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Is this your first time visiting a massage parlor in Thailand?

You’ve heard about happy endings, but all the massage places you see look “normal.” 

Most shops have Traditional Thai massage, oil massage, or foot massage prices at the front.

So how do you really know they offer “happy endings”? 

Before you visit any massage parlor in Bangkok, we’ll share the secrets, so you’ll know what to expect, exactly.

Apply our tips, and you’ll get a happy ending every time!

How to Identify Happy Ending Massage Parlors?

Traditional and happy ending masseuses in Thailand

There are several ways to figure out whether or not a massage parlor offers happy endings.

Suppose the massage shop is located in an adult tourist area like Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy in Bangkok.

In that case, chances are they offer extra services.

You’ll likely find many girls sitting at the front in skimpy outfits and wearing lots of makeup.

If the girls try to lead you inside with promises of a special massage, they will give happy endings.

Another noticeable sign is the neon lights and signs.

You can always test the waters.

Be polite and ask if they offer “extra special services.”

If the answer is yes, you know you’ve found the right place.

Parlors that offer relaxing massages only will have much more professional ladies (and men) in uniform.

Meeting the Mamasan

Image of white skin Asian girl with a blue dress and black hair

Once you find a happy ending massage parlor, it’s time to meet the Mamasan.

The Mamasan is usually a retired masseuse who is in charge of all the girls.

She will greet you when you enter the massage parlor, and she’s an excellent source of information.

First, she’ll show you a menu of massage services and prices.

Now is the time to ask what extra services are available.

And don’t be shy.

Chances are, they’ve come across all types of requests from guys asking for happy endings.

Mamasan can recommend the girls that give the best extras, and she will usually point you in the right direction.

Picking Your Girl

Thai girl with high heel in an empty bathtub

When it’s time to pick the girl, the massage parlors will do one of two things.

The Mamasan will show you photos of the girls dressed in skimpy outfits and sexy poses.

Be warned that some photos may be old, out of date, or retouched in Photoshop.

Look for clues the images are not fake.

If you don’t want to choose from a photo, request to have the girls do a lineup, and she will usually accommodate you.

The girls may line up in front of you or might even come to introduce themselves one by one.

At this point, you either make a quick choice or leave if you don’t like any of the girls.

Don’t hesitate to walk out if you don’t see a girl to your liking. 

Some happy ending parlors may even have 10 girls working at one time, so make sure you pick the right one!

The only exception is with Kapooclubs, for them it’s better to book the girl by contacting the club on Line directly to make sure she’ll be there when you show up.

Paying for the Massage Session

Thai girl with glasses holding dollar bills in her hand

The length of the massage can range anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours.

Usually, you pay the Mamasan for the basic massage and pay the girl for the extras during the session.

Many of the happy ending massage parlors are now offering customers all-inclusive packages.

With the all-inclusive packages, you pay the Mamasan upfront for everything.

Typically the parlors that charge an all-inclusive rate employ prettier massage ladies in their lineup.

If the original massage time isn’t enough to take care of all your needs, you can extend the time.

This usually costs 1,000 to 1,500 baht depending on the services.

Type of Happy Ending Services

As mentioned, after you’ve picked your girl, you don’t actually have to pick your happy ending service straight away.

She’ll tell you to take all your clothes off, lie down in bed, and then proceed with the usual backrub.

At times, she’ll try to entice you by rubbing close to your groin.

During this time, you may want to see if you connect with the girl first.

Or even negotiate and see what type of services she can offer.

So from the traditional Thai massage, it may escalate to the following happy ending services.


Thai girl with her hand in her hair

Handjobs are the most common and least expensive happy ending.

It usually cost 500 to 1000 baht, depending on the shop and how hot the girl is.

Generally, the girl will give you a handjob topless and will allow you to touch her.

Some girls will get fully naked, hoping they can turn the handjob into a more expensive erotic full service.

Of course, if you pay more, massage girls are always willing to offer more sexual services.


Girl with red lip and nails putting a banana in her mouth

The price for a blowjob at most happy ending massage parlors is  1,000 baht, plus the massage fee.

Some shops will offer a 500 baht blowjob, but the girl’s clothes stay on, and there’s likely no touching.

If you want an uncovered blowjob, it will cost another 500 baht.

At most happy ending massage parlors, the girls will give you the blowjob topless or naked.

They’re hoping that you’ll be so happy that you’ll extend the time and pay for full service.

For the absolute best blowjob, we recommend 7-Heaven at Sukhumvit 33.

It costs more than other shops, but it’s worth it!


Sexy Thai girl in black dress laying down on fur

With a footjob, the massage girl uses both of her feet to massage you to a happy ending.

The best places for footjobs are the massage parlors that specialize in kinky massage services, like Kiss massage.

For a twist, Kiss has the girl wear silk stockings on her feet while she massages you to a happy ending.

A footjob will cost you 1,000 baht if you throw in the kinky extras.

For 1,200 baht, some girls will throw in a blowjob along with the footjob.

Oil Massage

Couple massage with girl in lingerie

With an oil massage, a naked masseuse will rub her body with oil before sliding herself all over you.

It’s a unique sensual type of service, definitely better than any normal massage!

In reality, what you’ll receive is a blow job and full service with a condom.

The cost for a one-hour oil massage is 1,500 to 2,300, depending on the massage parlor and the girl.

Try a tantric oil massage where a blow job and full service follow light sensual touching.

Or go for a prostate massage, where a naked girl rubs you with oil and manipulates your prostate to a hand job happy ending.

Basically, an oil massage offers a delightful upgrade to regular full-service sex.

