Funky Villa is a place that combines live music, excellent DJ’s, and a superior location, this is a place  that captures lightning in a bottle, and the result is sensational. Located on stylish Thong Lor Soi 10, Funky Villa is right next to Demo nightclub.This club is at the top of the pecking order for the Hi So crowd in Bangkok. There is a feel here that you are in the hills of Southern California. Think Hollywood Hills with the rich and famous in Bangkok. This venue is designed as a clubhouse for the rich young adult. The masses that flock to Thonglor have an obsession of money, style, and state of the art entertainment. Funky Villa provides all those things plus so much more. As we embark on our quest for an epic experience, I am truly excited to see if Funky Villa lives up to it’s reputation.

The thing to remember here is to be early to be able to get a table. On the various times we have visited, we have been lucky to arrive pretty early. For weekdays that mean around 9 pm, and on weekends you better get ready to arrive at 7pm.

The Party Begins

As you enter the lounge, it is a great place to meet and plan where your adventure will take you. It’s a great space with large amounts of seating. The problem is that it fills up very quickly, this is why it is so important to get a table, and to make sure there are fun and beautiful people surrounding you. The best bet is to throw a couple of hundred baht to the Hostess, and let them work it out for you. I have done this in the past here, and it has worked out well.

For those who do want to mix with the common folk, they can make there way into a sectioned-off VIP area. This area has views of the stage, and will keep you at a distance, but still part of the action. This is a great place to see a celebrity or spend some quality time with someone special.

The Music

The music is a mixture of live bands playing popular Thai music. These are the best live acts from around the Kingdom. As with most Thai clubs like this one, the band also M.C and provide a mixture of entertainment. Funky Villa mixes the live music with DJs spinning hip-hop. This works great to get the ladies in attendance to dance the night away without moving from their table area. Both of these music styles blend well together and motivate the energy in Funky Villa.

The Price

While the place was packed with Hi So people, the prices were more than reasonable. I say reasonable for Thonglor where drinks can cost a fortune. I ordered two vodka and red bull which cost about 320 baht. Two others at the table went for a bottle of Johnnie Walker, which was about 1500 baht. The mixers cost around 60 baht so the prices are really good for the area overall. Price for beer and cocktails are the same.

The Crowd

Overall, the crowd is a heavy dose of the rich and glamorous of Bangkok. Mostly Thai, there was a few westerners in the mix. As one of a handful of foreigners there on my visits, it is clear to see that the cream of the crop are here nightly. They are not concerned about prices, but just to have a great time. Oh, they also like to show off what they are wearing, driving, and who they are hanging out with.

If you want to experience live music at a fantastic location, then you should look no further then Funky Villa, a place that truly lives up to its reputation.

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