Luxury Car Rental in Bangkok: 8 Best Agencies For Exclusive Cars

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How do you expect to show off your style around Bangkok without a badass car?

And we’re not talking about any old car either.

We’re talking about the best of the best; we’re talking about the best vintage cars, sports cars, and supercars!

A luxury car from 8 of the best car rental dealers that Bangkok has to offer, just for you.

Traveling in of itself shouldn’t be a mundane thing; it should be an experience.

So why not opt to travel in style with the “supercar experience” provided by Bangkok’s best car rental agencies?

Bangkok Supercar Rental

Supercars from Bangkok Supercar dealership in Bangkok

If you want to be the best road warrior out there, you need to rent the best and biggest sports cars.

And this time around, Bangkok Supercar’s largest collection of automobile models will be the way to go.

They have a huge variety of luxury brands.

These include Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, Bentley & more.

So give them a ring for any occasion or event.

From weddings to films, executive openings, or for a hot date you’re trying to impress, they’re the go to for supercars in Bangkok.

Ride out in their Ferrari 488 GTB or their Lamborghini Huracan – the choices are yours!

Add some bodyguards to your supercar order, as Bangkok Supercar also caters to the most VIP clients.

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  • Opening Hours: Daily 9 am-8 pm
  • Contact: 06-1687-8888; 091-158-8888; 087-561-9999

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Prestige Car Rental Bangkok

Yellow porsche available for rent from Prestige Car Rental Bangkok

The lowest rates for the highest value, but still have the quality to meet your wildest dreams.

Welcome to the most affordable supercar rental on the list.

Prestige Car Rental Bangkok provides you with an experience you won’t forget.

From 24/7 premium customer assistance to the most revered fleet of luxury sports cars Bangkok has to offer.

Take your fancy pick of high-end exotics like the Porsche Boxter 718 or the Audi A5 Coupe RS-Line.

But at Prestige Car Rental Bangkok, don’t think the rental fun stops at the mere options of luxury cars…

Because they even offer yachts!

So yell your way to a great yacht deal as you bargain for the best models the seas have to offer!

From the Ocean Emerald to the Princess Marina yacht, be the captain of the waters too.

If you need a package deal for yachts or sports car rentals with a driver, this is the place to call.

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Thai Sport Car

Sports car available for rent at Thai Sport Car Bangkok

Appreciate and be enamored by the Thai Sport Car’s authentic customer service.

They’ve looked after more than +1,200 clients driving sports cars in Bangkok.

With an exclusive car fleet of 100 strong, you’ll never run out of options and ideas on what crazy road models to pick from.

From their Ferrari California T, Mercedes Benz AMG, Ferrari 488 GTB, BMW 320i M Performance, and even…a Rolls Royce Ghost.

The meaning luxury and exclusivity, style, a super car! 

Seriously, James Bond 007 would be jealous.

Check out their rental menu and see for yourself; the options are endless!

At Thai Sport Car, you can rent rides for a trip with the boys, your lady, a wedding, or even a film – they cater to it all.

In case you want ONLY the best with the top down, rather than up, they offer a special section or sports convertibles.

How thoughtful of them!

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  • Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 8 am-6 pm
  • Contact: 098 998 8879

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Ritz Car

Ritzcar Bangkok Mercedes and Ferrari outside and inside

At Ritzcar, it’s all about convenience and driving luxury.

Whether your down by Malaysia’s borders or up north in the mini-mountains of Chang Mai, Ritzcar Rental will deliver.

With a 24-hour service team of accommodating experts, all you need is an ID and your driving license to order your car, and you’re good to go!

Offering up models like the Porsche 981 Cayman, Ferrari 488 Spider, and more.

They even have the famous BMW I8, as seen in 2011’s Hollywood film, “Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol.”

So unleash your inner Tom Crusie.

Pick up your spy phone and call for the next ride of your dreams, for as low as 7,900 baht per day.

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  • Opening Hours: Daily 24/7
  • Contact: 063 628 7979

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Prime Cars Rental

Supercars for rent from Prime Car Bangkok

Cars may not be the only answer to your trip around Bangkok.

But according to Prime Cars Rental, your ride will reflect your taste.

And we can’t help but agree with that statement.

At Prime Cars Rental, you will come to relish and realize the finer things one can have at a fraction of the original price.

You’ll find affordable prices as low as 7,500 baht and up.

Select your tastes from a wide variety of supercar models.

You can drive them yourselves, or better yet, rent a sports car with a driver. 

The BMW 320i M Sport to the Audi TT S-Line, the Bentley Flying Spur, to the Rolls Royce Dawn & Ghost models.

Or go superhero mode in their blood orange soaked Lamborghini Aventador LP-700-4.

Girls will go nuts!

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  • Opening Hours: Daily 24/7
  • Contact: 081 954 2451

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Richcars Bangkok

Supercars in Bangkok by RichCars Bangkok available for rent

Richcars is another one at the top of the list for the most variety.

Their exclusive fleet of sports cars will have you drooling at the lip, and rightly so.

Porsche 718 Boxster, Lamborghini Gallardo, Audi TT, Mercedes Benz CLS Class & more…

They have flexible rental plans ranging from 1-7 days.

If you need a sports-car for longer, there are packages at a discounted rate.

Don’t even worry about pickup. 

Richcars will deliver your supercar anywhere in Thailand, piping hot & straight to your door!

Or if you’re flying in and want to impress, why not book a sports car from Richcars delivered straight at the airport?

As they have special “airport transfer” packages too!

