, featuring Onyx and Route 66.

Sukhumvit Soi 11 is home to amazing rooftop bars like Above Eleven. You’ll also find trendy clubs like Levels and Sugar.

Silom Road offers various party options, from Maggie Choo’s bar to Bangkok’s oldest redlight district, Patpong.

Lastly, Thonglor is the playground for Bangkok’s elite, with hot nightspots like Funky VillaDEMO, and DND.

party streets in Bangkok

When is the best time to visit Bangkok for nightlife?

The best time of year to visit Bangkok’s nightlife is November through January.

If you its your first time make sure to check out our Bangkok Travel Guide for detailed information.

The weather is cooler and drier, plus it’s a hot tourist season, so the bars and clubs will be busy.

The best time to head out at night is late in the evening.

Clubs and bars don’t get busy until 10pm.

Around this time, Bangkok nightlife will be buzzing and all the Thai girls will be dressed to girls in Bangkok nightclubs

What’s the best way to get around Bangkok at night?

The best way to get around Bangkok for bachelor’s and VIP parties is in a limo.

Don’t settle for anything less!

Read more about limo services available in bangkok

hot girl with limo rental

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