So, you have met the perfect girl! Congratulations! She is beautiful, young, fit, and loves your gut and the fact that you are at least twice her age. Everything is perfect, but you suspect that she may not be completely faithful, and it is not just the fact that the first time you met her she was wearing a number tag. In fact, you are concerned that maybe she might be a ‘working girl’ and that you are just one of many to her. Here are some sure-fire indicators and red flags to watch for if you suspect your lady is a professional.

She Charges You For Sex

Yes it is true that we men end up paying one way or another, but there is a big difference between buying a woman a drink or two and paying cash for lovin’. If after sex your gal reaches for a calculator instead of a cigarette, then you probably have a pro on your hands. If she charges you VAT for the handjob, then you can be pretty sure you are not her only boyfriend. Also, an early indicator is when the drink you bought her in the bar cost more than the same drink for you! Ask yourself this as you and your love get into a cab, “Did I just pay 300 baht to the bar to let my girlfriend leave?” If the answer is yes, then you are not her only boyfriend.

She Set Time Limits in Bed

Many women lament the fact that their man finishes before they do. Studies show that men take approximately 7 minutes to orgasm, while women refuse to take part in such studies. So, a red flag should pop up long and hard when your woman let’s you know that you only have ten minutes to finish off. Remember this rule: Regular women claim to have a headache before sex, working women get a headache after sex and before the second session. Also be especially aware if she tries to rush you through the fun bits and then insists that you leave by a different way than the way you came in, like a movie theater late at night. Chances are she has another customer waiting just outside the door. And I am getting impatient, so hurry up.

She Has Tattoos Over Most of Her Body

Tattoos have become very popular and you will find women from all walks of life with tattoos, so the simple fact that your girl has a tattoo is not necessarily an indicator that she is a lady of the night. Many very faithful virgins are covered with tattoos… I mean theoretically it is possible; I have never met one, but it is possible, I guess. However, if your gal has some serious artwork on her bod there are some themes to look for that might give you some clues to where she got the money for that 24,000 baht iPhone she is constantly staring into. Men’s names are a dead give away, although if they are written in Thai then it might be hard to decipher. Ask her what this or that says. Ask her when she is sober, and then ask her again when she is drunk. Don’t trust either answer, but if it is not the same answer both times, then you might be on to something.

You Catch Her In Bed With Someone Else

You walk into the room, back from Changmai a day early to find your sweetheart in bed with someone else. First off, if it is another girl, no problem. Carry on. But, if it is a guy, then chances are very high that she is unfaithful. Do not believe anything she says about this being a ‘cultural thing’ or that it is a ‘Thai tradition’ or that this is just her brother who needed a place to sleep tonight. There is no such cultural thing, no such tradition, and this can’t be her brother because he was in a motorcycle accident last week, remember? You had to send him 10,000 for hospital bills.

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