How do you avoid the night time spins, nausea and morning headaches? What if you could go out, dance the night away, meet people and drink tasty cocktails without having to worry about a very dreadful experience that nobody likes to think about, ‘the hangover’.  It’s a horrible possibility for anyone who drinks. But there is good news. There are all sorts of tricks that are said to prevent these unwanted experiences leaving you with only good memories. So if you’re getting ready to go out for the night, read this first!

Lube Up

Yes, that’s right, lube up your stomach lining with a nice coat of olive oil. Mediterranean people have been onto this trick for centuries and swear by it. A heaping spoonful of oil before bed is supposedly all it takes to keep you from being a grumpy recluse the following morning.  Now if you are really desperate to save your morning after, you can give yourself a bonus spoonful right before you dive into the drinking.

Eat a Fulfilling Meal

Fortunately, there is a more appetizing way to get the same stomach coating effect which the olive oil provides; this being, a hearty meal with oil. Fatty foods stick to the stomach and slow down the amount of alcohol leading into the bloodstream.  This does not necessarily mean you need to consume the greasiest meal possible; a nice grilled salmon with some sliced avocado will do the trick.

Indulge in Vitamins

In reality, a daily adult dose of a multi vitamin will benefit your body; this is especially true when you are planning for a night out. Vitamins B12, potassium and folate will help to replenish nutrient loss caused by the alcohol, meaning there is a less chance for a morning headache and a cramping stomach.

Hydrate Yourself

An ample amount of water before and during your night out can help deflect your morning worries. This will help tissues surrounding your brain to stay hydrated preventing pressure and pain. This is one, if not the best method to avoid the day after headache.

Be the DD (Designated Driver)

Let’s be honest, the absolute only way to avoid a hangover is to skip the booze.  If you have to make sure you are up early in the morning to get to that important meeting or teach children English grammar, but still really want to check out the special event at the nightclub, then play ‘designated driver’. Help keep your friends safe and secure and avoid the potential morning madness guaranteed!

What’s your worst hangover story and how do you prevent them?

By Daniella

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