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Looking for an outcall massage from a sexy masseuse?

Too often, outcall girls will spend more time on the extras and less time on the massage.

Sometimes, we want a girl who knows all the pressure points and rubs the right spots.

Better yet, she’d come right to your hotel or condo any time of the day.

Wouldn’t it be even nicer if she provided extra outcall services?

This is what you deserve – a professional massage with a gorgeous girl.

Below, you’ll find the 10 best outcall massages services with sexy girls in Bangkok.

They provide great massages and a few special extras you crave for!

1. Bangkok Outcall

Sexy Thai girls from Bangkok outcall massage services

Bangkok Outcall provides exceptional erotic and sensual outcall massages.

What sets Bangkok Outcall apart is that they use professional massage techniques.

This creates the sensual experience you’re after.

They specialize in the body to body, tantric, and prostate massages.

All designed to enhance the client’s sexual health.

Bangkok Outcall also offers role-play massage, oil massage, erotic massage, and aromatherapy massage.

They also feature a four-hand massage with two masseuses.

Each outcall massage is at least one hour, ensuring a healthy and pleasurable massage.

Rates for a one hour massage starts at 2,500 baht.

This includes a professional massage, happy ending, and full service.

Locations farther than the Sukhumvit area will be charged a taxi fee.

  • Contact: 063 047 5912
  • Rates: from 2,500 baht

Official site

2. Healing Hands

Beautiful Thai masseuses from Healing Hands Bangkok

Healing Hands Bangkok has some of the most professional girls in town.

This is what makes them more desirable.

The ladies at Healing Hand specialize in aromatherapy and oil massages.

They are designed to reduce tension and promote relaxation.

At Healing Hands, they are well-trained professionals.

Go for their popular aromatherapy massage.

The aromatic oils of plants and herbs will definitely relax and refresh you.

Oil massages start at 1,000 baht for 90 minutes, and aromatherapy starts at 1,400 baht.

Many ladies from Healing Hands are willing to offer special or extra services.

Any extra services have to be worked out with the girl once she arrives.

  • Contact: 085 155 1636; 081 625 1665
  • Rates: from 1,000 baht

Official site Facebook

3. 66 Lee Laa Thai Massage and Spa

Beautiful girls from 66LeeLaa Thai Massage & Spa in Bangkok

66 Lee Laa Thai provides beautiful Thai masseuses direct to your hotel or condo 24 hours a day.

The girls at 66 Lee Laa Thai are all professionally trained in the art of Thai, oil, and aromatherapy massage.

Prices for a 60-minute Thai massage start from 800 baht.

For oil massage, it’s 900 baht, and for aroma massage, it’s 1,000 baht.

If you want an incredible massage with the best special services, ask Megan (pictured above).

She is one of 66 Lee Laa Thai’s most popular and skilled masseuses.

For 500 baht more, she will be more than happy to offer other body rubs.

If you want to add an extra hour of relaxation to your message, it’s only an additional 750 baht.

You might want to spend that extra hour enjoying a special service that’s not on the regular menu.

All you have to do is ask.

  • Contact: 094 569 2356
  • Rates: from 800 baht

Official site Facebook

4. Annie’s Model Massage

Thai girls from Annie's Model Massage in Bangkok wearing lingerie

Ms. Annie of Annie Model Massage has established a great reputation in Bangkok.

Annie is passionate, adventurous, and open-minded.

She specializes in sensual erotic massages designed for an awesome pleasurable experience.

Her erotic massages services include tantric massage, body to body oil massage, and soapy massage. 

A 2-hour sensual massage session starts at 6,000 baht.

If you need additional services during your session, ask Ms. Annie for the extra rates.

She’ll be happy to accommodate you.

Annie is generally available 24 hours, but she also has some stunning friends if you want to try them out.

  • Contact: 084 524 7143
  • Rates: from 6,000 baht

Official site

5. International Models Massage

Beautiful models from International Models Massage in Bangkok

International Models Massage service features beautiful therapists.

They provide sensual outcall massages 24 hours a day in Bangkok.

Their sensual massages are designed to enhance your physical and mental well being.

And also erotic experiences for a bit extra.

First, the therapist works the muscles to release tightness and tension from the body.

Then comes the gentle light touches of a tantric massage.

This might be the time to fork out more money.

In addition to tantric massage, they feature Nuru, body to body aromatherapy, and a four-handed oil massage.

All one-hour massages start at 3,000 baht, except for the four-handed, which is 6,000 baht.

Extra services are available upon request.

If you’re looking for a relaxing and erotic outcall massage, the sexy girls here will deliver.

They even have ladyboys if you want to try something different!

  • Contact: 084 524 7143; 087 812 7773
  • Rates: from 3,000 baht

Official site

6. Fairy Land Massage

Sexy Thai masseuses from Fairy Land Massage in Bangkok

The fairies at Fairy Land Massage certainly offer a memorable sensual experience.

All the fairies arrive professionally dressed in sexy lingerie and stockings.

We recommend Fairy Land’s cutest fairy – May (pictured above).

Gorgeous and innocent on arrival, then incredibly sexy once the session starts.

She’s sure to brighten up an hour or two.

All massages start with carefully heated oil designed to soothe and relax you.

That’s followed by your choice of special massage, starting from 1,800 baht for 60 minutes. 

Choose from tantric, erotic, prostate, or four-handed massage.

Fairy Land fairies are happy to accommodate any special requests you might have, so don’t be shy.

