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Are you looking to discover the best night markets in Bangkok?
Looking for street food or want to buy exotic souvenirs?
Or perhaps you want to find stylish clothes or lingerie for your girl.
The best night markets in Bangkok offer a carnival-like atmosphere, and there are plenty of goods to keep shoppers satisfied.
Many night markets in Bangkok even have hip bars and upscale restaurants.
Here, we’ll show you the 15 most popular night markets in Bangkok.

1. Talad Rod Fai Night Market (Srinakarin)

Talad Rod Fai Night Market Srinakarin

The train night market at Srinakarin is well known for a unique selection of antique and vintage items.

You’ll find them at very reasonable prices.

It’s these one-off and hard to find items that make this train market stand out from other markets.

They feature things like vintage cars, motorbikes, antique furniture, and collectible action figures.

There are also endless rows of stalls selling clothes, toys, and home goods.

For clothes, there is a whole section dedicated to modern fashion and apparel.

Near the entrance, you’ll find several bars and restaurants along with live music stage.

Most visitors are well off Thais and expats, as some antiques and collectibles can be pricey.

  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Opening Hours: Thursday to Sunday 5 pm-1 am; Monday to Wednesday closed
  • Address: 1 4 ถนน ศรีนครินทร์ Nong Bon, Prawet, Bangkok


2. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Markets 

Chatuchak weekend market is Thailand’s largest market.

It is conveniently located at Mo Chit station on the MTR line.

Friday Night is the only day this popular night market opens till midnight.

There are over 15,000 stalls featuring food, fashion, handicrafts, souvenirs, and more.

Over 200,000 visitors see what the vendors at Chatuchak Weekend Market have to offer on a typical weekend.

Clothing, fashion, and accessories dominate most of the outdoor stalls at Chatuchak.

You’ll find underground hip hop, skater fashions, independent labels, and tourist sized clothes.

There are also Thai handicraft stalls with carved wooden statues, masks, and traditional toys.

Navigating Chatuchak is at least a half a day to a full-day adventure, so you’re going to get hungry and thirsty.

You’ll find countless food stalls offering everything from pad thai, ice tea, and coconut ice cream.

Once you’re done for the day, head over to Viva 8, where you can enjoy an ice-cold beer and relax to live entertainment.

  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Opening Hours: Friday 6 pm-12 am; Saturday to Tuesday 9 am-6 pm; Wednesday & Thursday 7 am-6 pm
  • Address: สวนจตุจักร Kamphaeng Phet 2 Rd, Chatuchak, Bangkok. 

Official site Facebook

3. Asiatique The Riverfront

Asiatique The Riverfront

Asiatique Riverfront is both a Bangkok night market and a high-end shopping mall.

They have a reputation for offering cutting edge high-end fashion and electronics.

Not the usual counterfeit merchandise you find at other markets.

There’s even an Apple Store!

In the Charoenkrung district, shops offer souvenirs, jewelry, and fashionable local brands.

Similar to what you would find at other night markets in Bangkok.

In the Waterfront District, there are upscale Italian, Thai, and seafood restaurants.

After dinner, take in the Calypso Ladyboy show, or relax with a cocktail and some live music at one of Town Square’s bars.

Asiatique Riverfront is still mainly a market dominated by local Thai people.

It has yet to be overrun by foreigners as it’s not as easily accessible as other attractions.

  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 4 pm-12 am; Weekends from 12 pm-12 am
  • Address: 2194 Charoen Krung Rd, Wat Phraya Krai, Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok

Official site Facebook

4. MahadThai Night Market

MahadThai Market

MahadThai market is a nighttime street food market in Bangkok.

They offer a wide variety of Thai foods at affordable prices.

Most of the dishes are less than 100 baht.

Several seafood stalls offer a small bucket of mixed fish, prawns, squid, and crab for just 99 baht.

You can expect to find shabu, bbq pork, steaks, rice dishes, as well as pizza, and other western favorites.

The MahadThai Market also has scattered big screen tv’s throughout the seating area.

So you can enjoy sports and live entertainment while you eat.

This night market mainly caters to Thais and ex-pat street food fanatics, as it’s off the beaten track.

  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Opening Hours: Wednesday 6 pm-12 am; Thursday to Tuesday 4 pm-12 am; Sunday closed
  • Address: 337/7 Ramkhamhaeng 65 (Ladprao 122, Plabpra, Wang Thonglang, Bangkok


5. Indy Bangkok Night Market (Chokchai 4)

The Indy Market Chokchai 4 is very popular among younger Thais.

