Club Electric Blue is celebrating 10 years in Patpong. Time to check it out and find out if this place is still rocking this naughty area in The Big Mango.

Old school vibes.

Patpong is one of the world’s most famous red light districts. This is where the Thai Go-Go Culture started and became hot. And even though the area has a bit of a dodgy reputation right nowadays – thank you rip off bars! – there are still some great go go bars around that make it worth visiting. Club Electric Blue is one of them and located on Patpong Soi 2, next to Foodland.

It’s only a short (60 meters) and a discrete walk from Silom Road to this modern spot. Modern, because this place is already in Patpong for 10 years, but still looks fancy inside. Club Electric Blue is not a big go go bar. That’s a plus, because the atmosphere here is pretty cosy snug and friendly. This is definitely the best way to describe this place.

Looking at the premisses.

Once you enter Club Electric Blue, you will see a big stage in the middle where all the girls are dancing and making naughty moves while at the poles. The bar is in the back and there are many pictures on the wall from famous and respected guests. Maybe you recognize one of your friends of even your dad? There are also pictures on the wall of the Patpong area itself, some nostalgia from the 80’s. Using the toilets here gives you the same feeling, so the owner should take this as a suggestion to renew them.

While there are no shows, there’s still enough to see!

There’s a big screen above the bar where you can watch live football or other sports. But who’s coming to watch sports in a go go bar right? We all know this is all about girls! If you like to watch an erotic show with the girls, you better pick another go go bar as Club Electric Blue doesn’t offer any performances. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to see or do. Of course you can check out the cute girls dancing on stage while you’re having a cool beer (draft beers are only 50 baht for the whole night!) or another drink. And yes, you can also invite one of the girls to sit with you for a chit chat or maybe more…

Aircon, girls and beers.. Is there something better?

Outside there are a few tables with chairs where the girls can sit down and escape when it’s getting hot inside. It gives you the opportunity to chill out with them for a while. Of course that’s fun, but honestly, who wants that? The best thing is inside the bar: aircon, girls and beers. What’s better in life? You should also like and follow Club Electric Blue on Facebook, because they regularly have promotions on their page. Sometimes you can earn a free drink and enjoy many pictures of the working girls. Many of them look cute and huggable. So what are you waiting for? Visit Club Electric Blue and check it out by yourself!

By Harold Rolloos