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Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to get those costumes out or start designing one that will scare the bits out of everyone.

Whether you are thinking of being a warlock, a ghoul or a ghost or some creepy demon, Bangkok is gearing itself with plenty of unique and spooky Halloween events this season where you can show off your outfit.

You will also be sure to encounter plenty of hot girls dressed in some sexy costume or profession, or supposedly scary creatures.

So, you better get your A-game with a look that kills.

But where are the best places to be on Halloween? Where will you meet the top crowd and vibes?

Let’s explore the top locations to celebrate Halloween in Bangkok.

At a Gentlemen Club

promo banner for The PIMP Halloween party on 26 October 2023 at The PIMP Bangkok with a special deal with a free VIP room

It may not be on your radar, but a luxury gentlemen’s club such as The PIMP might be exactly what you are looking for.

As the ultimate adult playground, they have everything you will need for a memorable Halloween night.

Gentlemen’s clubs like The PIMP offer some of the best experiences, from fantastic live music and DJ sets to erotic dance performances and VIP services.

They are full of beautiful and sexy models, hostesses, dancers and waitresses to keep you company.

And all the Thai models there will be dressed in seductive Halloween-themed outfits.

Thai sexy witch at The PIMP Bangkok halloween party

Expect to see lots of angels, playboy bunnies, vampires, zombies, and other fantasy characters.

If you want to take the party to the next level, g-clubs all have private rooms with extra features and VIP benefits.

You can find large VIP rooms that can hold up to 100 people, so it is perfect for a private Halloween party.

And whatever happens there, stays there.

At a Nightclub

group of sexy Thai girls at Halloween at Levels club in Bangkok

Every major nightclub in Bangkok is going to host its own Halloween themed event, so no matter which one you choose, you can expect a great turn out.

Many of these clubs are known to bring in the best DJs or live performers as well as provide some great promotions for the night.

Some of the best nightclubs in Bangkok to go on this spooky night are Route 66, Spaceplus, Babyface, Levels, Sugar, Sway, and TopOne, just to name a few.

Clubs and bars in Khaosan are also a great alternative if you are looking for a crazy and chaotic night of partying.

It all depends on the type of music and vibe you are looking for.

At a Rooftop Bar

hot Thai girls at a Halloween party at Nest rooftop bar and lounge in Bangkok

For those looking for something in between partying and chilling, rooftop bars are all the craze these days.

They are the best of two worlds with music performances, delicious cocktails, and you also get amazing views of the city as well.

Almost all the rooftop bars in Bangkok will be having their own Halloween parties or a collaborative special event, especially the ones in Sukhumvit.

gorgeous Thai girls in sexy costumes at Kolour halloween party in Bangkok Thailand

For example, Kolour is hosting their biggest two-days Halloween extravaganza at Escape, EmQuartier this year.

They are going to have a huge production with décor, lights, sounds, and performances.

And if you aren’t in costume, no entry!

At a Cocktail Bar

Thais wearing halloween costumes at a cocktail bar in Bangkok Thailand

Of course, cocktails bars are also great options for just about any occasion and that includes Halloween.

Many people prefer to chill in a nice bar with a pleasant or glamorous vibe, appetizing food items and creative drinks.

There are also some bars that get crazy wild as the night goes on.

One of them is Revolucion Cocktail, which is known to turn up with music, fire shows, and free shots.

halloween party at revolucion cocktail bar in Bangkok

On Halloween they are sure to have a crazy night planned.

Others that deserve mention for great party scenes on this or any night are Havana Social, Tropic City, and Flamenco.

There are also tons of amazing cocktail bars that are worth checking out in Ekkamai and Thong Lo.

At A Gogo Bar

cute Thai girls in halloween costumes at Billboard gogo bar in Bangkok

You might not think a gogo bar is a great choice for a Halloween outing but you would be surprised.

Gogo bars as well girlie bars in Bangkok really know how to throw a party, no matter the occasion.

They know tourists love Christmas, Halloween and other holidays so they do whatever they can to accommodate such events.

Gogo and girlie bars will decorate their space to go with a spooky theme, offer special promotions and play whatever music you are into.

And of course, then you have the girls.

two gogo girls in cowboy costumes at Spankys gogo bar in Nana Plaza Bangkok

They will also dress in sexy outfits and keep you company as you drink and party all night with your friends.

Some examples of good gogo bars to visit are Spanky’s, Billboard, Baccara, and Bada Bing in the red light district areas of Bangkok.

You can also stroll down and check out other beer and local bars on Sukhumvit road.

Some prominent and happening streets are Soi 4, Soi 7, Soi 7/1 and the legendary Soi 11 where you will find plenty of sexy ladies waiting and calling you in for a drink (or many).

At a Boat Party

group of hot Thai at a Halloween party in Bangkok island

Bangkok is known for a lot of boat parties and dinner cruises. Many of them will have their own special Halloween themed parties.

These boats come in all shapes or sizes and offer different kinds of experiences as they cruise up and down the Chao Phraya River.

It’s a great opportunity to soak in the river-side scenery while partying along to live music or DJ performances, shows, and drinks.

One iconic boat party organizer is Bangkok Island that holds events on a regular basis.

They will certainly host a memorable Halloween party in 2022 with unique décor, music and performing arts.


Do they celebrate Halloween in Thailand?

Yes, most of Thailand celebrates Halloween, especially in large cities.

Does Bangkok celebrate Halloween?

Yes, Bangkok celebrates Halloween. The city even have some of the craziest and sexiest Halloween party you’ll see in the world.

two sexy Thai girls in halloween costumes at a party in Bangkok

Where To Party The Rest Of The year?

There is always something happening in Bangkok.

Make sure you check the rest of our website to see what is going on and where to party for the rest of the year, whether it is Christmas, New Year Eve, or else.

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