For several decades, Khaosan Road has been a popular hangout among Bangkok’s budget travellers and the area features a large number as hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and bars that are aimed at people travelling on a shoestring. However, Khaosan Road has been given a facelift in recent years and now features several top end hotels as well as bars and clubs that are popular with more affluent travellers as well as expats and Thai people from all walks of life.

This vibrant section of the city really comes to life after dark, when the road’s neon signs light up and street side bars blast out music to attract party people as they wander past. There are dozens of bars on the kerb that offer strong cocktails for just a few baht, and these are great places to perch at the start of the evening while watching the surrounding scene unfold.

Some of Khaosan’s Best

Gulliver’s Traveller’s Tavern is one of the oldest establishments on Khaosan Road and is situated at the very end of the street close to the police station. This large air-conditioned bar shows sports matches on large screens scattered around the two floors and offers a good selection of food and drinks. Things really heat up here late at night and the dance floor is a great place to mix and mingle with people for all over the world.

Hippie de Bar is tucked away down a small lane branching off Khaosan Road and offers a vibrant atmosphere where Thai students and backpackers can mingle while sharing a few beers or a cocktail pitcher.

Shamrock Irish Pub in the heart of the road offers nightly live bands that play popular rock and pop covers, while Brick Bar can be found in Buddy Lodge at the opposite end of Khaosan Road to Gulliver’s Travellers Tavern and provides live bands that play upbeat ska and reggae tunes. The atmosphere here is extremely lively and the house band never fails to get people on the dance floor, while enthusiastic patrons can also be seen dancing on the tops of the large wooden tables.

Lava Club is located in the heart of Khaosan Road and is a great place to dance late at night. This stylish venue pumps out house and hip hop tunes, and the dance floor can get rather crowded, especially on the weekends. Just a couple of doors down is The Club, which is one of Khaosan’s Road’s most popular late night venues. The scene here heats up around midnight and lovers of trance music will be in good company as they join the crowds of people on the dance floor.

Getting There

No matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find somewhere on Khaosan Road that suits your style. The area winds down at around one or two in the morning and the easiest way to get there is to take the Sky train to Victory Monument and take a taxi the rest of the way, while early arrivals can take a ferry along the river to the Phra Athit pier (pier 13) and take a short stroll to reach heart of this party zone.

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