The first few months of living in Bangkok were difficult. Not because of the heat, the new way of life, or the language barrier, but because after years of building up a collection of my favourite food hangouts in England, moving to Bangkok meant that I was back to square one.

Thai food is one of my favourite cuisines and I could happily eat it all day, but there comes a time when you crave a particular type of food, and for me that food is burgers. When I first came to Bangkok I noticed burgers everywhere, with many restaurants boasting signs of “delicious western cuisine” however when it came to down to it, the food was, well, a little bland. But after trying my fair share of the good the bad and the downright awful, I have narrowed down my top five places for Best Burgers in Bangkok.


Located at the end of soi 11 is Firehouse, a burger bar that many have heard of. They have a great range of burgers available, including premium Australian Angus, sliders, and an array of specialty burgers.
Burgers are served with a miniature wooden barrel full of chips and the portions are large enough to satisfy the biggest hunger grumble. The patties are well cooked and flavoured, although in my opinion they could do with a pinch of salt.

25 degrees

25 degrees is located on the ground floor of the Pullman G Hotel in Silom Road and is a sister branch to its LA counterpart. The burgers here are rich in flavour, price, and the restaurant has a more up market feel to it, with both cocktails and wine available to order alongside your drink. Each element of the burger is given adequate attention with no topping or sauce overlooked and the result is a truly beautiful flavour combination, and… It’s open 24 hours!


Situated near Khaosan road, you’d expect this place to be full of westerners taking a break from the spice and stocking up on a good portion of meat. However that’s not the case. A mixture of both locals and foreigners walk through the doors of Escapades, and for good reason. Their burgers are well flavoured, interesting and they like to experiment. Such as their “lamb patty with chocolate bun” a combination that you wouldn’t expect to work, but the bitter chocolate against the sweet lamb provides an interesting balance. Made in house by their very own mixologist their milkshakes are pretty special too, and not to be missed out on. Get there early though, as they sell out quickly.

Daniel Thaiger

Food stalls are seen everywhere in Bangkok, attached to bikes, mopeds and converted pick up trucks, but Thaiger is bringing the food truck back. A risky move with Bangkok traffic, but one that has paid off well. A short menu ensures each gourmet burger is delivered consistently well and the menu focuses on classic combinations with a little twist (such as his own version of 1000 sauce). The specials change regularly and are imaginitive and well thought out combinations, such as the Greek burger with beef patty, lemon yoghurt mayo, banana peppers and feta cheese. Daniel Thaiger is located in Sukhumvit soi 38.

Hyde and Seek

Hyde and Seek is a gastro bar that sells an array of modern delights, however for me the stars of the menu, are their burgers. Located in 65/1 Athenee Residence  Soi Ruamrudee, Pathawum. There are four burgers to choose from; Foie gras stuffed beef patty, pork, beef, and veggie but for me the beef burger is something worth celebrating. 6oz of Australian Wagyu beef, cheddar & blue cheese, caramelized shallots all wrapped together in a Parmesan bun. It’s gourmet without being pretentious. It doesn’t try to impress you with fancy presentation and an excess of condiments; instead it’s kept simple. Burger, fries and a small side of sauce. Each patty is cooked to order and when I ordered mine medium, it came out perfect. Slightly charred outers and deliciously pink on the inside. The beef burgers look a little strange when they are served, as they are very round in shape, looking more like a giant meatball, than a burger. However after a quick squeeze the burger flattens to a more appropriate size (Where you don’t need to detach your jaw to eat it).
The pulled kurobuta pork with a Worcestershire cola glaze is also delicious and not to be overlooked.

Hyde and Seek is definitely a contender for Bangkok’s Best Burger, and my personal favourite.

By Amy Morgan

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