Named after Shanghai cabaret owner who fled her hometown in 1931 and settled in Bangkok. Located within the lower level of the Novotel Silom. As you walk down the wrought iron staircase, you are welcomed to an old style noodle shop. It could fit into any Asian city in the early 20th century.

Entering the mysterious world of ‘Maggie Choo’

With a smattering of small wooden tables, bamboo wall tapestries, and Chinese umbrellas covering the ceiling, it looks and feels like an old style fish and noodle shop. There is even a large cage with a live Iguana placed in the center of the room. All of this would make Maggie Choo’s a great place to visit, and though small would be something to remember.

If you only go that far, then you will miss out on a one of a kind experience. There is so much more to discover in this basement level establishment. Along the wall near the base of the stairs is an enormous wooden door. When you enter it, thats when the party truly begins.

Going back in time.

Once you enter, your senses are on overload in every sense of the word. You are shipped back to a place lost in time. Beautifully dressed hostesses are in matching sexy silk attire, and matching haircuts. These Chinese Barbie dolls are located everywhere, on top of indoor bar swings, on top of the upright piano, and laying on top of the wrought iron encased Bar. It is truly amazing, and so difficult to describe. There is so much detail to Maggie Choo that my hand hurts from writing. As the hostesses blow bubbles from the top of the ceiling, the wrought iron bars drape over the sharply dressed bartenders. The bar is marble topped with wooden bar stools surrounding it. There are many seats to choose from, and there is rarely an open seat.

Live music and extreme attention to details.

As you look around the main room, it offers an abundance of seating. There are large leather sofas with wooden ammunition boxes for tables. In two other corners away from the bar you will find plush wing back chairs for the feeling of a bygone era. To the right of the room is the large upright piano, and stage. There is live music nightly, and various shows preformed by the hostesses and staff. As the fashion is here at Maggie Choo’s there is a beautiful hostess draped across the piano while the band plays Beatles classics. The band is dressed appropriately in 1960s Beatles wardrobe, and sound very close to the real thing.

Everything’s spectacular at Maggie Choo’s

All along the walls of Maggie Choo are large steel doors with large numbers above them. These are the private smugglers rooms. Inside, you will find a plush purple smoking chair or two, plush barstools, and an ammunition crate for a table. These Bunker sized rooms may be difficult to stand in if your tall, but like everything in Maggie Choo’s they are spectacular. You can be dazzled and amazed in any area of this one of a kind establishment.

By Kevin Harrington.

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