Children of all ages and people who are young at heart are sure to enjoy visiting the Batcat Toy Museum. This is the largest toy museum in the whole of Thailand and presents an impressive collection of superhero toys and other types of collectables such as magazines, games and costumes.

The Batcat Toy Museum contains more than 50,000 artefacts and some of the other superheroes that are represented here include Superman, the Masked Rider, Cat Woman and Ultraman. Some of the pieces here date back to the 1960s, while the large glass shelves that are spread across the museum’s two large rooms also feature more recent additions.

Inside the Batcat

Visitors who step into the first room of the Batcat Toy Museum will be greeted by an eclectic mixture of some of the most famous comic book characters in the world. This DC and Marvel comic section takes fans all the way from the origins of these characters to their recent appearances on the big screen in popular movies. This collection has been carefully put together and is sure to reveal new aspects of these famous superheroes that even diehard fans may not be aware of.

The next collection presents a large number of Masked Rider figurines that are surrounded by many of the superhero’s former enemies, while the section above is dedicated to Ultraman. One of the most striking parts of this exhibition is the human-sized statue of Ultraman that can be found guarding the main door.


Lovers of modern characters will be delighted by the Pixar display, which includes loveable characters from movies such as Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Small Soldiers and Robots. However, big kids will probably want to head straight for the Star Wars section, which presents a large number of figurines and other collectables from the first three movies.

As the name suggests, a large section of the Batcat Toy Museum is dedicated to the Batman character. The range of Batman memorabilia here is extensive and covers Batman in all his various transformations including the very beginnings of the character and the television show that was originally aired in the 1960s. This collection can be found in the second room and includes a life-sized Batsuit and high-tech Batmobiles.

Have fun at the Batcat Toy Museum

Visiting the Batcat Toy Museum is the perfect way for parents to treat their children to a memorable experience while out and about in the city of Bangkok. Of course, you don’t have to have a child to visit this vibrant museum and collectors and fans of all ages are sure to find plenty to capture their imagination here. Before leaving the Batcat Toy Museum, visitors will want to check out the onsite shop. In addition to picking up some excellent souvenirs, people can also top up their caffeine levels in the adjoining cafe.

The Batcat Toy Museum is open from 10:00 to 17:00 on Monday to Friday and 09:00 to 20:00 on Saturday and Sunday. It is located on 32 Srinakarin Road in the Bang Kapi district of Bangkok. Admission is 250 baht for adults and 150 baht for children.

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