Most stalls feature hip and chic fashions at affordable prices.

You’ll find t-shirts, clothing for young women, and underground hip hop designs.

Some items are less than 100 baht.

Stalls full of affordable fashion are not the only things that draw locals to Indy Market Chokchai 4.

Most people actually come to the Indy market for the restaurants and the varieties of food.

You may find Vietnamese pizza, grilled shrimp, chicken, pork, BQ ribs, and noodle dishes.

If you go to the front of the market, you’ll find bars and a large seating area, perfect for enjoying a cold beer and listening to music.

So far, this market remains unspoiled by holiday travelers on most evenings.

You’ll find young Thais enjoying themselves with good local food and cold beers.

  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Opening Hours: Daily 5 pm-12 am
  • Address: 191 258 Lat Phrao Rd, Saphansong, Wang Thonglang, Bangkok


6. Indy Bangkok Night Market (Dao Khanong)

Indy Market Dao Khanong

The advantage of shopping at Indy Market Dao Khanong is there aren’t a lot of foreign tourists.

This means the prices are lower than in the other markets.

The lack of foreigners also gives the market a distinctly local vibe.

If you’re shopping for a fashionable Thai lady, this night market is a great option.

You’ll find lady’s streetwear, satin pajamas, and contemporary fashions.

They even have salon stalls where you can get your nails done and your hair styled.

The Indy Market Dao Khanong is also well known for the variety of food stalls and options.

Choose from a pizza cone, pizza balls, fried seafood, grilled seafood, or bbq meat skewers.

Then make your way to the Aroi Mak Mak cafe, where you can enjoy a cold beer as well as live entertainment.

Don’t let the lack of people get you down.

Enjoy the market Thai style, and have an amazing late night shopping and eating adventure.

  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • Opening Hours: Daily 5 pm-12 am
  • Address: ตลาดอินดี้ Dao Khanong, Chom Thong, Bangkok


7. Ratchada Train Night Market

Ratchada Train Night Market

The Ratchada train night market (talad rod fai) off Ratchada Road is one of Bangkok’s most popular and definately the most well known night markets in Bangkok.

It is famous for its vintage antiques and its large variety of delicious street food.

All the antique shops are in the center of the market, while the clothing and food stalls are outside.

The most popular food items are the giant seafood buckets, the bbq pork ribs, and the grilled prawns & scallops covered in melted cheese.

Once you’ve eaten, head toward the converted VW van cocktail bars.

Enjoy a classy drink and listen to Thai or western music.

The Tachada night market is also very popular with Thai people.

Therefore you will normally find the prices cheaper, and it’s easier to bargain.

Just remember they specialize in antiques and collectibles.

You may end up getting a better price, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be cheap.

  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • Opening Hours: Daily 5 pm-12 am
  • Address: Ratchadaphisek Rd, Din Daeng, Bangkok


8. Pratunam Night Market

Pratunam Market

Pratunam is one of Bangkok’s major markets and Thailand’s largest clothing market.

This downtown night market features market stalls selling clothes, shoes, and accessories at wholesale cost.

You’ll find t-shirts, shorts, dresses, suits, and ladies’ formal evening wear.

By the way, if you want real suits, read our guide to the best tailors in Bangkok.

Many of the shops are manufacturers and wholesalers, so if you want something special, they may be able to make it for you.

Pratunam Market is the cheapest clothing market in Bangkok.

As long as you buy 3 or more pieces, everything is wholesale price.

There may be the occasional coffee and drink stall, but no food options to speak of.

Pratunam caters mainly to low and middle-income Thai’s, so this is a good night market for bargains.

  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • Opening Hours: Daily 7 am-10 pm; Sunday closed
  • Address: ตลาดเช้าใบหยก Phayathai Rd, Khwaeng Thanon Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok

9. W Market

W Market

Compared to other night markets in Bangkok, W Market is like a breath of fresh air; it’s clean, light, cool, and arty.

The W market dining is the most popular section.

With over 50 restaurants, food stalls, and bars, you’ll have plenty of options.

You’ll find international food like tacos, burritos, pizzas, and Greek gyros.

There are boutique shops next to the dining area that sells mostly ladies’ fashions and accessories.

The night market is also dotted with murals, sculptures, street art and of course street food too.

