‘I’m Never Drinking Again’! I’ve said it, she’s said it, he’s said it and you have probably said it too. It’s one of the oldest, and most familiar, miseries known to mankind. It can provoke the sensation of having a second heartbeat encased in your head or the feeling of motion sickness that won’t go away. It has the power of frightening us away from those devilish intoxicating drinks, even if temporary, and for some of us, is how we get to wake up the morning after. Sound familiar? Some call it ‘suffering from the wrath of grapes’, others the ‘cocktail flu’ or ‘a punishment for having too good a time’. In Japan, it is referred to as futsukayoi or ‘two days drunk’. Whatever you may wish to call it, the infamous hangover is nothing to be excited about.

Do it the Japanese way.

The Japanese have perfected a few different ways to cure this ‘hell in the head’. So sit back because it’s time to learn how to maximize a fun night of drinking, without having paracetamol for breakfast. Perhaps one of these could save you from the treacherous, head pounding second day misery.

Mi-So Hangover.

No pun intended, but supposedly nothing can cure a hangover like Miso soup. This soybean paste soup is full of healthy bacteria and nutrients that will help the liver process the alcohol, calm the stomach and un-do the damage you have brought upon yourself.  Of course making this soup yourself may not be in the deck of cards you’re playing, so find a sympathetic friend, partner or even parent to help you out.

A Sweaty Drink

Pocari Sweat, a drink made from the Pocari people jumping up and down all day long on specialized machines that collect their ion infused sweat. Not really, although that would be an interesting story to! Actually, Pocari is a made up word; this grapefruit flavored beverage is an electrolyte drink claiming to rehydrate a person with super charged electrolytes and minerals. We all know that hydration is a key to curing a hangover; perhaps the Pocari’s were one step ahead of the rest of us.

Persimmon Pick Me Up.

Those bright orange fruits, known as persimmons or ‘kaki’ in Japan are a good tasty alternative to soya soup and bottled drinks. Full of vitamins, minerals and fructose, this fruit will help to break down and metabolize all those malevolent toxins.

The Spice of Legends.

Ukon No Chikara or ‘The Power of Turmeric’ in English is packed with vitamins and turmeric. This miracle drink comes in three different types: the standard orange colored bottle, a pink bottle for ladies and a ‘super’ version, which is more expensive. Some Japanese will remind you of the legends and folklore which turmeric is mentioned and will insist that you can simply turn to the powder, or raw root itself, and get the same effect. Either way, this powerful spice may allow you to feel as fresh as a daisy which sounds pretty good if you ask me.

From Miso soup to electrolyte drinks and spices, there is something for everyone. Don’t forget to look on the bright side, the fun already happened!

Now if you ask a doctor for a hangover cure he or she will tell you not to drink too much in the first place, but no one wants to hear those words. So, on a final note, if you’re going to indulge in booze, Japanese cures may be the way to go.

Help a friend out; tell us how you stop those horrendous hangover symptoms?

By Daniella