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  • Opening Hours: Daily 24/7
  • Contact: 089 814 4722; 099 395 3529

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Cars available for rent at Exclusive Luxury Car Rental bangkok

At Exclusive luxury car rental, bigger is better, it seems.

Most of their luxury cars come in bigger packages, and of course, you can include a personal driver.

These are meant for longer trips, instead of one night stands around Bangkok.

You’ll find the smallest models starting from the BMW x1 sDrive, to the Mercedes Benz 200 Urban.

Up the scale is a luxury fleet like the Mercedes Benz 220 D to even their luxury Alphard Toyota Hybrid Van’s.

Their specialty is Mercedes Benz, though.

Of which you’ll find countless models, like the aforementioned 200 Urban & 220 d series, to their Avantgarde C350e model, their E300e model, and more…

Get the boys together as you go BIG with Exclusive and become a magnet for hot chicks.

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  • Opening Hours: Daily 8 am-8 pm
  • Contact: 02 030 5880

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R Luxury Car Rental

Supercars available for rent in Bangkok at R Luxury Car Rental

Meet the biggest and most exclusive sports car dealership with R Luxury Car Rental.

This large car rental agency has offices and outlets all over Asia, and even in the Middle East.

This includes Bangkok, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Dubai.

They offer the best that first-class living has to offer.

Besides supercars, they even have yachts and private planes.

Serving up more choices in brands from Ferrari, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, and more.

They seriously have it all.

Some of their models include Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 488 GTB, Bentley GT and Rolls Royce Wraith.

Know you’re in good hands with the best in the business, renowned not only in Thailand but also, the world.

Only at R Luxury Car Rental.

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  • Opening Hours: Daily 24/7
  • Contact: 066 010 6238

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Extra Services for an Exclusive Experience

yacht and luxury cars for rent in Thailand

What good is all the money and power if you don’t have many ways of celebrating it all?

Surely such exquisite cars should also be paired with first-class party experiences, no?

Whether you need experiences to be had with your friends or by yourself, we can assist you.

We plan bachelor parties, boat parties, pool villa rentals, personal drivers, or of course, the best supercars.

Contact us, and we’ll customize your itinerary to ensure you have an incredible experience in Bangkok.

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Luxury Sport Cars with Sexy Thai Girls – Your Full Service Concierge in Thailand

Sexy Thai girls with sports cars

Having a supercar ain’t too “super” if you don’t have a sexy girl to share it with.

Fill in the extra seats with female companions hot enough to make supercars look average.

At Bangkok Nightlife, we’ll help make this dream a reality.

We’ll provide you with the best of fine class women to go with your super sport car ride.

But why stop the fun at just the car, when you can party on into the night.

Contact us for ideas and information on how to truly “live” through our tailor-made bespoke concierge services.

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Hot Thai girl getting out of a sports car

Arrive in Style All Around Bangkok

Arrive in style at some of the best party venues in Bangkok with the hottest girls by your side.

Imagine going to the best gentlemen’s club with a brand new sports car!

Everyone will be impressed as you rock up to the entrance.

Especially if you have a few Thai top models with you.

Here are some ideas for VIP Bangkok places to visit:

Besides the usual airport transfer, there are plenty of Bangkok places to start your party.

Check out our other guides here:

If you have a big group or you don’t feel like driving, hire a limousine with a driver instead.


Can foreigners drive sports car rentals in Thailand?

Yes, but you must have an international driving permit (IDP).

If you’re coming from the US, you need to be at least 21 years old to drive a sports car.

But why will you go through these hassles and worry about details when we can organize a driver for you?

And do you really want to be driving if we arrange a gorgeous young girl with a sports car?

Relax, sit back, and have a few drinks in your ride.

What’s the best luxury car rental in Bangkok to rent a Porsche?

Sexy Thai girl on a Porsche car

Bangkok Supercar Rental has the best lineup of luxury Porsche models for rent in Bangkok.

From the Porsche Panamera, 977 Turbo & more.

What’s the best luxury car rental in Bangkok to rent a Ferrari?

Sexy Thai girl next to a yellow Ferrari

Luxury Car Rental will have the most abundance of Ferrari models available for rent in Bangkok.

They range from Ferrari 458, Spider F430 & more.

What’s the best luxury car rental in Bangkok to rent a Lamborghini?

Sexy Thai girl in pink dress next to an orange Lamborghini car

R Luxury Car Rental provides the most extensive choice of Lamborghini for rent in Bangkok, with over nine models to choose from.

Starting with the Lamborghini Urus, LP700 Aventador, Huracan LP610, Gallardo & more.

What’s the best luxury car rental in Bangkok to rent a Mercedes?

Beautiful Thai girl in blue dress next to a red Mercedes car

Exclusive Luxury Car Rental and R Luxury Car Rental have the best variety in models of Mercedes Benz for rent in Bangkok.

From the A 200 AMG to the C 350e Avantgarde to the latter brand’s choices like the AMC GTC/GTS model, the G350D Brabus & more.

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Car DealershipOpening hoursContact
Bangkok Supercar RentalDaily 9am-8pm06-1687-8888 | 091-158-8888 | 087-561-9999
Prestige Car Rental BangkokDaily 24/7Email
Thai Sport CarMon-Sat 8am-6pm098 998 8879
Ritz CarDaily 24/7063 628 7979
Prime Cars RentalDaily 24/7081 954 2451
Richcars BangkokDaily 24/7089 814 4722 | 099 395 3529
ExclusiveDaily 8am-8pm02 030 5880
R Luxury Car RentalDaily 24/7 066 010 6238

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