These all created by up and coming artists to give it an arty feeling.

W Market is home to a variety of bars featuring local Thai beers and plenty of imported brews.

As the sun goes down, that atmosphere becomes more lively, with a mix of locals and ex pats enjoying good food, live music and drinks.

  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • Opening Hours: Daily 4 pm-12 am
  • Address: 1599 Sukhumvit Rd, Phra Khanong Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok


10. Khaosan Night Market

Khao San Market

At night, Khaosan road transforms from a busy tourist hub to Bangkok’s hippest night market.

From dusk onwards, creative Thais come to display their wares.

This includes knock-off t-shirts, exotic blouses, and vintage clothing.

Tightly packed stalls line the walkways.

Besides cheap clothing, there are also massages, hair braiding, and even tattoo parlors.

Many of the vendors offer similar products, with the main items being clothing and souvenirs.

There are many backpackers “hanging out” here.

So it’s a great place to people watch, grab a beer at a bar, and maybe chat up some nice girls.

When you’re hungry, there are plenty of Thai restaurants and western fast food places available.

  • Rating: 4.1/5
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 3pm-2am; Sunday 3pm-12am
  • Address: 161, 163 Khaosan Rd, Talat Yot, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok

11. Huai Kwang Night Market 

The Huai Kwang Night Market has the reputation of being the most relaxed night market in Bangkok.

It is open 24 hours, so whatever you’re looking for, you can find it any time of day.

It’s an old school Bangkok market with little stalls lining the road.

They sell everything from unique accessories to trendy clothes.

Besides fashions, there are salon services, massages, tattoos, and even wig shops.

If you’re hungry, Huai Kwang market has plenty of street food stalls or for a real treat.

We recommend Noi’s seafood for crab and vermicelli in a clay pot.

You’ll find several stalls of vendors offering fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and fish if you continue.

Because of it’s out of way location, you’ll find mainly locals and ex-pats.

If you need a break from shopping, stop in at Park Terrace Bar, located at the corner of the market, for a cold beer and some live music.

  • Rating: 4.1/5
  • Opening Hours: Daily 24 hours
  • Address: Soi Pracha Rat Bamphen, Din Daeng, Bangkok

12. The Camp Vintage Flea Market

The Camp Vintage Flea Market

The Camp Vintage Flea Market is like heaven for vintage lovers.

They offer everything from vintage apparel to collectible vinyl records.

All the shops are converted airplane garage hangers.

And they’re all filled with an exclusive collection of retro collectibles.

Inside the night market, you’ll come upon Smith’s Vintage Club.

Here, you’ll see their collection of vintage motorcycles and gear.

The Camp Vintage Flea Market also has all types of unique food options.

This includes Butter’s Burgers, Pomapano’s Coffee, and Frankfurt 71.

Visit the train carriage restaurants at the back, where you can enjoy steaks, seafood, and cocktails.

The Camp Vintage Flea Market attracts both tourists and locals due to its proximity to Chatuchak Market.

If you’re planning to visit, it’s best to go from Friday to Sunday, as all the shops are open and the market is buzzing.

  • Rating: 4/5
  • Opening Hours: Tuesday to Thursday 3 pm-10 pm; Friday to Sunday 3 pm-12 am; Monday closed
  • Address: F21 Kamphaeng Phet 2 Rd, Chatuchak, Bangkok


13. Talad Neon Night Market

Talad Neon

Talad Neon is new night market .

It’s the closest market to central Bangkok.  So it is also referred to as Bangkok’s downtown market and full of colorful tents illuminated by neon lights.

This popular night market was designed specifically for Asians visting Bangkok, so it has a very distinct touristy vibe.

Most of the vendors operate from tents.

They sell cheap street fashions, electronics, housewares, and accessories.

For food stalls and bars, you’ll find the average price is higher than other night markets in Bangkok.

They serve a combination of Thai street food and western-style fast food, including burgers and pizza.

The shipping container bars at the back of the market are quite popular and lively too.

There are relaxing outdoor seating on the top to take in the night market atmosphere.

Talad Neon Night Market is trying to position itself as a higher-end venue compared to other Bangkok night markets.

So you’ll find a lot of tourists in this area.

  • Rating: 4/5
  • Opening Hours: Wednesday to Sunday 4 pm-12 am; Monday & Tuesday closed
  • Address: 1087, 167 Phetchaburi Rd, Makkasan, Ratchathewi, Bangkok

14. Chang Chui Bangkok Night Market 

Chang Chui Night Market 

The ChangChui Plane Night Market offers a nice selection of shopping combined with modern art.

