In this world it is always said, you get what you pay for, 30 baht will get you noodles and a plastic stool in Bangkok. But if you manage to find your way to the end of the strip of Sukhumvit Soi 11, which should work you up a hunger and rice just won’t satisfy you, I recommend a burger and a slice of America from the Firehouse Restaurant. Opened in 2012 under Hawaiian ownership, Firehouse provides a unique dining experience.

Inside Firehouse

I was lead to a table half way down the line of rich dark wooden tables and chairs. The restaurant has a simple elegant layout, similar to most modern restaurants. Decorated with vintage firefighting mementos, to provide a theme. When you walk in the door of the Firehouse, you know you are paying for the best. Expect to pay 100-400baht per menu item, depending on your desires from the evening. The menu consist of all expected American bar food, such as Buffalo wings, chili-cheese fries, Baja fish tacos, grilled steak and cheese sandwich, gourmet hot dogs and giant salads. My chosen dish for the evening was their famous Firehouse Premium Burger, definitely a must try.

Only the best!

The Firehouse burgers are only from the freshest and finest ingredients. Made from French-Thai beef, from cattle specially raised by members of the famous Pon Yang Kham Cooperative (based in the northeastern provinces of Mukdahan, Nong Khai, and Sakhon Nakhon). The chef makes each beef patty by hand individually, when an order is received. The burger was served on a fresh soft Kaiser bun baked by the award-winning Austrian baker who supplies the finest restaurants and five star hotels in Bangkok. You get all the usually trimmings that come with a high end burger, fresh crispy Iceberg lettuce, topped with a large slice of fresh tomato, and lightly grilled red onions. Additional toppings are also offered, like high-quality imported cheeses, thick slices of crispy bacon, caramelized onions, potato wedges and fresh sliced avocado. Normally Burgers in Thailand are dry, chewy with a dead piece of lettuce, and only ketchup for flavor, the offering here resurrected my taste for this farang stable.

Experience Firehouse

After my meal, I was so relaxed in the atmosphere, sitting on the long black comfortable leather couch that ran the length of the establishment, I forgot about my duty to shout at a screen, encouraging my team to obtain 3 points. I decided to indulge myself in American culture, with a few Makers Mark Bourbons, a commodity hard to find in Thailand. If you’re in need of a break from the Thai way, I would highly recommend the Firehouse, great friendly service and a perfect atmosphere. Open late night till 3am Tuesday to Saturday, a sensible early closing Sunday and closed on Mondays.

By Dave Sheehan

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