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Bangkok Nightlife Acquires the Rights to the Bangkok Dangerous Movie Website

The Founder of Fun Digital Media, Peter Bank, is happy to announce that “” is now part of the Bangkok Nightlife family.    Fun Digital Media, the parent company of Bangkok Nightlife, acquired Bangkok Dangerous in August 2022.

The team at Fun Digital Media believes that the Bangkok Dangerous brand can be expanded to be more than just a theatrical production and into a broader genre of helpful content about the Thai Lifestyle in Bangkok.

Cage in from of the Famous Tikac Go Go Bar

Bangkok Nightlife is very similar to the movie Bangkok Dangerous. The scene in the beginning when Cage’s character meets Kong is 100% authentic.

There are hundreds of bars, each running up and down each side of the Soi. The street exists in real life and is called Soi Cowboy.

That’s where Cage took a photo in front of a famous place called Tilac Bar. Yes, the go-go bars in Bangkok are just as wild as seen in the movie.

For more information on how Thai gogo bars work, check out Bangkok Nightlife’s complete guide for first-timers.

Coyote Girls in Bangkok

The scene in Bangkok Dangerous where Kong goes to meet Aom happens every night all over Bangkok, even in 2022. This famous nightlife was filed at the Caribbean Club portrays Bangkok’s infamous Gentleman’s Clubs, known for beautiful women, great shows, and luxury service. The models and coyotes at most Gentleman’s clubs are stunning, and the models flirt with the club’s clients, just like Bangkok Dangerous. These party models are typically well educated, speak English (or Japanese or Chinese), and are good at entertaining business clients.

The Caribbean closed in 2010, for the updated status of these exclusive clubs in 2022, check out our Guide to Gentleman Clubs in Thailand.

Typical Date with Normal Thai Girl

Most all are scenes in Bangkok Dangerous are authentic. From the hairstyles of various characters to things on the street, they are all simply Thai. And commentaries about Thai life that are also accurate. For instance, when Kong buys Aom an expensive gold chain. The fastest way to a thai girl’s heart is through your wallet.

And the first date between Cage’s character and Fon was dead on. First dates with a “normal” Thai woman are always dinner at a family-style restaurant. Cage spends the entire meal wiping sweat from his brow and reaching for the water glass every second with the Thai girl giggling. And when the food arrives, she serves him the “tom yum goong” before serving herself. That’s so Thai; the scenes in this movie validate the notion that Thai women prefer Western Men.

In conclusion, Bangkok Dangerous portrays Thai culture along with a glimpse into Bangkok’s fabric at night, showing some wild nightlife options long before the most famous movie, Hangover2, was filmed four years later.



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