When I first walked in Glow Nightclub it was quite busy with a mixture of expats and tourists. The club itself is quite small but you don’t feel that crowded, as there are 3 floors. The club is situated on Sukhumvit Soi 23.

More foreigners than Thai.

If you love Techno/House music Glow is the place to be. Straight as when I walked up to the 2nd floor everyone was dancing, I had to get involved so I jumped in and started doing the robot. Must admit I got some funny looks but it’s a club where no one gets judged no matter what you wear or how stupid you dance. I even witnessed this elderly man popping down low with his Thai girlfriend. There weren’t many Thai people in the club it was hard to spot them with the mass of white people, then yet again Thai girls love to be white which is totally opposite to anywhere else in the world.

The prices.

I walked up to the toilets on the 3rd floor, which was tiring by the way, I don’t know how some people make it if they are passed out drunk and can’t find the toilets. Only 300฿ entrance fee which is the same as most clubs around Bangkok. Plus you get a free drink. Crazy cheap! I didn’t drink much at Glow cause everyone around me seemed to be hammered already so I only ordered one Vodka Redbull, which came to 180฿. Beers are around 100-120฿, which is why I think there are so many tourists in a Techno Club drinking beer. I had a good time. The music and the atmosphere make up for quite expensive drinks.

The nightclub itself is really dark so if you go with friends keep them close otherwise bring a flashlight to find them, when you’re ready to go home.

‘Glow is perfect to escape the usual chart topping music’

Regular events take place at Glow, events and Dj’s vary each week but the style of music remains the same, with house, techno, electro and a bit of drum ‘n’ bass being spun by the best DJ’s both locally, and internationally, Glow is the perfect place to go if you’re looking to escape the usual chart topping music.

To wrap it up visit Glow, go mental on the dance floor to awesome up to date techno/dance music. Remember don’t forget your flashlight for home time, or eat your carrots. It’s Dark!

By Kelly Woodcock.