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The best way to enjoy the sights of Bangkok’s riverside is by going on a cruise down the Chao Phraya river.

It’s a must-try experience for anyone visiting Bangkok, and doing it during the sunset, with a nice dinner, is ideal for a memorable time.

A dinner cruise is the best way to appreciate the city’s architecture, the beautiful temples, and the diversity of the city, all while slowly cruising down the river.

Check out the top dinner cruises in Bangkok and start making memories.

Chao Phraya Princess Cruise

view of a dinner cruise boat and a temple on chao phraya river in bangkok

Your magical evening on the Chao Phraya Princess cruise starts at Asiatique The Riverfront or ICONSIAM Pier (two popular malls in Bangkok) where you board.

This extravagant two-hour cruise will keep you entertained with live music and beautiful sites like Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) and The Grand Palace.

Chao Phraya Princess cruises have seven boats in its fleet, each with a different capacity so you’re almost guaranteed to find a ticket any night of the year.

It’s the perfect cruise if it’s your first time in Bangkok as it navigates through all the most popular tourist attractions.

As for the food, Chao Phraya Princess cruises serve up a world-class International buffet on all their boats.

traditional thai dinner buffet in a chao phraya princess cruise boat in bangkok

So there will be something for everyone.

At only 1,200 THB per adult, you are getting a great deal on a memorable evening of cruising and dining.

The Chao Phraya Princess cruise is an excellent activity for entertaining a larger group of friends or visiting family members.

It’s a great way to enjoy the historic sites of Bangkok in comfort and style.

White Orchid Dinner Cruise

picture of a white orchid dinner cruise boat on the river in bangkok

The elegant White Orchid Dinner Cruise has three decks.

Floors one and two are air-conditioned, and the third floor is an open-air rooftop.

White Orchid Dinner Cruise is perfect if you’re looking for a dinner cruise with entertainment.

It has a fantastic lineup of live music, Thai dancing, and a cabaret show to keep you entertained all evening.

people dancing wearing golden outfit for a dinner event on a white orchid cruise boat

Regarding the dinner, it is all about variety with a range of Thai food, International food, and a grilled seafood buffet.

As a bonus, White Orchid Dinner Cruise has free-flow beer and it’s just 899 THB per adult.

This price includes the cruise, buffet, and beer.

You can board from the ICONSIAM pier or Asiatique The Riverfront.

For two hours you will cruise by some iconic sites like the Rama VIII Bridge, Memorial Bridge, the Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Tha Maharaj, and ICON SIAM.

White Orchid Dinner Cruise is a fun option for dinner before a night out in Bangkok.

Meridian Cruise

meridian cruise boat on the river in bangkok at night

The Meridian Cruise is a luxurious dinner cruise option; perfect for a romantic date night.
What makes this cruise different from the others?

It’s the hospitality, the food, and the 5-star service with a smile.

Enjoy the beautiful riverfront scenery as you dine on delicious food prepared by a Michelin-star chef.

The international buffet they serve is as impressive as it is delicious.

people gathering around a buffet for dinner on meridian cruise bangkok boat

For entertainment Meridian Cruise has a top-notch band singing all the hits and a traditional Thai show.

Meridian Cruise is also a great option for hosting a private party.

You can rent the whole boat for a wedding, party, or company event.

A romantic evening on the Meridian Cruise awaits you and your lucky date.

Wonderful Pearl Cruise

view of a boat from wonderful pearl cruise sailing on the chaophraya river in bangkok

Another excellent river cruise dinner option in Bangkok is the Wonderful Pearl Cruise.

This impressive cruise is the largest 3 deck cruise boat operating on the Chao Phraya River.

Grab a seat on the rooftop and enjoy the best views and breeze.

Wonderful Pearl is like a floating 5-star luxury hotel complete with a fountain, escalator, live band, and great food.

It serves Thai food, International food, and grilled seafood.

And you can enjoy all this luxury for only 1,500 THB per adult.

Cruises run every evening except Tuesdays.

Come and see the beauty of the Pearl for yourself!

Alangka cruise

night view of an alangka cruise ship in bangkok

Buy a ticket for the Alangka cruise and you’re in for an unforgettable experience.

This fun and luxurious cruise has an open-air rooftop and out-of-this-world buffet.

You can indulge in generous amounts of sashimi, sushi, seafood, Thai food, and more!

Board at the ICONSIAM pier and sail past all the historic and modern riverside attractions.

Alangka cruise glitters and glows with twinkling lights set against the dark waters of the Chao Phraya at night.

For just 990 THB, it’s the perfect way to end a day of sightseeing around Bangkok.

Alangka cruise promises to be a feast for the eyes and stomach.

Viva Alangka cruise

viva alangka cruise boat on the river in bangkok at night

Viva Alangka Dinner Cruise is the total package offering beautiful scenery, a delicious dinner, and a full cabaret show.

It departs from Asiatique and cruises by all the most popular Bangkok riverside sites.

This is one of the largest cruise boats operating on the Chao Phraya river.

Dine on excellent Japanese, Thai, Western, and seafood.

And we have a special insider tip for you.

Book online to save nearly 60%.

Tickets online run for about 960 THB, but at the pier, it will cost around 2,000 THB.

