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So you’re looking for a pleasant respite from the fast life, eh?

A place in Bangkok to lap up cold pints of ale and whiskey?…that sounds nice.

But you’re a man of culture and decadence.

So when you’ve had enough of the regular boring Bangkok bars that you see plague every mundane corner of the world, why not try something a little different?

Something a little more…cheeky.

Why not opt for drinks in a place that caters to more than just your taste buds.

Why not look to a place that caters to your true “needs” for companionship and fun.

You’ll be in for a surprise when we show you the best Bangkok chill bars with some of the hottest Thai girls.

What are Chill Bars?

Chill Bars in bangkok

Known colloquially as “chill bars,” these are genuine Thai style places that house numerous female “hosts.”

Their job is to promote solely (and ultimately sell) drinks to the customers.

In exchange for drinks bought, you can gain the attention of the various attractive female hosts working there.

They may sit with you, provided you keep on buying drinks.

A common ploy used by these types of bars is through its use of selling so-called “lady drinks.”

These are drinks purposely charged at a higher rate.

You can buy these for the lady (to vie for her sole attention.)

Even if you can’t speak Thai, all the girls will understand drinks!

It’s a universal language at chill bars.

The more “lady drinks” you buy for a host, the longer she’ll consider keeping you company.

Besides the girls, many locals head to chill bars after work for the lively open-air atmosphere. 

1. Pai Kan Yai (in Nuanchan)

Gorgeous Thai girls working at Pai Kan Yai beer bar in Bangkok

Veered off a little northeast of main Bangkok, located within Nuanchan area – sits Pai Kan Yai.

An area engrossed in enough eye candy to have you “googling” all night long.

And with their scrumptious entrees and assorted Thai snacks, you won’t need to stop at the nearest 7/11 for that post-meal “feast.”

Pai Kan Yai will be able to feed you all night.

Gentlemen…and let this establishment serenade you with the chimes of their rocking bands.

Fix your eyes on their on-stage erotic girls that will surely stir your mind silly.

But not before you sip and savor upon the local Thai beers and whiskeys that Pai Kan Yai offers, which is limited in choice selection.

Feel free to peruse some photos of Pai Kan Yai, the venue & the girls, taken on their Blogspot website over here.

  • Guest Rating: 4.4 out of 5
  • Opening Hours: Daily 6 pm-2 am
  • Address: ซ.ประเสริฐมนูกิจ 33, Nuan Chan Alley, Bangkok 10240, Thailand

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2. Battle Bar (in Nuanchan)

Battle Bar girls (in Nuanchan)

This sprawling behemoth of a venue will have you looking left, right, and center.

The sheer size of it will mean you’ll never have to worry about seating space.

And this theme of gargantuan indulgence extends to the sample size of the women themselves.

There are literally dozens and dozens of gorgeous hostesses scattered throughout.

So chat up Battle Bar’s young hostesses with glee.

Dive headfirst into their minimalistic Thai food and drink menu.

You’ll find strong classics like Thai beef salad and fried pork cutlets, with the likes of Sang Som whiskey and local Thai beer to wash it all down.

If you get bored of the live bands, revel in a game of pool with Battle Bar’s finest young starlets.

(Look out for their ostentatious live sports nights that are regularly held, cheering on all your favorite teams.)

  • Guest Rating: 4.3 out of 5
  • Opening Hours: Daily 7 pm-2 am
  • Address: Soi Prasert Manutakit 33, Nuanchan, Bueng Kum, Bangkok 10230, Thailand

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3. FAST Nawamin City Avenue
(in Lat Phrao)

FAST Nawamin City Avenue girls

Prepare to go old-school as you enter the 50’s themed bar.

FAST Bar is plush packed with old school chromed interiors and racing memorabilia.

Prepare to see your favorite feminine faces dressed to match that of Fast bar’s old-timey vibes.

They’ll offer you succulent singlet pieces of fried pork and other spiced laden dishes; all served to your table.

The fast bar contains a few options in the beverage department.

This includes labels likes Johnnie (Gold, Black & Red) Walker and Regency whiskey.

By way of extension, an ample amount of local beers is also available, of course.

