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Thai Massage is world-famous.

There are few ways to get a relaxing Thai Massage and find love at the same time.

Of course, we’re not talking about a Traditional Thai massage by a trained therapist.

We’re talking about a Body to Body Massage by a cute young Thai Girl.

Thai body massage parlors are definately the easiest way to find cheap sex in Thailand.

These places have hot Thai girls who can satisfy all of your sexual desires behind closed doors.

We’ll show you difference between the type of places and explain how they work.

Your can then make your own decision on the best option for you.

Different Styles of Sexy Massage Parlors in Thailand

There are two primary options for a full body to body experience in Thailand, and each offers a happy ending:

  • Small Salons (nûat thai):  There are small salons around Sukhumvit where go for an oil massage with a happy ending. These usually are shophouses with a few small rooms on each floor. Inside their room, there is a single bed, usually a tiny portable shower in the corner. So while the soft touch of the girl’s hand and naked body might arouse you, these rooms do not get very steamy. 
  • Soapy Massage Entertainment (àap-òp-nûat): These are colossal entertainment complexes, some with more than 200 hotel rooms, complete with Jacuzzi Tub, king-size beds, and inflatable airbeds. Most offer suites for party groups, AV Karaoke entertainment systems, room service, and a luxurious environment for the ultimate soapy massage experience, of course, body to body with a pretty Thai girl.

Most western guys either call for outcall massage service or go to small salons for an oil massage with a happy ending.   

One reason might be that these shops are closer to where they are staying, typically in Sukhumvit.

The other reason is might be that the guys simply don’t know what’s happening at the Thai Soapy Massage Parlours. 

And there are not sure what they’ll get for their money.   

There is also no way of talking to the girls at the big entertainment complexes before selecting them. And that might explain the popularity of the GoGo Bars in Thailand.

On the other hand, Asian men are shyer, and Thai guys need to be concerned with their image. They don’t like to be seen with hookers at a bar. 

This is why the Thai soapy massage parlors,  are the most popular entertainment option for locals (despite many of these illegal brothels being protected by the cops).

They are private sex clubs for the rich and famous.

What is a Full Body Soapy Massage?

Thai Soapy Massage

A body-to-body soapy massage involves a beautiful, well-endowed, naked girl.

She will bathe you in a large Jacuzzi or private bathtub. Full service! 

After the bath, the young lady sensually applies the soap to both of you, then proceeds with a body-to-body massage, many times on an air mattress.

Once this erotic thai massage is finished, she will rinse you off.

You’ll be lead to a nearby bed, where she gives you another massage and then has sex with you.

Some of the largest Soapy Massage Parlours are in Huay Kwang.

The most famous are Poseidon and Emmanuel. They have Karaoke lounges, live entertainment, restaurants, and bars.

At the most prominent places, you can socialize with girls before choosing a masseuse. You can even hire party rooms, bring a group of friends, and have fun with the girls.

So maybe you can now understand that these Thai Massage parlors are different from the smaller shops where you just get happy ending massages.

What Happens at Thai Soapy Massage?

1.  You Enter and Sit Near the Fishbowl

Fishbowl at Nancy entertainment

Upon entering the Soapy Massage Parlor, you’ll find yourself in a spacious lobby area.
On one side is seating for the customers; on the other is a glassed-in seating area called the fishbowl.
This is where the ladies are seated.
Once you’re seated, you can consider ordering a drink. That will give you more time to look around.
The girls sitting inside the fishbowl are all employees of the massage parlor and receive a monthly salary.
They all wear a colored badge to show how much they cost per massage.
Generally, the fishbowl girls can’t leave the spa until it closes; usually, at midnight or 1 am.
The cost for a 90-minute – 120-minute soapy massage with one of the girls from the fishbowl runs between 1500 baht to 2800 baht.
Older ladies that have been there the longest tend to cost less.

2. Check Out the Sidelines

Sideliners at the Bank Club

*Image: Sidelines at the Bank Club

The sidelines are freelancers who usually sit around the customer lounge side, not inside the fishbowl.

You’ll find a different color on the badge to identify them as sidelines.

Because they are freelancers, they can come and go as they please. They might even work at one of the Top Escort Agencies in town.

The sideline girls are usually younger and prettier than the girls in the fishbowl and maybe between 18 to 25 years old.

They’ll be in high demand, which is why they charge a higher price.

Many of the sideline girls won’t do the body massage.

They will wash you in the tub, possibly give you a blowjob and then go straight to bed for sex.

Newer, younger and prettier girls will cost more,

Girls with large boobs will cost more.

In terms of service, it can be a hit or miss at times, so you might even have to work on charming the girls as you head to the room.

The cost of a session with a sideline girl runs from 2500 baht to 5000 baht for 90 to 120-minute sessions. And, of course, the newer, younger, prettier, and more well-endowed girls may charge more.

If you’re lucky, you might find University Girl looking to pick up extra cash a few days a week.  

Most all these Thai Massage Sidelines are all looking for a full-time Sugar Daddy, so you will be able to make a deal to rent her as your exclusive sideline monthly.  

3. Meet the Mamasan & Review Options

Sooner or later you’ll be approach by the mamasan.

Daisy Dream Massage Bangkok

Her job is to help you select a soapy massage girl that meets your criteria and budget.

You can ask any questions you have about the ladies offered at the club:

  • For example, how old are the girls?
  • How long have they worked there?
  • What can they do exactly, and how much does it cost?