Viva Alangaka cruise is two hours of nonstop fun and food, so get on board!

ChaoPhraya Cruise

a big chaophraya cruise boat in front of a temple at night in bangkok

If you are looking to create a night of wonderful memories look no further than the ChaoPhraya Cruise.

This luxury 5-star cruise has a Thai-style interior and two floors.

The first floor is comfortably air-conditioned, while the upper deck is an open-air rooftop, perfect for enjoying the cool evening breeze.

view of a temple in bangkok from the rooftop of a chaophraya cruise boat's rooftop

Board at Asiatique and be welcomed by a traditional Thai greeting dance.

Dinner is Thai and International food followed by fresh Thai fruits, dessert, tea, and coffee.

You can even charter their boat for an impressive private party, wedding reception, concert, or company event.

ChaoPhraya Cruise is also a photographer’s dream.

Head up to the open-air rooftop for some excellent Instagrammable moments.

Wan Fah Dinner Cruise

small traditional dinner cruise boat of wan fah dinner cruise on the river in front of a temple in bangkok

There is also the popular Wan Fah Dinner Cruise.

This open-air single-deck boat’s wooden interior gives it a warm and comfortable feel.

Perfect for relaxing as the current carries you away.

The Wan Fah Dinner Cruise boat is a restored antique styled in the Lanna architectural manner of Northern Thailand.

The unique architecture sets Wan Fah apart from the many modern boats sailing on the Chao Phraya river.

At sunset, you will enjoy the colorful sky and watch the live traditional Thai dance and musical performances.

thai women dancing in traditional outfit during a dinner on wan fah chao phraya dinner cruise boat

Wan Fah Dinner Cruise is a top pick for a date night.

What could be better than enjoying the beauty of Thailand with your beautiful girl?

For dinner, you can select a Thai food set or seafood set.

This is the ideal choice for an authentic boat cruise.

Manohra Cruises

a picture of a small wooden manohra cruises boat on the river in bangkok in the evening in front of a temple

Arguably the best dinner cruise in Bangkok is the Manohra Cruises by Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort.

You board at the Anantara Pier, so if you are staying at the resort this is very convenient.

The Manohra Cruises are beautifully restored antique rice barges carved from teak.

It’s an open-air vessel with a traditional wooden canopy.

The Manohra Cruises are a unique and authentically Thai experience that all visitors should have.

These cruises are more intimate as the capacity (depending on the boat) ranges from 30, 40, or 60 guests.

Dinner is an impressive multi-course fine dining experience of Thai cuisine.

This two-hour cruise is both unforgettable and luxurious.

elegant thai people sitting around a table for a private dinner on a manohra cruises boat

Manohra Cruises do an excellent job of balancing the old world’s beauty with modern comfort.

Enjoy the sparkling sunset on the Chao Phraya river as you sail past iconic landmarks and some hidden gems that the biggest commercial dinner cruises often skip.

For the ultimate romantic dinner, you can book a private cruise with Manohra Cruises and give your date the most unique time ever.

What About A Private Dinner Cruise?

a couple is eating and drinking on a small traditional thai boat during a private dinner on the river in bangkok

Whether it’s for an intimate and romantic dinner with your loved one(s), or a wild private boat party on the Chao Phraya, you can rent any of these boats for a private event.

For private boat and yacht parties, or a private luxury dinner cruise, whether it’s for a small group or for a large corporate event, contact VIP Luxury Services.

They have access to the most luxurious cruise boats in Bangkok and can arrange the most exceptional cruise for you and your guests.

VLS has experience organizing the best private parties in Thailand.

They can handle all the planning and arrangements for you.

Use this form and we’ll send the request to them.

Private Dinner Cruise Booking Request


What Is The Price of A Dinner Cruise In Bangkok?

The price of a dinner cruise in Bangkok is roughly between 899 THB and 3,900 THB.

What Is The Menu At A Dinner Cruise In Bangkok?

The menu at a dinner cruise can be traditional Thai food, grilled seafood, sushi, sashimi, and/or Western food.

What Is The Most Romantic Dinner Cruise in Bangkok?

The most romantic dinner cruise in Bangkok is the Manohra Cruises by Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort.

Is A Reservation Needed For A Dinner Cruise in Bangkok? 

Due to limited seats (especially during high season) and a high ticket price at the pier, reservations are strongly suggested for dinner cruises in Bangkok.

Is Alcohol Usually Included In The Ticket Price? 

The ticket price of dinner cruises in Bangkok usually doesn’t include extra.
You can pay for a more expensive ticket option to get alcohol included or pay for drinks individually.
One exception is White Orchid Dinner Cruise – they offer free-flow beer for adults.
Each cruise is different so double-check before buying your ticket.

What Else Can You Do At Night in Bangkok?

A dinner cruise may seem a bit touristy, but it’s still an experience everyone should try at least once. 
There is no better way to take in the beauty of the river and historical sites of Bangkok than on a boat, going up and down the Chao Phraya river during sunset.
It is also one of the most romantic date night ideas. 
Read our guide about dating apps for more information on how to find a date in Bangkok.

What Else Can You Do At Night In Bangkok?

Now, dinner cruises are only one of the many things to do at night in Bangkok.

Read our complete guide for more options.

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