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Anyone who’s been to a gentlemen’s club will tell you that it’s the best place for a crazy night out with friends and the most beautiful girls you’ve ever seen.

But we know that many of you are hesitant to go there because of lack of information, not knowing what it is, what happens there, or how much it costs.

We understand that if you’ve never been to a gentlemen’s club in Thailand or in Asia before, you probably have a lot of questions.

Since most gentlemen’s clubs don’t reveal much information about what happens there, how they operate, or what the prices are, here’s a complete guide that will tell you everything you need to know before your first visit to one of these establishments.

What’s A Gentlemen Club?

19th century gentlemen club

Gentlemen’s clubs used to be men-only clubs where influential people met to drink, play games, and discuss business.

Today, if you type “gentlemen’s clubs” into Google, you’ll find mostly men-only nightclubs filled with sexy girls and erotic shows.

Most of these modern gentlemen’s clubs are still men-only, but they’re more like nightclubs than social clubs.

Even though it’s still a place where many business deals are made. Especially in Asia.

In fact, that’s often where the day ends after long negotiations and contracts are signed.

But more about that later.

What’s Special About Gentlemen’s Clubs in Thailand?

Thai models dressed as sexy cat in black lingerie at The PIMP Bangkok in Thailand

Thai gentlemen’s clubs are a little different from those you find in other parts of the world, or even in Asia.

First, most gentlemen’s clubs in Thailand are divided into two areas.

You have a large club area, which is like a normal nightclub.

Here you’ll find a stage with live bands, DJs, sexy shows, and girls all over the room waiting for you to invite them to your table.

club area in a Thai gentlemen club

In this main room you have standing tables and VIP tables where you can have a drink with your friends, and of course, invite party models from the club to join you.

Go there when they have a special event, like a famous Thai band or singer performing at the club.

That’s when g clubs have the most girls working.

Then there’s the second area of the club, the VIP rooms.

VIP rooms are private rooms that you can rent for the night.

They’re all equipped with a karaoke system (like in KTV bars and clubs), a large TV, a loud sound system, and big cushy sofas.

Some private rooms even have a pool table, a private stage for shows, a DJ booth, a hot tub, or even a private pool!

private VIP room at The PIMP gentlemen club in Bangkok

It’s like having your own private nightclub for the night.

Gentlemen’s clubs in Thailand are known for the quality of their service, entertainment, and girls.

That’s why these g clubs are very popular with both influential locals and VIP tourists coming to Thailand, and why the country has some of the biggest and best gentlemen’s clubs in the world.

How Does It Work In A Thai Gentlemen Club?

If this is your first time in a gentlemen club in Thailand, here’s how it works and what you can expect.

Entrance Fee and Membership

First, you should know that most gentlemen’s clubs in Thailand are open only to men and some of them are member-only clubs.

Most Thai gentlemen’s clubs offer a “membership” that comes packaged with an assortment of bottles.

To give you an idea of the prices, almost every club has a membership for 20,000 baht for 8 bottles of whisky (often Johnnie Walker Black Label).

But there’s a long list of options, with different types of alcohol and brands.

Most memberships are valid for either 6 months or 1 year and come with a number of benefits, such as a free VIP room booking, discounts on girls and bottles, priority bookings, etc.

In many gentlemen clubs in Thailand you have to buy a membership package to get into the club.

In a few, you have the option of paying an entrance fee, like in a normal nightclub, or you can just buy a bottle to open a table and explore the club.

That’s the case at The PIMP.

Check their prices for more information.

However, we highly recommend that you get a membership, or a liquor package (it’s the same bundle of bottles, but without the membership benefits), if you go to one of these VIP clubs.

It will save you a lot of money. Even if you only go there for one night.

And don’t worry, only one person from your group needs a membership for the whole group to enter the club.

Club Area

The club area is just like a regular nightclub, except that all the customers are men and there are lots of girls all over the room that you can invite to party with you.

Thai girls on stage in the club area of a gentlemen club in Thailand

In the club area you can get a standing table or a VIP table.

VIP tables often come with a minimum spending or a minimum number of bottles, like the VIP tables in the best nightclubs in Bangkok.

The club area hosts shows and performances throughout the night.

sexy Thai singer and dancers at The PIMP Bangkok gentlemen's club

Whether it’s a live band playing international and Thai songs, dancers, DJs playing the latest hits, or sexy and erotic shows.

There’s always something to watch on the stage.

VIP Rooms

vip room with pool table stage and sofa at The PIMP g club in Thailand

VIP rooms are the ultimate choice for wild private parties in Thailand.

