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Fiwfans is a site that is growing in popularity, but if you don’t speak Thai there’s a high chance you’ve never heard of it.

Or tried it.

Because it’s hard to know what it is and how it works unless you can understand Thai.

That’s why we went to do a deep dive on the site, to understand why so many people are using it, see what you can find there, and learn how to use it.

Here is what we found.

What Is Fiwfans?

Fiwfans logo 16 9

Fiwfans is a popular Thai website to book young Thai escorts online, everywhere in Thailand.

With over 400,000 Google searches every month, it’s the number one website of its type in Thailand.

Even if the website clearly says on its homepage that they don’t sell sexual services, it’s all you can see on the site.

Fiwfans has thousands of young Thai girls ready to meet with you for 30 minutes, one hour, or more, up to a few days for some girls.

It’s a site to book girls online in Bangkok and around Thailand, whether it’s for a short time or for the night.

So in a way, it is really similar to Smooci, the #1 online booking escort app in Thailand.

If you’re looking for Thai prostitutes, escorts, or hookers, this is the site for that.

How Does It Work?

You can find and book a girl on Fiwfans in only a few minutes.

First, you need to search for the girl you want to book.

Then contact her or the agency she works for to agree on a date and time.

And then meet with her at the place you agreed on, often a short-time hotel or a condo that is picked by the girl or her agency.

But let us give you more details about each step.

Because unless you can read Thai, that’s not so easy.

So first, start by translating the website with Google Translate.

How to translate in English the Fiwfans website.

Because the website is only in Thai, and there’s no English version available.

When you’re ready, it’s time to explore your options.

How To Find Girls On FiwFans?

It’s super easy to search for girls on Fiwfans.

Search for your date

On the homepage, you can see the girls by affiliation

A comprehensive list of Fiwfans' affiliate partners.

Or you can browse through the “Super Stars” featured on the homepage.

Check out featured super star girls on Fiwfans!

And there are a lot of them!

You also click on the search bar at the top of the website to open a form where you can search by

  • Name
  • Specific keywords (white skin, massage, real boobs…)
  • Area
  • Province
  • Gender and sexual orientation
Search form to find the perfect Thai girl on Fiwfans

You can also choose to see only the girls who are verified by the site.

They even have advanced search filters if you want to be even more precise.

Select the height, weight, age, and even the measurements of the girls you want to meet.

But don’t forget that if you search by keywords or areas, you need to type them in Thai.

Because all the girls added these keywords in Thai in their descriptions.

Google Translate will again come to the rescue for that.

Check her profile

Discover profiles of Thai girls on Fiwfans.

Once you find a girl you like, click on her profile.

You can see her name, a few photos of her, the city where she is, the list of areas where she can go, or the name of the area where her “brothel” is, information about her, her measurements, etc…

Most of the descriptions also contain a list of services they offer and the ones they don’t, often with a ❌ and the prices.

More details on a Thai girl profile on Fiwfans.

Also, look for mention of foreigners in their description.

Some girls will not accept any foreigner, while others will only accept a certain type of foreigner (e.g.: Chinese).

Some also list

  • if they accept work outside of the hotel or not
  • what time they’re available

If you keep scrolling you’ll even find a list of reviews from other users of the sites.

Read the reviews

The crazy thing about this website is there are reviews under the girls’ profiles for everyone to see.

Read reviews about the girls on Fiwfans.

Unlike Smooci where only premium users have access to the reviews. 

So if you want to have feedback from other “customers” before you book the girl, you can read what others have to say about her.

Hard to say if they’re genuine or not, but most girls have a lot of reviews, and the reviews even contain photos (sometimes naked) of them.

That’s a good way to avoid being catfished.

How To Book Girls On FiwFans?

Explore search results on Fiwfans.

Now that you found the girl you want, it’s time to book her.

For some girls, you have to go through their agency, or through the site.

But for some freelance girls, you can contact them directly by clicking here.

book the girl directly from her Fiwfans profile

Contact the girl on Line

Chat with Fiwfans girls.

For that, you need to add her on Line, the most popular messaging app in Thailand.

Once you add her on Line and open the chat, you’re going to see automatic messages.

You’ll see again a description of the girl in Thai and a list of prices.

You’ll also see the name of the hotel where she wants to meet.

Usually, they are Thai brothels where the girl has a room for the duration you agreed on.

Check their description, but for a lot of girls, the price of the room is included in the price of the service.

