Tucked to the right at the top of the Nana Plaza escalators, Mercury a Go Go Bar probably won’t be the first bar you spot in this anything goes adult playground.

Getting into Mercury

When you enter under the Nana arch your eyes instantly hit the array of neon signs stretched out in front of you, with Cascade, Lollipop, and Carnival among the first you are likely to see. However, the size and position of a Nana neon sign isn’t always the best indication of how good or fun a go go bar is/isn’t, which Mercury a Go Go Bar goes to prove. I was unaware that Mercury was under new ownership and was seeing a new lease of life, being run by the same folk that glossed up Temptations. So when I paid my recent by the lively atmosphere and number of happy patrons pleasantly surprised me.

There’s plenty to see!

This is a medium size go-go and certainly a bit bigger than it looks from the outside. Inside you’ll find a large stage taking up a good portion of the room, holding around 15 to 20 gogo dancers for most of the night. To the right of the stage there is a small Jacuzzi area, which hosts some incredibly raunchy two girl shows, with ringside seating. Surrounding the rim of the stage are several soft stools and sofas, with more traditional padded seating against the walls. The size and amount of girls on staff means there’s plenty to feast your eyes on no matter where you are seated. As with most go go’s it’s hard to really dissect the decor. With so many mirrors and so much flesh on display it’s difficult to actually see the room, but disco and laser lights do a good job in promoting the party vibe. The staffs also do a great job and come across as a warm and friendly crew, not so pushy with the lady drinks or bar fines. The dancing girls are of mixed quality, but with so many on staff you are sure to find several that catch your eye. During my visit the girls were dressed in frilly red lingerie and high heels, which certainly worked for me, and I believe the outfits change in colour depending on the day of the week.

A nice spot to check out

One of the highlights of Mercury a Go Go Bar is the pricing, with happy hour running from 6 to 8.30 PM, including local drinks for 75 Baht, and Leo, Chang and Thai whiskey priced at 95 Baht all night. Now this is not the biggest, nor is it likely to be the most talked about gogo in the Plaza, but if you are looking for a friendly and intimate gogo bar, with several pretty young girls on staff, Mercury is a very safe bet.

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