To engage in lax vibes and pool games, as FAST Bars’ top-notch band notes tease your senses whilst you party till the doors close.

  • Guest Rating: 4.3 out of 5
  • Opening Hours: Daily 7 pm-2 am
  • Address: 299 อาคาร นวมินทร์ เฟสติวัล วอล์ค Prasert-Manukitch Rd, 10230, Thailand

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4. Hole 19 (in Bang Khen)

Hole 19 girls

19 Hole is located way off on the outskirts of the city.

You would think for such a chill bar this far, they’d be unable to match central Bangkok’s energy and tenacity for showing people a “good time.”

But that’s not the case – as these girls have energy!

They are enthusiastic with a sense of enthralling innocence.

Strap on your imaginary seat belts as you sample all the delectable spiced “treats” and food.

Speaking of food, get in on the Asian style fried meat slices and trimmings.

And, of course, surround yourself with cheap whiskey and beer.

So lose yourself (and some of your net worth) as you succumb to FAST Bars hot erotic entertainers and hypnotic sounds.

With lively bands and DJ’s always on deck, we can assure you it’ll be a fun night.

19 Hole – A place burlesque themed in nature, booze, bouncing tunes, and live beauty alike.

  • Guest Rating: 4.3 out of 5
  • Opening Hours: Daily 5 pm-2 am
  • Address: 900 ถนน วัชรพล Tha Raeng, Bang Khen, Bangkok 10220, Thailand

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5. The Club24 Bangkok (in Lat Phrao)

The Club24 Bangkok girls

Come to The Club24 for the vibrant young atmosphere as you hang out with a more modern upscale group of energetic folk.

They’re located in the nearer Bangkok vicinity known as “Lat Phrao.”

They definitely specialize in “gastronomy” over here (or at least something to do with food).

You’ll have the choices of wine, finer whiskey, and even such imports like “Hoegaarden.”

So take a knee and catch the live shows of The Club24’s sultry doe-eyed dancers and musicians.

Feel free to bust out some moves within the off beaten space between the staging and table area.

Glare out and gesture toward any lady friend among the virile crowd…who might wanna join you.

  • Guest Rating: 4.2 out of 5
  • Opening Hours: Daily 6 pm-2 am
  • Address: Chorakhe Bua, Lat Phrao, Bangkok 10230, Thailand

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6. Fit (in Bueng Kum)

Fit girls (in Bueng Kum)

Fit hosts a large plethora of young, eye-watering cuties strutting around with their unsullied sass.

Their outfits constantly change depending on the day.

It’s fair to say, the Thai girls here are all FIT and hot!

On the FIT bar’s menu, you’ll find Central Thai cuisine.

Dishes are ranging from pungent & severe to mild-mannered and almost honeyed.

Alongside its hearty meals, lose yourself to Fit bars local watered ailments.

With the likes of whiskey and beer to saturate that throat – all local and refreshing -,, you’re guaranteed a fun night.

Depending on the month or season, be on the lookout for various costumed dancers, DJs, and fantastically themed parties.

Come during the “Songkran festival” around April to get blasted in the face by babes with water guns.

Your mouth won’t be the only thing getting “wet” that day!

  • Guest Rating: 4.2 out of 5
  • Opening Hours: Daily 7 pm-2 am
  • Address: 23/999 Nawamin Rd, Khlong Kum, Bueng Kum, Bangkok 10230, Thailand

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7. 365N (Lat Phrao)

sexy 365N girls (Lat Phrao)

Be wary of 365 N’s fostered femme fatale’s.

It might be the seductive atmosphere or stunning girls of this place.

There’s surely something going on here in Lad Phrao that you won’t want to miss.

Dive mouth first into culinary classics like grilled beef spicy salad and/or 365 N’s simple stir-fried chicken and rice, as you watch the stage over-flow with sensual displays of what might as well be construed as… “erotic art.”

There’ll be lingerie dance girls and live band bashings of old and new pop singles.

Relish in your chair with “neighborhood” branded casings of beers and whiskey.

Meanwhile, chat up the adorned bunch of “skin-clad” cuties right there at your table.

