There is nothing I like more than a thin-waisted petite woman with huge circus jugs… other than a plump round woman with huge circus jugs. We live in a time where thin is in, but let us not forget that that has not always been the case, and that for many men a woman with some girth is massively attractive.

Big Attraction

One of the biggest attractions, or should I say two of the biggest attractions, are that a larger woman often will have larger mammaries. Thai women are some of the most beautiful women in the world, with perfect butts and ridiculously shapely legs, but they are not known for being chesty. Thais in general are quite svelte, but of course there is variety amongst any group, and within the Thai race there are the larger ladies, who, regardless of what the advertising industry would have you believe, are every bit as sexy as their smaller compatriots. In fact they are often more sexy: more woman = more sexy. That’s called math!

If you have never considered a bigger beauty before then perhaps you have not considered some of the pluses and substantial benefits that come with a big girl. Other than a larger chance she will come attached to a couple of huge circus jugs, there is something very comforting about grabbing a bit of squishiness. Full-size women often will have very soft skin like a layer of a Swedish memory-foam mattress. And we all know how sexy Swedish women are! It would also be a gigantic mistake to forget about the beauty of a big butt. As long as you are endowed with the necessary equipment capable of a deep drilling, a bit of cushioning makes for a great bounce buddy.

Smokin’ Beef!

And finally, big girls know how to smoke the beef! They are immensely talented, bringing the ‘A’ game more often than those women who society has constantly flattered and pandered to; you know the type, the “I’m gonna rock your world” women who then proceed to perform for themselves rather than take any interest in you.

We all want to be with someone we find colossally attractive. The good news is that most women are attractive, but sometimes the attractiveness is on a layer just below the surface, and for some that layer is a bit thicker than for others.

So for my taste, any woman, of any shape or size, with huge circus jugs is right up my alley. The only thing other than a woman with huge circus jugs that I find attractive is a woman with small breasts. I have simple needs.

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