Have a look at Club 102 Massage or Paradise Massage Bangkok.

They have more specialized ladies who offer oil massages.

Nuru Massage 

Sexy Thai girl in red lingerie

Nuru massage is a body to body massage from Japan, where the masseuse covers your body with a slippery Nuru gel.

You’ll be asked to lie down naked on a comfy air mattress.

She then slides all over your body, sensuously touching every part of yours.

An authentic Nuru massage in Bangkok will include a blowjob during the massage and full service afterward.

It’s much more intimate than an oil massage.

Some Nuru parlors like Koroko will allow two blowjobs as well as full service.

A 60 minute Nuru massage will cost 2,300 baht to 3,000 baht depending on the shop.

Soapy Massage

Hot asian girl wearing white lingerie while laying down in an empty bathtub

At a soapy massage parlor, the massage girl will set the mood with foreplay in a soapy hot bathtub.

She’ll wash you thoroughly first.

This might be a good time to get to know her more intimately as well.

During the bath, you’ll get either a sensual handjob, a blowjob, or both.

She’ll then dry you off and take you over to a bed where you’ll have sex with a condom.

The prices at Soapy massage parlors range anywhere from 2,200 baht to 10,000 baht per hour.

Many of the high-end soapies feature models.

This is why you’ll see higher prices.

The absolute best places for a soapy massage are Black Caviar and the Office Massage Club.

You’ll know why when you see the girls.

To find out where the best soapy massages are, read these guides:

Full Service

Exciting Thai girl in black lingerie on her knees on a bed

All of Bangkok’s happy ending massage parlors offer full service.

You can expect to pay between 1,900 and 2,300 baht for an hour of massage, including a blow job and sex with a condom.

At some of the more adventurous places, anal sex is available for an extra charge of 500 baht.

Some shops on Sukhumvit 24/1 even offer a porn star experience, allowing multiple shots for one set price.

Check out Oreno 26 and EZ Massage Bangkok if you’re after a full-service massage experience. 

Cosplay Dressups

Japanese looking girl in sexy school uniform

Cosplay dress up involves the massage girl dressing up as a fantasy character.

You can have the girl dress up as any character you desire.

Do you want a naughty nurse, a sexy schoolgirl, or a slutty office lady?

Get them dressed up in tight skimpy outfits and they may even get into character – enjoy a roleplay service!

Cosplay dress-ups are especially popular at the massage parlors featuring special services.

An hour-long cosplay massage runs 2,500 baht and includes a blow job and covered full service.

If you want the girl to dress as a special character, the cosplay parlors will do their best to accommodate you.

Kokoro Massage Bangkok is the best place to visit for cosplay.

Read this guide to find out where they are:

Double Girls

Reflection of Asian girl in white and purple sexy dress

Many of Bangkok’s happy ending massage parlors, like Kiss Bangkok Massage, offer two girl service or 4 hand massage.

Some of the more adventurous parlors on Sukhumvit offer two girls massages with a blowjob and full service for 4,000 baht.

If you want two girls for services like Japanese Nuru massage, it can cost around 6,000 baht for 90 minutes.

Some of the kinkier places even offer three girl options. 

What a handful!

Massage Rooms

Examples of rooms in happy ending massages in Thailand

The price of the massage has everything to do with the type of room you get. 

In the cheaper massage parlors, you get a simple bed and, if you’re lucky, a shower.

It’s when you get to the high-end oil and soapy massage parlors that you get some awesome room features.

The more expensive oil parlors are tastefully decorated and feature walk-in rain showers and Jacuzzi tubs.

It’ll likely feature floor to ceiling mirrors, so you can watch your girl slide up and down your body.

The soapy massage VIP rooms feature spa baths, walk-in rain showers, and comfortable king beds, a real VIP experience.

Some of the soapy parlors even offer room service to the massage room.


Are the girl’s photos real on massage websites?

Some of the girl’s photos are real, and some aren’t.

If they are real, chances are they’ve been touched up or out of date.

The best way to choose a girl is an in-person lineup inside the massage parlor.

That way, you know who you’re getting for your happy ending massage.

Can you skip the massage and just have a happy ending?

Definitely. For example, you can go to Thonglor One Massage and request their enticing extra services directly. The rate is at 4,000 baht for 40 minutes.

Another good example would be Thanks Massage, which offers hand jobs, blow jobs, and more for a more affordable price.

Or you can go right away to a blowjob bar instead.

Do you have to tip girls for happy endings & extra services?

It depends on the place.

Most of the massage places on this list offer full-service rates, meaning it already involves happy endings.

Be sure to double-check first to avoid any miscommunication and confusion.

However, of course, you can still tip them if they made you truly satisfied.

This might even inspire them to give you a better time on your next visit!

You can find more Bangkok massage parlors here:


Happy Ending ServiceBest Shops
HandjobAnalisa Massage
Honey Bee Massage
Bangkok Passion Massage
Blowjob7-Heaven at Sukhumvit 33
Absolute Bangkok Massage
FootjobKiss Bangkok Massage
Analisa Massage Nana
Thai Candy Massage
Oil MassageParadise Massage Bangkok
Cherry Massage
Nuru MassageKokoro Massage Bangkok
Dokidoki Bangkok
Soapy MassageBlack Caviar
The Office-Massage Club
Poseidon Entertainment
Full ServiceBamboo Massage Bangkok
Daisy Dream Club
Bangkok Bunny Massage
Cosplay Dress UpsKokoro Massage Bangkok
Absolute Bangkok Massage
Double GirlsKiss Bangkok Massage
Bangkok Passion Massage
Thai Candy Massage

Bangkok Happy Ending Services Map

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