  • Guest Rating: 4.1 out of 5
  • Opening Hours: Daily 7 pm-2 am
  • Address: เลขที่ 576 ซอย Chok Chai 4 Soi 50, Lat Phrao, Bangkok 10230, Thailand

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8. ID Bar69 (in Bang Kapi District)

ID Bar69 girls (in Bang Kapi District)

Venture to the outskirts of Bangkok for a cheeky sampling of what the local girls have to offer, with their own blend of charm and unorthodox beauty.

With everything more upscale at ID Bar69, you’ll wonder in awe at the gorgeous platter and beverage selection.

You’ll find the popular chicken wings served alongside aromatic jasmine flower pairings.

Even dishes like Kat Yai Sai (ไข่ยัด), meaning stuffed prawn omelet’s.

And how about pairing that meal with a fine bottle of wine or a helping of some Irish/Scottish whiskey?

Along with numerous brands of ale, to vodka and rum thereafter, they have it all…

If the decor, grandiose vibes, and hot Thai girls of this joint weren’t enough…they even have a swimming pool.

So grab a bottle, a babe, and a rubber duck, as you swan dive headfirst into next morning’s hangover.

  • Guest Rating: 4.1 out of 5
  • Opening Hours: Daily 6 pm-2 am
  • Address: 240/1 ซอย โยธินพัฒนา Khlong Chan, Bang Kapi District, Bangkok 10240, Thailand


9. Share Sea Bar (Rama 9)

Share Sea Bar girls (Rama 9)

While tantalizingly elusive, it seems, the girls here appear in the shadow of Share Sea Bar’s grand decor.

Make no mistake, though; the Thai girls here are dammed hot!

They go above and beyond to match the VIP atmosphere.

Come to Share Sea Bar if you seek a night of a cheeky yet ultimately tame period of booze, food, and music.

Munch on some sushi or try a mild-mannered foray into fine Venetian (Italian) dining.

The music and drink selection will have you lounging in tranquility.

Take in the chill tones, elaborate cocktail laden drinks, and pick out a gorgeous girl to chat up.

But if that’s not your thing, you could always try belting out your own set of chords in Share Sea Bar’s very own karaoke room.

  • Guest Rating: 4 out of 5
  • Opening Hours: Daily 5:30 pm-2 am
  • Address: 557 Soi Thale Bangkok, Bang Kapi, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand

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10. Maroc (in Bueng Kum)

sexy Maroc girls (in Bueng Kum)

Live out your “Arabian Night” fantasies as you step in through Maroc’s portal-esque entrance.

Greet the hottest Thai girls, and young beauty’s alike – Welcome to the Old World…welcome to Club Maroc.

This mystifying place is further east of Lad Phrao and perhaps a little further out than you’d like to venture.

However, believe me, it’s worth it.

You can flirt with cultured young women and sip on local frothy brews.

Maroc has opted to keep the food and drink menu selection simple but effective.

From Hong Thong to Sang Som, and of course, the brand favored by the young and old alike: Blend 285.

So take a load off and relax, as you fondle with your wallet (and morals) to live tunes and even “livelier” women.

  • Guest Rating: 4 out of 5
  • Opening Hours: Daily 24/7
  • Address: 29/136 Prasert-Manukitch Rd, Nuanchan, Bueng Kum, Bangkok 10230, Thailand


Bangkok Chill Bars Map

Besides chill bars, there are plenty of other pubs and clubs to meet gorgeous girls.

Have a look at our other guides of the best venues in Bangkok:


What are the roles of girls at chill bars?

hot thai girls at chill bars

The roles for the girls are ultimately that of a “promoter.”
They’re working off commission through their customers’ “in house” purchases.

This can be in the form of alcohol, bought by the customer for themselves and/or the ladies.

Most of their salary comes from the drinks,

This is why you’ll find them to be always on their best and most “loving” behavior, as you’re their meal ticket.

Do you have to buy girls’ drinks or can you just eat, drink and watch?

sexy thai girls drinking

Yes, you can eat, drink, and watch all the hot girls walk by.

Unlike massage parlors, there are no mamasans or papasans to pressure you.

But where’s the fun in that?

The main reason to dine at a chill bar is to have fun and chat with the girls!

Can you pickup the girls and take them back to your hotel for sex?

thai girls want sex

The short answer…it’s up to you.

