Insanity Nightclub (formerly Insomnia) is one of Bangkok’s largest nightclubs located on Sukhumvit Soi 12, and just a short walking distance from Asoke BTS. The club is very popular with local Thai girls, expats, and tourists.

Some handy tips.

The club is open from 10pm but normally gets busy around midnight and stays open until 6am. Most bars and clubs are only licensed until 2am so people are always looking for an after party to go to in Bangkok. You will usually get many offers from taxi drivers saying “Bai Insanity” offering a free ride to the club. Don’t worry! It’s not a scam, as they will receive a 100฿ commission from each person that pays the 300฿ entry fee, which comes with one free standard drink included.

If you buy food or drinks at the American Diner behind the club they also allow you free entry through the back door located inside the diner. Food at the diner is extremely cheap, Burger with Fries and Beer for just 99฿, or Pizzas from 150฿ amongst other European & Thai dishes.

Entering the mayhem.

Once inside the club you will be greeted by hundred of girls vying for your attention, coyote dancers on podiums and an insane party vibe! The club is also host to monthly full moon parties and many lotteries where girls get the chance to win around 3,000฿ on special nights.

Every time I walk into this place after midnight it reminds me of going to a warehouse rave in London back in the 90’s with all the laser lights flying around, a huge sound system and a packed dance floor full of people raving. The club consists of a huge dance floor with a raised dancing platform in the centre, as well as some VIP booths & seating along one side, where people can watch the Insanity unfold from a few feet above. There is always lots of staff on hand to look after you and take your drink orders at your table, which saves the hassle of squeezing your way to the bar on a busy night. They also have girls walking around with trays full of alcoholic ice slushy shots, and colorful syringe shots that you inject into your mouth.

Not the best place to find true love.

Be careful if you’re expecting to meet a regular office girl as 95% of them are freelancers who will expect you to pay them for going home with you. Also if you have been to Soi Cowboy & Nana Plaza you will notice many of the bar girls come here after work to either let off some steam or hunt down a customer if they’ve had a slow night at their bar. So, if you’re looking to meet good girls or university students then you’re better off going to RCA (Royal City Avenue).

All in all Insanity is a really great place to chat to hot girls and listen to DJ’s playing loud pumping House & Techno music, so if you’re looking for somewhere to go at closing time then head on down for some Insanity.

Entry Fee

Male 300฿ with one free drink

Female 200฿ with one free drink

Lady (with member card) 100฿


If you’re a local or frequent visitor then make sure you get yourself a free membership card, which entitles you to free entry and 20%, discounts off most drinks. And when it’s your birthday you’ll also receive a free bottle of sparkling wine for you and some friends to share.

By Ashley Williams.

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