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Bangkok is a place where you’ll find young pretty Thai girls everywhere.

Picking up Thai girls, though, is certainly different compared to other cultures.

We know most of them are shy, but once you get to know them, the world is your oyster!

They are known to be adventurist and wild in bed.

But how do you seduce Thai girls so you can have the best sex?

Don’t worry. We’ll tell you exactly how to do it!

Dress Properly

suits in bangkok

Depending on the venue, you have to dress smart and appropriately. 

Wear your best-collared shirt, paired with trendy pants. 

Throw a golden necklace around you and show off your wealth.

If you’re going to a VIP venue, get a custom-tailored suit.

Shave your beard, do up your hair – make sure you look clean. 

Thai girls love guys who know their fashion, look trendy, and have a bit of money!

Whether you like it or not, all girls judge you by your appearance, and Thai girls are no different.

Appreciate yourself enough to dress your best, and so too will the women who’ll come to ogle you like the eye candy you truly are.

Unless you’re looking for bikini girls at the beach, don’t show up in a casual t-shirt, shorts, and thongs.

There’s a ton of great tailors in Bangkok where you get a custom suit made to impress them.

Be Confident

Confident guy bangkok

Compare the confidence between these two guys:

Guy 1 – He’s had sex with hundreds of girls, mostly pretty Thai girls.

Guy 2 – Just broke up with his first long-term girlfriend, and she was the only one he’s ever slept with.

If you see these two gentlemen walk into a club, who do you think will look more confident?

It’s pretty obvious, and Thai girls will pick the guy who has more sex appeal.

We cant change your physical appearance, but you can change your attitude and confidence.

That’s the secret.

Try not to worry too much about what’s girls think of you.

Know what you want – the sexiest Thai girl at a nightclub or bar and crazy sex at night!

And then own it – without fear!

Thai girls want you to take control and look after them.

Learn to Start a Conversation

flirt with girls bangkok

Firstly, Thai girls love foreigners and may even be somewhat intimidated by them.

This is generally because they have limited English.

So you have to know basic Thai.

As a start, say hello:

SawasdeeKrab – where Krab is mentioned since you’re a guy. For girls, it’s Ka (so don’t say this).

Most Thai girls will know some English, but if you learn some basic Thai, that will impress her.

Another useful phrase:

Khun me faen mai? – you have a boyfriend?

Now, this may or may not matter since there are many Thai girls up for casual sex.

Obviously, it’s a good sign if she says no.

Learn to start natural conversations, and then go out and start talking.

You don’t need strong pickup lines to open conversations with Thai girls.

Just say what’s on your mind and be direct.

Have the Right Body Language

chat up girls bangkok bars

When you first see “good” Thai girls, you may find their body language quite closed.

Arms crossed, no eye contact, appearing innocent and insecure.

A lot of pretty Thai girls are shy.

Don’t let this put you off.

But there are a few things to keep in mind.

Unlike Western culture, Thai girls don’t like to be pecked on the cheek.

They don’t like being touched.

Your goal is to make them as comfortable as possible, so they do open up eventually.

As you approach a Thai girl, the first few minutes are crucial.

Stand straight, don’t slouch, try to engage eye contact, and have a pleasant smile.

Combine the right body language with some sweet talk, and you’ll have all the body language you want later on!

Make Her Laugh and Be Fun

joking with thai girl

Laughing is an interjection that can be used to help relieve stress – i.e., laughing helps your girl chill out.

Be a little humorous, and don’t take yourself too seriously.

For example:

Girl: Do you have a girlfriend?

Guy: Oh yeh, I have 5…. Hahaha (smile)

Girl: Oh, Wow — (I want you more now!)

Thai girls refer to playboy guys as “butterflies” – those who sleep with lots of girls.

It’s a good thing!

This is a light-hearted way to show girls you’re up for fun, and you have the sexual experience.

Take advantage of the situation and have a fun chat about sex, perhaps.

It’s quite direct, but if she’s interested, you’ll have a lot more fun later on.

Be Complimentary, Be Direct

hot thai girls bangkok

Everyone loves flattery, men & women.

But you want to make your Thai girl giddy and aroused, and so you want to compliment her.

Don’t be shy. Be direct.

Mean what you say, and only say what you mean.

For example:

Sway mak – this means very beautiful!

Narak mak – this means very cute!

These are just two of the easiest Thai phrases to say cause most Thai girls will be very beautiful or adorable.

More importantly, look into their eyes with a friendly smile.

Be on the lookout for what impresses you – and then tell her and mean it.

How hard is that, fellas?

Listen, Find Out Her Interests

thai girls bangkok

We’ve talked a lot about being confident and being direct.

But you need to strike a balance at times and be a “nice” guy.

After all, these are girls you’re meeting for the first time.

So listen to what she has to say, find out her interests.

Thai girls love talking about themselves, so keep asking questions.

Asking questions is a great way to lead conversations into something more fun! (hint hint!)

Not only will you get to know her better, but this way, you’ll never be lost for words.

Please keep the conversation flowing and focus on what she’s talking about.

At some point, you can even ask what she looks for in guys!

Buy Her a Drink

drinks with girls bangkok

If it ain’t broke, why fix it, right?

Buying a pretty girl a drink is as classy and romantic as it’s ever been.

It’s a route to consider if you want her attention.

Find out her favorite drink, talk to the bartender, or risk guessing her type of drink to impress.

There are many ways to go about this, but remember not to intrude and expect anything in return.

A few drinks will easily get any girl open up.

But don’t get her too drunk.

You want to see what she’s capable of later on in the night.

So proceed with your emotions in check, and hopefully, there’ll be some wild sex back at your hotel.

Where to Find Pretty Thai Girls in Bangkok?

*Picture below: gorgeous girls at The PIMP Bangkok

finding thai girls bangkok

The elusive question, isn’t it?

Where do Bangkok’s finest women hang around?

And the truth is…kind of everywhere.

Bustling hubs that serve as mini centers around Bangkok would be great places to start.

Areas around Siam or Chitlom, the Silom area, between Asok and Thong Lo BTS.

And, of course, Nana for the more “vivacious” types of women.

Socially concentrated areas like malls and markets would be an apt place to start.

These are places where socializing is to be expected.

The same goes for clubs and bars, maybe even parks.

Try not to catch people when they’re at the worst, rather go only where people would go for leisure.

Avoid obvious areas like ones with more professional settings.

Hospitals, restaurants, places of business, etc.

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How can you tell if a Thai girl like you?

The truth is, you’re not always going to get wild sex the first time you meet a Thai girl.

If you get her number and arrange the first date, this is a good sign.

But she will likely bring a friend or two (cause they are still shy).

If you pass the test on your first date, she will come by herself on the second date.

At this point, you can be sure she likes you!

How can you tell if a Thai girl loves you?

After a couple of dates, Thai girls will want to spend more time with you.

She will agree to meet your friends and family.

She’ll talk about short and long term plans.

And she will want a lot of sex!

By this point, you know she’s in love and will do anything for you.

Where are the best hotels in Bangkok to have wild sex with Thai girls?

If you’ve managed to seduce a pretty Thai girl, there are plenty of hotels around Bangkok for a date.

Some short-time hotels have great deals if you want to enjoy a quickie.

For a staycation or a holiday in Bangkok, check in to a girl-friendly hotel where you can enjoy more luxuries like private bathtubs and city views.

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