Shops are in 18 separate buildings that are all constructed from recycled materials.

They feature mostly boutique fashions, as well as a wide selection of food and craft beer.

The ChangChui Plane Market’s main attraction is the shell of a Lockheed Tristar L1011 airplane.

Directly under the wings is the popular Runway Bar.

Alternatively, go to the Food Pavillion for Asian and international street food.

You’ll find oysters, sushi, Thai food, and pizza,

After a long night of shopping, make your way to the bars at the back and enjoy a cold beer or cocktail.

While you relax with your drink, enjoy the live jazz and acoustic music played at the market throughout the night.

The market’s target visitors are Thai’s with money that is more likely to purchase high-end boutique clothes.

  • Rating: 4/5
  • Opening Hours: Daily 11 am-11 pm
  • Address: 460/8 Sirindhorn Rd, Bang Phlat, Bangkok

Official site Facebook | Events

15. Box Space Ratchayothin Bangkok Night Market

Box Space Ratchayothin Night Market

The Box Space in Ratchayothin is modern and stylish.

Shops are inside shipping containers.

Those 20 refurbished shipping containers are home to high fashion stores, bars, and restaurants.

You’ll find all the shops selling fashions and accessories for men and women in the Market Zone.

The Plaza and the Hangout Zones have bars and restaurants.

These include a selection of grilled beef, seafood, pizza, and Thai food.

For party animals, The Hangout Zone is the best place to be.

You’ll love the chill bars offering live bands and entertainment.

The market’s primary focus is on local customers, mainly the younger residents of nearby Chatuchak, Lad Prao, and Ratchada.

  • Rating: 4/5
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 6 am-12 am; Weekends 1 am-12 am
  • Address: 20/126 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Chatuchak, Bangkok


Bangkok Night Market Map

Now if you’re looking for more places to do some shopping while in Bangkok, read this post about the best shopping malls in the city.

And explore the rest of the website for more ideas of things to do in Bangkok.


Which are the best night markets in Bangkok for shopping?

Asiatique Riverfront has been rated the best night market for shopping in Bangkok.

Asiatique offers many quality and fashionable products at good prices.

They try to sell quality and well-priced items, not the counterfeit knock-offs you will find at most markets.

Which is the best night market in Bangkok for food?

The best night market in Bangkok for food is W Market.

They feature over 50 international food stalls, bars, and restaurants.

W has the largest selection of food to choose from, including Greek, Italian, Mexican, and Japanese.

They also have a large variety of bars serving beers from around the world.

But if you want world-class chefs, have a look at our list of the 10 best Michelin star restaurants in Bangkok.

Or check out the best seafood restaurants in Bangkok.

Which is the cheapest night market in Bangkok?

The cheapest night market in Bangkok is Pratunam Market.

Pratunam is known throughout Bangkok as the cheapest market for apparel.

Unlike most markets, Pratunam sells everything wholesale as long as you buy at least 3 pieces.

Some of the stuff sold at the markets are purchased from Pratunam.


Night MarketsOpening Hours
Train Night Market SrinakarinThursday to Sunday
5pm to 1am
Chatuchak MarketFriday 6pm to 12am;
Saturday & Sunday
9am to 6pm
Asiatique The RiverfrontMonday to Friday
4pm to 12am;
12pm to 12am
MahadThai MarketThursday to Tuesday
4pm to 12am;
6pm to 12am;
Closed Sunday
Indy Market Chokchai 4Daily 5pm to 12am
Indy Market Dao KhanongDaily 5pm to 12am
Train Night Market RatchadaDaily 5pm to 12am
Pratunam MarketDaily 7am to 10pm
Closed Sunday
W MarketDaily 4pm to 12am
Khao San MarketMonday to Saturday
3pm to 2am;
3pm to 12am
Huai Kwang Night MarketDaily 24 Hours
The Camp Vintage Flea MarketTuesday-Thursday
3pm to 10pm;
Friday to Sunday
3pm to 12am;
Closed Sunday
Talad Neon MarketWednesday to Sunday
4pm to 12am;
Monday and Tuesday
ChangChui Bangkok Plane Night MarketDaily 11am to 11pm
Box Space Ratchayothin Night MarketMonday to Friday
6pm to 12am;
1pm to 12am

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