Many people make a pilgrimage to Thailand to learn the subtleties of Muay Thai. This, after all is regarded as the most efficient and effective striking martial art. As Muay Thai is the Kingdom’s number one sport, you can expect to find gyms, trainers and combatants wherever you go. However, if you’re in Bangkok here are a few gyms that are worth the visit.

Bangkok’s Muay Thai camps.

There are well over twenty Muay Thai camps in Bangkok and we can’t do them justice by attempting to cover them all in this overview, so let’s look at just a few that are centrally located and come with solid testimonials.

Luktupfah Muay Thai is situated in the On Nut area of Bangkok and they train everyone from first-timers to professionals at their superbly appointed camp. Indeed, champions have been trained here and they have held the banner of Master Woody for many a decade.

Master Woody is a legend of the sport, of the city and the Kingdom of Thailand, having helped take the Muay Thai concept to England decades ago. He and his daughter Jade, who is also an exceptional fighter, manage every aspect of the camp. These guys also organize and promote the weekly free fight night at MBK mall. They then hand you over to the trainers, who of course put your through your paces.

In terms of meeting the needs of the pilgrim, the traveler and the serious fighter, Luktupfah is very flexible. From all in one packages that include accommodation in one of their fifteen rooms, to monthly fees and one-off training sessions, there is genuinely something for everyone. The trainers communicate well in English and are quick to determine your skill and fitness level before helping to craft you into the fighting machine that you aspire to be.

Chacrit Muay Thai School can be found on Sukhumvit Soi 39, the Phrom Phong BTS station (exit 3) and also offers the gamut of services at every level. You can get walk-in one-on-one tutoring to hone your skills or simply get a great workout. The school is open every day and is impeccably run by former championship fighter Ajarn “Petch” Chacrit.

Becoming a Muay Thai killing machine.

For the long-term visitor who is serious about their craft, the school can organize an Education Visa that lasts up to one year and takes the hassle out of extended stays in the Kingdom. Applications, costs and further details are available upon request as there are constant, subtle changes to the immigration laws. However, the school will take care of you and advise you on the whole process.

Aside from the one-on-one training, which is of course just like having your own personal trainer that empowers you to become a mean, fit and relatively deadly ‘son of a gun’, there are group sessions that include sparring, clinching, pad work and striking. The novice and the professional are taken care of here, so whatever your current level, expect your demands to be met.

Both camps take immense pride in their work, and of course so should you. Payment for classes is made in advance with the obvious savings made on buying in bulk. If you want to be taking Instagram selfies, go to True Fitness or other generic lounges, for here, you will work!

By Kevin Goldsmith