  • Contact: 062 294 4499
  • Rates: from 1,800 baht

Official site

7. The Best Thai Massage Bangkok

Thai sexy therapists from The Best Thai Massage Bangkok

The masseuses at Best Thai Massage Bangkok provide professional outcall massage.

They provide traditional Thai massages starting at 700 baht for one hour.

For the best service, you need to try their fine essential oil massage at 1080 baht.

This is one of their most relaxing and tension relieving massages on offer.

Before you choose a masseuse, check out their profile pages.

You’ll find some of the prettiest masseuses in Bangkok.

If you’re looking for extra services, you need to make arrangements when the girl arrives.

We recommend booking a two-hour oil massage session.

This will increase your chances of getting some extra services that aren’t on the menu.

  • Contact: 065 974 1332
  • Rates: from 700 baht

Official site

8. Similan Thai Massage

Thai masseuses from Similan Thai Massage Bangkok wearing their blue uniform

Another agency dressed to impress is Similan Thai Massage.

They offer 24-hour professional outcalls and provide relaxation services.

Similan’s well-trained masseuses focus on the client’s essential needs and overall well being.

The traditional Thai massages start from 900 baht for a one-hour session.

But we recommend the 90-minute aromatic oil massage and the coconut oil massage.

These start from 1,000 to 1,400 baht.

The two-girl four-handed massage for 1,800 baht is also a favorite.

It might even include some surprises that aren’t advertised.

Two pretty girls and a bottle of oil, consider the possibilities.

Once your girls arrive, you can discuss what special services they’re willing to perform.

  • Contact: 099 476 9669
  • Rates: from 900 baht

Official site

9. Sensual Body Massage

Thai girls from Sensual Body Massage parlor in Bangkok

Sensual Body Massage spends hours and hours training their masseuses.

Besides a pretty face, you can expect authentic massage techniques from all the girls.

They guarantee that the girl’s pictures on their website are real.

So if you want a sexy girl, this agency will deliver.

The last thing they want is for clients to be unhappy with the girls, their skills, or the services they provide.

For 1,900 baht, you’ll get the basic 60-minute erotic massage with a happy ending.

An upgrade to the full-service body to body massage will only be 3,000 baht.

A wide variety of packages ensures there’s a sensual massage that’s right for everyone.

You can even ask for a Nuru or Lingam massage (focussing on your little friend). 

Taxi fees will be charged for rooms further than 8 kilometers from central Bangkok.

  • Contact: 090 234 6729
  • Rates: from 1,900 baht

Official site

10. Number 1 Massage

Thai girls in uniform working at Number 1 Massage in Bangkok

The beautiful and charming therapists of Number 1 Massage are highly trained.

These beautiful ladies are available for outcall 24 hours every day.

They specialize in aromatherapy oil massages and two girls’ four-handed massage.

Aromatherapy massages start at 1,000 baht for 60 minutes.

While a four-handed massage is an affordable 1,600 baht.

Are you wondering if these pretty ladies offer other special services?

Even in their uniforms, these ladies tend to look sexier than your average massage therapist.

Book a four-handed massage for an hour or two and ask the girls about extra services once they arrive. 

The worst that can happen is getting a great massage from two sexy girls, nothing wrong with that.

  • Contact: 063 561 5564; 061 454 2822
  • Rates: from 1,000 baht

Official site


Are the pictures of the girls legit on outcall massage websites?

Most of the girl’s pictures on the Bangkok outcall sites are real. A few might be touched up or need updating.

Some outcall message agencies allow you to send the girls away if they’re not the girl pictured.

The majority of the girl’s pictures you see are real.

Will girls from outcall massages in Bangkok go to any address?

The girls from outcall massages in Bangkok will go to any address in the center of the city.

The rates listed on their websites only apply to rooms in the
Sukhumvit central Bangkok area.

If the address is outside of these areas, the client has to pay a taxi or transportation fee.

That fee has to be agreed upon before the girl arrives.

Depending on the traffic, the girl will usually arrive within 30 minutes to an hour.

Do outcall massages in Bangkok offer extra services?

Most of the girls from outcall massages will offer extra services.

Even ones from the traditional massage companies.

If their profile pictures show them in a massage uniform and sexy outfits, they offer extras.

It’s best to ask the girl when she arrives what extras she’s willing to perform.

For extras, book an oil or aromatherapy massage for two hours.

If the girl asks you to take all your clothes off, that’s a good sign.

The longer a massage session goes, the better your chances of something extra.

Hot white skin Thai girl wearing a black dress and sitting on a sofa

These are just some places you can contact for an intimate massage experience.

There are many other ways of finding hot girls and sex in Bangkok.

For more massage experiences in Bangkok, check out these guides:


Outcall MassageRatesContact
Bangkok OutcallFrom 2500 Baht0630475912
Healing HandsFrom 900 Baht0851551636; 081625665
66 Lee Laa ThaiFrom 800 Baht0945692356
Annie Model MassageFrom 6000 Baht0845247143
International Models MassageFrom 3000 Baht0845247143; 0878127773
Fairy Land MassageFrom 1800 Baht0622944499
The Best Thai Massage BangkokFrom 700 Baht0659741332
Similan Thai MassageFrom 900 Baht0994769669
Sensual Body MassageFrom 1900 Baht0902346729
Number 1 MassageFrom 900 Baht0635615564; 0614542822

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