In my days of youth, traveling around the world, I once made a stopover to Fort Worth, Texas. Back then I was 16 or 17, under the age of consumption. In the U.S, it is impossible to buy any alcohol beverages or enter any bars unless you are 21 and over. One night, I took a chance entering a Redneck Bar and somehow, I was able to surpass the security and drank away through the night, what does this has to do with the article I am writing? If you haven’t been to Texas, back in the early years, the bars were an abnormal size and quite spacious, and this wasn’t in anyway considered as a night club but just a simple redneck Bar or a Salon, massive single ground level with a mechanical bull ride and dart boards here and there, it was a perfect atmosphere built for their country comfort.


Back to 2013, a few times I’ve passed by Climax night club but never bothered to go and check it out, as I am a fan to Q Bar & BASH, then I was assigned to do a piece on Climax VS Velvet, which I dubbed the name, Club Fight; as I have explained above, Climax is just the sizeable venue but without the mechanical bull ride or the dart boards, but does have a stage where four different locals musicians perform cover tunes each night but Climax’s aura is dark and dingy and very unimpressive, as the drinks are overpriced and the DJ plays the 90’s rave and techno music at a full blast, that you can’t talk or hear  your friends or for that matter, to anyone whom you wish to talk with. It’s just not the ideal place to socialize, but to drink and dance and see the working girls of Sukhumvit do what they do best. As much as I hate to put it in this form, but it’s the only way to say it, “getting into the foreign Expats deep pockets. Surely, you wouldn’t ever want to take your girl friends or the wives to this venue, unless you are looking to break up or to divorce, then Climax is the place to do it. In my opinion, Climax needs new face and front with more professional management team and a change of attitude, therefore, I deeply regret by saying this, it was my first and the last time that I’d ever return to Climax.


Velvet Night Club is the Bangkok’s newest night spot. Located at Sukhumvit Soi 33, Velvet Night Club is on a quiet street, incomparable to the so much hype and the over flow of traffic that of Sukhumvit Soi 11, Velvet’s location is much more appreciable. I made my way into the Velvet, and as much expected, it was empty but the atmosphere is fresh and I was quite pleasing. Before looking around, I met with Nittaya Srisuwan, Velvet’s marketing & Coordinating manager. I was expecting to meet a scraggly faced guy with a 5 o’clock shadow, instead, I was introduced to a lovely lady with a beautiful smile and a shining long hair, and she fit the club style and the image to the tee.

Velvet’s newest VIP room is near completion and opening soon. To the far corner is the DJ booth, spinning the usual Electro to Hip Hop and R&B. There is an additional room with drapes cloaking the view on the 2nd level, an impressive little room that makes it for a nice private gathering amongst the friends. And if you are a smoker like me, from the same level you can exit through double doors, where you are immediately greeted by the harlequinesque balcony with two stairways leading down to the exit and the main entrance of Velvet, and it’s well organized with seating arrangements, with chairs and the table and a comfortable low sit sofa, where you can chillax and talk with your friends while sipping on your alcohol beverages, it’s made perfect for those who enjoy socializing.

The Verdict!

So, once again, I conclude this article by announcing our winning club of the night, “Drumroll please.” Tonight’s 2nd addition of the Club Fight winner is… Velvet Night Club! If you are a fan 2013’s newest what’s happening and trending clubs in Bangkok, then I welcome all of you Hip Hop lovers and Reggae fanatics to Velvet Night Club, until the next addition of the Club Fight, see you all at Velvet. Thank you and party safely.

By Sean Jei Young