Who knows what goes on during the after-hours of such places at chill bars.

But generally speaking…you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Chill bars are simply areas where you can expect to drink and flirt with local girls.

They are not hookers.

Most girls are students or locals living close to the restaurant.

They are literally paid to keep you smiling – provided you keep shelling out cash.

However, a few are looking for “sponsors” with no strong attached.

If you have enough charm, you can potentially hook up with a girl and continue to after-parties.

Unlike in Thai gogo bars, you don’t have to pay a bar fine, but you have to wait until the bar closes.

Can I get the girl’s Line or contact details?

thai girls on their phones

All the pretty girls carry phones.

They are working independently with no sales from the shop controlling them.

So sure, you can ask them for their contacts.

What if you can’t speak Thai? 

Most of the places are really Local Thai style so it’s better if you can speak a little bit of Thai.

If you want to learn the language, these are great places to blow off steam after work and practice.

On the other hand, being a foreigner might work to your advantage.

You can play stupid and tell them you can’t speak Thai.

You might even get lucky and then find Miss Universe!

Many girls are educated, studying in University and might actually want to practice their English.

By the end of the night, drinks will be the universal language.

Can you take a girl to chill bars? 

Sure, girls are welcome at chill bars.

But we don’t recommend taking your wife or girlfriends.

Many businessmen take their secretary or assistant to chill bars for a fun night out.

Are chill bars expensive?

Thai girls love food

Most drinks are at reasonable prices and you can take your own bottles with no corkage.

But when you arrive, those seemingly “low” prices can skyrocket when a girl comes along.

Using their charm, girls will be convincing you to buy drinks and mixers.

On top of this, there’s food.

Most chill bars offer traditional Thai dishes, Asian fusion, Western food and seafood at reasonable prices.

But the cost is also likely to build up when you’re having a good time with friends.

You can be almost certain that you won’t leave these places without a dampen of at least +1,500 Thai baht per visit.

Can you bring and make your own liquor? 

Most of the shops don’t offer a full bar.

So you can bring your own liquor bottles without a corkage charge.
Just pay for mixers.

You can pick up a nice bottle of Hennessy VSOP or other spirits and take it to a Chill bar to impress the girls.

Do Bangkok chill bars have wine?

Most chill bars are like restaurants.

They carry a basic assortment of low-cost wine from Australia or Thailand.

Bottles range in price from 800 THB to 1,200THB.

If you want good wine, we recommend bringing your own.

There might be a corkage charge ranging from 300-500 THB per bottle.

When is the best time to go to a chill bar? 

Thai girls at bars waiting for guys

Head to the chill bars when they open, usually between 6 pm-7 pm, depending on the venue.

All the hot girls will be waiting, and you’ll have more to choose from.

If you come after 7 pm, the popular ones might be drinking with customers already.

Come during the weekends for a chance to see up to 3x the amount of girls (as there will always be more during the weekends.)

Do Bangkok chill bars have parties or events?

sexy thai girls cosplay


All the chill bars have concerts and event theme parties every few weeks.

Check their Facebook page for updates.

It might be busy so try to go early when they open to get the best table.

Do Bangkok chill bars have DJ’s or live music?

hot thai girls singing

All the chill bars have DJs, live music, or some form of entertainment. (And, of course, hot girls!)

But these are really places where guys meet up for dinner, a few drinks, and some eye candy.

The music volume is lower compared to typical pubs.

They don’t have the nightclub atmosphere to go dancing.

If you really want to party, listen to great music and pick up hot Thai girls, there are better places.

Go to The PIMP, Bangkok best gentlemen’s club where the music will really spice things up!


Chill Bars# Girls/NightLady DrinksMixers
Pai Kan Yai25-40120 baht50 baht
Battle Bar20-40+150 baht+40
FAST15-25+150 baht+40 baht.
19 Hole25-45150 baht+40 baht
Club 2425-60+200 baht+50 baht
Fit25-50130 baht+40 baht
365N15-25+200 baht+50 baht
ID Bar 69 Club20-30120 baht60 baht
Share Sea Bar20-30600-1000 baht50 baht
Maroc25-30150 baht+40 baht

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