As Bangkok’s club scene expands more and more each year, clubs survive by doing things fresh. They go out to make the most decadent designer spaces and try to weather the storm once the flash mob moves on to the next hot location.

Bringing the New York club vibe to the streets of Bangkok.

In Thong Lor, Demo has decided to go against the grain and offer a gritty NYC warehouse style nightclub. This really bucks the trend in fashionable Thong Lor, where throwing around money is just as important as looking good. This is an area where all the beautiful people come to see and be seen. Located on Thong Lor Soi 10 next to Funky Villa, this energy filled nightclub is a nonstop party! Demo dominates the nightlife with earth shattering promotions and some smoking hot DJ action.

Mixing in the Hi-So crowd.

You will see Lamborghini’s out front as you enter the building, and the outside makes it look like a beat down version of Brooklyn in the 1980’s. The walls are covered in graffiti art with murals extending over the exposed brick. There is also a wrought iron staircase that lifts you to the more secluded area for a little more privacy. The steel beams run across the length of the building and swirling lights give off a magical glow lights off the walls and create a colorful haze throughout the building.

Resident and guest DJs take turns switching off on the tables turning a mixture of electronic, house, tech and progressive sounds depending on the night and promotion. Though not everyone’s taste, this is the kind of music anyone can dance to. Thai, Westerners, Models, and the Hi- So crowd all mix together to form a swirling mix of waving arms and legs. If it weren’t for a bunch of sexy people here, I would think I was in the mosh pit.

Even your best pick up line won’t work.

Unlike most clubs, there is no cover charge at Demo and there are numerous events and promotional nights to choose from weekly. There was an extremely large selection of European beauties that gives a half stare as they sway back and forth to the music. Much different from most of the Sukhumvit clubs, this is a place where being beautiful is just a common thing, the same goes for the guys too. Ladies have their pick from a wide assortment of good-looking guys from every culture and background.

The drinks.

There is an extensive cocktail list and the Club is well stocked with all of your high-end favorites, you can try to find a seat at any one of the scattered tables and Victorian era chairs that are positioned along the wall lounge area. Food is also available in the munchies variety, which is just enough to keep you upright.

A very unique club, and this club continue to thrive by staying unique and fresh amongst a sea of copycats in the city. Demo will give you all the flavor of a New York club right here in Thong Lor Soi 10.

By Kevin Harrington.