Whether it’s to end a long day of negotiations with an investor or to make a bachelor party unforgettable, book a VIP room to have a true Thai gentleman’s club experience.

You choose the size of the room, the girls you want to party with, what you want to drink, and then the party goes on for as long as you can stand it.

Private room filled with gorgeous Thai girls at The PIMP Bangkok best gentlemen club

In private rooms, the girls are more loose, you can sing, dance, drink, and eat all night with no one else around.

Whether you choose a VIP table or a VIP room, book in advance and come early as many g clubs are fully booked after 10pm, especially on weekends.

You can contact party Bangkok for bookings at the best gentlemen’s clubs in Bangkok.


We call the girls working at gentlemen’s clubs “party models” to distinguish them from bar girls.

Even though each club usually has different types of girls, and they all have a different price.

PR, coyotes, bikini models, models, angels… Ask the staff of the club you’re visiting to explain to you how their system works.

prettiest Thai girl at The PIMP Bangkok gentlemen club in Thailand

Because unlike in gogo bars where you pay for a girl’s drink (called a “lady drink”) and she leaves when she finishes it, in a Thai gentlemen’s club you pay for the time the girl spends with you.

There’s no lady drink, as the girls will be drinking whatever you’re having.

And that’s another reason why you want to get a liquor package or a membership to get cheaper bottles.

The best thing about this system is you don’t have to worry about your girl running off with another guy.

If you invite her to your table or to the VIP room, she’ll stay with you until you leave.

pretty girls at The PIMP Bangkok

There’s no “bar fine” either.

You can’t take the girls out of the club in the middle of the night to take her back to your room.

What you can do instead is get her number and ask her what she wants to do when the club closes.

In the biggest gentlemen’s clubs, you can easily find between 100 and 200 girls so you have a large selection of girls to choose from.

But keep in mind that the earlier you come, the more girls are available.

The later you arrive, the more of them have already been invited by other groups.

You’re warned.


girls taking off their tops during a sexy shows at The PIMP Bangkok

Gentlemen’s clubs in Thailand are known for the quality of their shows, whether it’s the sexy shows and dancers on stage or the private shows you can book in the private rooms.

Private shows at VIP rooms include everything from lap dances, striptease, erotic shows, BDSM shows, body sushi, body shots, and more.

Ask the club when you book your VIP room what private shows they can offer.


Price at Thai gentlemen’s clubs are in this range:

  • Membership or liquor package: between 10,000 and 100,000 baht (with 3 to 50 bottles, depending on the type of alcohol and brand).
  • Bottles: between 3,000 and 20,000 baht
  • Girls: between 1,900 and 3,000 baht for the first hour, and between 700 and 1,200 baht for each additional hour
  • VIP rooms: between 2,000 and 20,000 baht for the night

How Much Do I Need For A Night At a Gentlemen Club?

Thai girls with money guns at The PIMP Bangkok hip hop party

On average, we recommend a budget between 7,000 and 12,000 baht per person to have a good time at a gentlemen’s club.

The larger your group is, the less it will cost.

But of course, there’s no limit to how much you can spend there.

It’s not rare for these clubs to have customers spend over 50,000 baht in a single visit.

That being said, remember to buy a liquor package or a membership to save money.

Who Go To Gentlemen Clubs?

guys partying with hot Thai girls at a gentlemen club in Thailand

Gentlemen’s clubs in Thailand are mostly frequented by wealthy individuals, business executives and celebrities who are looking for the best service, the best girls and shows, and who also need privacy when going out.

These clubs are also very popular for special occasions such as birthdays, corporate events, and of course, bachelor parties.

That’s why we’ve chosen them as one of the best options for a bachelor party in Bangkok.

Try The Best Gentlemen Clubs in Thailand

pimp girls in red lingerie on stage at the show

Go to The PIMP to party with the hottest models in the country.

It’s the best g club in Asia with incredible shows, live bands, service, and the hottest girls in Thailand.

Or check out our list of the best VIP gentlemen’s clubs in the capital of Thailand.


Are Thai Gentlemen’s Clubs Worth It?

Thai gentlemen’s clubs offer the best adult entertainment you can find in Thailand or even in Asia. They’re the best option for a memorable night out with your mates.

What Is The Legal Age To Go To A Thai Gentlemen Club?

You must be over 20 years old to go to a Thai gentlemen’s club. This also applies to bars, nightclubs, pubs, gogo bars, pool parties and festivals in Thailand.

Can Women Go To A Thai Gentlemen Club?

The answer is yes for most Thai gentlemen’s clubs. But they often charge an extra 500 to 3,000 baht per woman. So you better leave your girlfriend at home and try to find a new one at the club.

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