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M Club is one of the most popular gentlemen clubs outside of Sukhumvit, thanks to over 100 beautiful Thai girls and incredible live bands each night.

Located in Lad Prao, about 30 minutes from the center of Bangkok, this exclusive club is the perfect place for a business meeting or a night out with the boys.

Once known as Monte Carlo, the club changed its name after going under a much-needed renovation a few years ago.

With a more modern design but the same luxury and elite vibe, M Club is still one of the best clubs in Lat Phrao.

The Girls

Thai girls on stage at M Club in Lat Phrao

M Club has about 100 girls on stage every night.

But don’t expect incredible shows or choreographed dances there. Most of the time, the girls are just standing on stage or in the room, waiting to get invited to a table to drink.

And on top of that, not all the girls at M Club are young and fit. The type of ladies you can find there is closer to what you have at a good gogo bar.

So while the girls and the service at M Club are ok, they are not up to the standard other high-end clubs offer for that price tag.

For a true VIP experience and the hottest Thai girls in Bangkok, we highly recommend going to The PIMP instead, which is only 10 minutes from M Club.

Shows and Concerts

live band performing at M Club Bangkok

Regarding the entertainment, M Club is reputed for having incredible Thai bands and singers in the main room almost every night.

M Club targets almost exclusively Thai customers, so for the most part, don’t expect to find any western artists or faces there.

Then about once a month, M Club invites famous pretties or net idols to come to sing and perform on stage alongside the club’s girls.

They don’t have extravagant themed nights or incredible performances like at other gentlemen’s clubs in Bangkok. But it’s a great club if you like live music.

For those interested in having dinner there, the club serves Thai and Italian food. It even has an excellent selection of wines in its huge wine cellar.

Party With The Girls in Private Rooms

private party room next to the pool at M Club gentlemen club in Bangkok

M Club has several VIP rooms with KTV systems and even pool tables to party with the girls in private.

Again, nothing will blow your mind about them, but there are enough rooms to accommodate all sorts of events.

From a small bachelor party with less than 10 people to a large corporate party for a hundred guests, they have VIP rooms that will suit your needs.

But unfortunately, the club has to close at 3 am top. So you can’t have a late party at M Club, even in the private rooms.


Prices at M Club are on par with the other gentlemen clubs in Bangkok, with membership packages starting at 20,000 baht for 1 year (or 10,000 THB for 6 months), VIP private rooms from 2,500 baht, and ladies drinks at 380 baht. (member’s prices)

For more information and bookings, contact Party Bangkok.

About M Club Bangkok

Overall, M Club is a good gentlemen club but not really up to compete with others like The PIMP or Krystal.

From the girls to the entertainment, or even the venue itself, it doesn’t offer the best value for money.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 8.30 pm- 2 am
  • Address: M Club, 6 Pradit Manutham 19, Soi Yothin Phatthana, Lat Phrao, Bangkok 10230

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How much does M Club Bangkok cost?

A night at M Club costs around 7,000 baht per person. Memberships start from 10,000 baht for 6 months and 20,000 baht for 1 year, bottles from 5,000 baht, VIP rooms from 2,500 baht, and each girl cost anywhere from 3,000 to 4,500 baht for 3 hours (members prices).

Is M Club Bangkok replacing Monte Carlo?

Monte Carlo Club changed its name in 2019 to become M Club. They’re both the same club, but the management decided to change the name to M Club after a renovation.

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