Have you ever walked into a restaurant and almost immediately felt uncomfortable; like something was off? Perhaps you have heard the food was incredible, but even so, it was all so wrong. You ordered, ate, and admittedly the food was as tasty as you had heard, but something was off and you could not pin point what the problem was. On the way home it came to you, the feel of the place; the interior design! That was it. That was what was causing you to be so uncomfortable and eager to get out.

Dining in the Perfect Restaurant.

A restaurants interior design is nearly just as important as the food quality. When most of us go out to dine we also want to be comfortable and relaxed. Try thinking about the last memorable restaurant experience you had. Why was it so great? Perhaps it was one of the following ‘mood setters’ that had you eager to get back. Below is a look into what works and does not work to ‘Set the Mood’ in restaurants; keeping these things in mind could make a big difference in the outcome of your dining experience.

Bright Lights Are a Big NO.

Lighting has an effect on your mood. Think about this, who wants to eat at a restaurant as brightly lit up as a 7-11 store. So when dining out the next time we recommend opting for natural lighting during breakfast and lunch and warm lighting during dinner. Natural lighting helps to set a bright energetic tone for the day ahead, while low intensity lighting will help to set the mood for a relaxation conversation and even romantic night.

Comfortable Seating is a MUST.

Most of us sit in some sort of work chair all day long, the last thing anyone wants to do is have to sit in an oddly shaped chair that leaves you squirming around trying to find a comfortable position. A nice cushioned chair, sofa, or even pillows on the floor are best to settle back. Comfortable seating will allow you to focus on your meal and the friends around you rather than the possibility of a sore back.

Captivating-Not Overwhelming-Décor.

A restaurants décor reflects its personality, the overall tone of the establishment and its owner. Bars, pizza parlors, and other casual dining spots look great with funny signs, posters, and artwork. Upscale restaurants generally go for that simple look to keep you focused on the food. In both cases it does not always work, a place may begin to have too much going on or on the opposite side, look cold and drab. A captivating balance is what will bring the room together while creating the beginnings of good ambience.

A Splash of Color.

People respond in interesting ways when face to face with different colors. Restaurant owners often are very meticulous about the colors they use in their establishment. After all, the colors and designs used could encourage guests to stay and enjoy the evening, or eat quickly and move on. Take for example the color blue, which can cause a person to feel calm and serene while the color red can create feelings of love or even anger. Green evokes a sensation of being outdoors and relieves stress while grey hues can add the perfect amount of elegance. This is not to say that the next time you want to go out you should look for red walls if you’re looking for love, but could be useful when considering where to have that next business meeting or night out with that someone special.

Overall Vibe is What Counts.

It does not have to be perfect, but going out should be an enjoyable experience, and should relax you and your friends. This way you get to really unwind, enjoy a delicious meal, and walk out feeling completely satisfied. Now it’s time to get a refreshing cocktail at your favorite lounge.

Tell Us: What matters most to you in a restaurants interior design?

By Daniella

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