And finally a photo and even a video of the girl.

Browse photos and videos, and chat with Fiwfans girls.

The video is really useful to have a better feel of what she’s like in real life.

From there you can discuss in the chat with the girl, and agree on a date and time to meet.

Some might speak English, but most won’t.

So again, keep Google Translate open.

Contact an agency

agencies on Fiwfans website

The other option is to contact an agency on Fiwfans.

Some agencies will say on their page in which area they provide girls, or at which location (a guest-friendly hotel, a brothel, their own building…).

There’s also a list of the girls from that agency and the latest reviews from their girls.

You can also contact the agency directly.

This way you can tell them what you like and ask them to recommend the perfect girl for you.

Same as when you talk to the girls directly, it’s better to speak Thai.

Most agencies won’t reply when you message them in English.

How Much Do Fiwfans Girls Cost?

The prices on Fiwfans start as low as 900 THB for 30 minutes.

The prices are around 900 to 1,200 THB for 30 minutes, between 1,200 and 1,600 THB for 60 minutes, and between 6,000 to 9,000 THB for overnight.

Each girl offers different durations at different price points.

For a lot of girls, their price even includes the price of the room.

All the details are on their profiles, and you can always ask them on Line for more details.

Here are some examples.

This is cheaper than the prices of most gogo girls and soapy massages!


For most girls, the payment is done in cash when you meet with the girl before things go further.

But a few will only accept bank transfers, especially those who work for agencies.

So you will need a Thai bank account or to have a friend who can do the transfer for you.

For the payments in cash, prepare the right amount before you arrive, and be ready to pay right away when you meet.

And that’s it, have fun.

Join The Telegram Group

Join Fiwfans Telegram group

You can also join the Fiwfans Telegram to chat with the admins if you have any issues with a girl or check the new girl they added to the site.

The chat is very active, and the admins are really quick to respond to any question or problem.

But the whole group chat is in Thai, so get Google Translate ready.

The Best Alternatives To FiwFans

Fiwfans is a great platform to book Thai girls for sex.

It’s really easy to use and there are a lot of girls on the site.

And the prices are cheap.

But let’s be honest, if you don’t speak Thai, it will be complicated to book girls on Fiwfans and to talk with the girl or her agency.

That being said, there are a lot of alternatives to having sex with Thai girls, especially in Bangkok.

Happy Ending Massage

You can go to a massage parlor, pick a girl you like, and pay a little extra to get a happy ending.

A lot of these shops have staff and girls that speak English, and you can see what the girls really look like.

Some of these happy-ending massage places also have services that the girls on Fiwfans don’t offer (couple massage, nuru massage, prostate massage…).

Soapy Massages

A soapy massage is going to be more expensive than getting girls Fiwfans, and the girls are as pretty.

But the massage girls at soapies are usually way more skilled.

If you’re after a unique body-to-body massage experience, Fiwfans is not good enough.

Plus, like at the happy-ending massage parlors, at soapies you get the see the girls in real life and choose the one you like the most.

Now, to book girls online for sex, for tourists and expats, the best alternative to Fiwfans to book girls online is Smooci.


Smooci is an app-like website full of escorts, both freelance and from agencies.

Like on Fiwfans, it only takes a couple of minutes to find and book a girl you like, who’s available when you want it, where you want it.

And everything is in English on this site.

It might be a bit more expensive to book girls there, but it’s so easy to use that it’s worth the time you’re going to save.

Escort services

The other option is to go straight to local escort agencies’ websites and find your dream girl.

There are a lot of escort agencies in Thailand, especially in Bangkok.

Outcall Services

Now if you want a good massage and great sex (or a happy ending), and you want the girl to come to you, you can use outcall massage services.

Almost all of them have websites in English and their girls can hold a conversation in English too.

If you’re just traveling to Bangkok, don’t forget to book a guest-friendly hotel to avoid having the reception asking too many questions.

Gentlemen’s Clubs

Now if you want to see the girl in real life before taking things further, go to a gentlemen’s club to meet young and hot girls.

A lot of them are beautiful sideliners (students or girls with a day job).

The best gentlemen’s club to meet sexy girls in Bangkok is The PIMP Bangkok.

They have more than 200 girls every night, who are even more beautiful than the girls you will find on Fiwfans.


Does Fiwfans have an app?

No, Fiwfans doesn’t have an app. But the site is responsive and very easy to use on any mobile.

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