Mixx Discotheque in Bangkok is an after hours nightclub located in the basement of the Intercontinental Hotel (next to Gaysorn Plaza) on Ploenchit Road, and is a short walking distance from Chitlom BTS station. After the success of Mixx Discotheque in Pattaya the team behind the club decided to bring its late night party vibes to Bangkok back in 2010 and have been extremely successful ever since.

Pretty lady benefits.

The club is open from 9pm but doesn’t usually get busy until around midnight when people start to leave other bars and clubs in the area. By 1am the place is at full capacity as an after hours party and continues until sunrise. Expect to pay 300-350฿ for entry, which includes one free standard drink. If you happen to be a Thai or International model than this is the place to be, as you get a VIP card entitling you to free entry (through a separate VIP entrance) and between 4-10 free drinks, depending on the night. There are also ladies nights every Wednesday where girls can get free entry plus two free drinks.

If you plan on taking a taxi to the club then just ask any taxi driver for a free ride to Mixx, and they will be more than happy to take you there, as they receive a 100฿ commission for each person they bring to the club. Once you arrive at the entrance on street level you will notice the long queue of taxi drivers lining up to get paid. Taxis can normally be found outside most places that are closing at 2am offering free rides to all of the late hours clubs. They can also tell you which ones are still open, as occasionally the police can close them early, especially if its a Thai holiday or Buddha day when the sale of alcohol is forbidden.

Inside Mixx.

On entering the club through the basement level the first thing you will notice is the very high end decor and orangey red tone lighting, which makes this place seem a cut above the rest. The dance floor is straight ahead and usually packed with Thai girls cavorting with drunken farangs (foreigners). Whilst the local expat & Thai DJ’s smash out loud Hip Hop & R&B classics from high above. On either side of the DJ booth, Thai coyote dancers dressed in knee high boots and sexy lingerie dance like there’s no tomorrow. Along the back of the room there are many VIP booths which you can get access to if you’re buying a bottle of spirits or make a reservation. Here you can invite any one of the coyote girls to come and have drinks with you

Most of the Thai girls at Mixx are freelancers and about 30% are normal girls, so make sure you know which one they are before trying to take them home for the night, as some freelancers don’t even mention money until the next day. Also, be aware of leaving your drinks unattended. I’ve heard a few horror stories of lady boys & girls spiking people’s drinks with Valium, and the next thing you know you wake up at home with half your possessions missing. On a positive note, there are a lot of hot girls in this place,  so just keep your wits about you.

Top notch light and sound.

Moving into to the second room, where you’re allowed to smoke, is like walking into a club in Russia. This room is full of mostly beautiful Eastern European and Thai models dancing to Trance & Progressive House music. The sound system in this place is one of the best I’ve heard in Bangkok in terms of acoustics and deep bass, where you can still have a conversation with the person next to you, without your ears bleeding to high frequencies. This is the true sign of a high quality sound system, which also matches the decor and laser lighting system. DJ Eddie Pay who is a previous resident of Space, Ibiza & Tunnel Club, really knows how to keep the party pumping. This makes most people stay until the end of the night, including ourselves when we went to review the place.

Mixx Discotheque is definitely on the top of my list when it comes to choices for late night after hour’s parties in Bangkok. So, why don’t you just go along and see for yourself!

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