Most likely, she will just tell you, “she’s a good shot!”

Many of the thai body-to-body massage parlors also offer Nuru massage.

If you want that option, ask the Manasan in advance because many girls won’t do it.

You can also ask the mamasan if she has any Models available.

4. Ask to See The Models 

Most clubs have a collection of models only featured in photo books.

The models are sitting upstairs and will come down to chat if you select them..

Models at Black Caviar

The term “Model” can have different meanings depending on the Soapy Massage Parlor.

In most of the Soapy Massage parlors, the girls they call models aren’t actually magazine models.

But they may be the tallest, the thinnest, the youngest, have the lightest skin.
Above all, they are the most attractive girls with the best bodies.

They usually sit on the top row of seats in the fishbowl, have a different badge, and command a very high price. These models usually charge 3,500 baht to 10,000 baht.

But in high-end Soapy Massage Club like Black Caviar, Maria, and Poseidon, the models or are real, either as Instagram Net Idols or models in magazines.

Former Thai Penthouse and Playboy models charge 20,000 baht to 30,000 baht for 60 minutes.

And we gotta say, you get what you pay for in terms of quality.

5. Pick the Girl You Want

COVID safe counter at Colonze

*Image: Counter at Colonze

Finally, you need to choose the girl that you want to take and tell the mamasan.

She will let the girl know she has a customer; they will take you to the counter to pay.

Usually, when you reach the counter, the girl is there waiting for you.

Once you have paid, the girl will lead you to your private room.

Use this time to get to know her and make her comfortable.

If you can’t find a suitable girl, you can just walk out and return another day.

There is no need to pay unless had ordered a drink

6. Head to a Private Sexy Room

Soapy Bath at the Office Massage Club

*Image: Soapy Bath at the Office Massage Club

Once you reach the room, the girl undresses and fills the tub with lots of soap and water.

You both get in the tub, and she washes you, paying particular attention to your little friend, offering either a casual handjob to start.

After the bath, she will apply soap to both your bodies and massage you by sliding her body against yours.
If she’s good at her job, you’ll get another handjob or blowjob.

Once the soapy massage is done, she will lead you to the bed, where you’ll have sex.

The girls provide condoms, so you don’t have to worry.
Try to make the most of your session as some girls can get lazy after you blow.

If you want to extend your time with the masseuse, you must pay for another round.

Just tell the girl and will inform the management.
Once you pay again at the counter, she’s yours again.

Sex Massage is Everywhere in Thailand

Soapy Massage Parlors can found can be found in every city of Thailand.

Bangkok at nightIn every other major city of Thailand, you can generally find at least one hotel with a soapy massage parlor which fishbowl and offers body-to-body full service. Many times the hotels are located close to the central train station. 

In Bangkok, the highest concentration of these sex brothels is in the Huay Kwang. To help you check each venue, we’ve made a list of the best soapy massage in Bangkok.

There are also quite a few Thai Body Massage Parlours along New Phetburi Road. They are all near Sukhumvit and provide the best value for Body to Body Massage.  

If you’re heading to Pattaya for the weekend, here’s the list of the Best Soapy Massage in Pattaya.

Or, if you want to just want to lay low and a smaller saloon, here’s the list of the Best Shops for Happy Ending Massage.

Finally, for more ideas a complete overview of prostitution and all hookers in Thailand, check out Complete Guide: Sex in Thailand.

Curious to Know More about Sexy Massage Parlors?

Watch this great video by Thisrupt explaining the history and the role of massage parlors in Thai society.

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How much a soapy massage girl cost depends on whether she works in a high-end massage parlor or a regular parlor.

The girls who work in the higher-end massage parlors usually cost more.

At the high-end massage parlors, prices are usually double what they are at the cheaper soapy parlors.

The higher-end soapy massage parlor also offers more expensive VIP services.

This includes room service, large VIP suites for parties, and gourmet international dining.

They also offer club memberships from 25,000 baht up to 100,000 baht, which includes bottles of liquor and the use of VIP facilities.

Tipping the girls, as Thais would say, is “up to you.”

You are not obligated to tip.

If you have the cash and feel generous, feel free.

If the services weren’t what you expected, don’t tip.

The rule on whether or not to tip is this – If the girl provided you with great service and a great experience, a 300 baht tip is appropriate.

The greater the service, the greater the tip.

Most soapy massage parlors open at noon, but the best time to visit is around 7 pm.

Many girls will have arrived by then, and there won’t be too many customers, so you have a better selection to choose from.

The best days to visit are weekends.

Most girls show up for work on the weekend, especially on the sidelines, many of whom have regular jobs during the week.

You can see the girls outside of the massage parlors if they are willing.

However, you can’t take the girls from the fishbowl out of the massage parlor before closing.

They are employees and have to stay during opening hours.

You would have to make arrangements to meet them after closing.

The sideliners and models are usually freelancers, so they can come and go as they please.

They tend to charge a higher price, so make sure you agree on the price and length of time before you meet.

Most venues, especially the higher-end ones, require the girls to be tested every three months for STDs.

Massage parlors provide condoms for customers.

The girls already have them when you go to the room.

Most of the venues are well maintained. Each room is cleaned, and linens are changed after every customer.

No, Prostitution is not legal in Thailand, but it’s accepted in Thai Culture.

And all the Big Soapy Massage Parlors have are Entertainment liscense to run business.

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