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Nana Plaza has been an icon representing naughty Bangkok’s nightlife scene for decades. It is conveniently located on Sukhumvit Soi 4 and unlike anything else you’ve ever seen.

If you’re new to Bangkok and don’t know where to start, the Bangkok Nightlife editorial team is here to help.

We’ve been to each bar more than few times and have summarized our findings below:

What Happens at Nana Plaza?

Nana Plaza Bangkok's Best Entertainment

Nana Plaza has always been about sexual “entertainment.”

As you approach this “entertainment” complex, a giant neon sign with the words “The World’s Largest Adult Playground” glows. Whether or not it’s really is an “adult playground”, so to say the least, Nana Plaza is an intriguing place.

And without a doubt, Nana Plaza is one of Thailand’s most famous redlight districts.  The building’s U-shaped design resembles an outdoor mall. Nana Plaza has 30 bars scattered over 3 floors, in total, employing 500+ thai girls and ladyboys. 

Well, this “shopping mall” certainly has something for everyone, no matter what gets your blood pumping.

There are a variety of bars with Hot Thai girls to choose from. And if you prefer something different, there are bars with members of the 3rd sex.

Each venue has a unique mix of entertainers, music, and erotic shows.

To start off the night, we recommend you sit outdoors and enjoy a beer at one of the beer bars on the ground floor, quietly watching the night develop in living color. 

Later, you can then slip into one of the small gogo bars and order a stiff drink, watching a stunning nude lady dance on stage with an 18-year-old topless thai babe sitting on your lap. What an excellent way to warm up!

For a change of pace, you might want to check out a ladybody bar next, just to better understand why Thai ladyboys are so famous worldwide!

And after that, you meander to the 2nd or 3rd floor will you will find the best bars, and sit down to take in some sexiest shows in Bangkok.

With so many bars, girls, and shows, Nana Plaza is really a place to discover the true meaning of Murry Head’s verse: “One Night in Bangkok and the Worlds Your Oyster.”

Bangkok’s Best GoGo Bars are at Nana Plaza

Sexy Girls at Spanky's

The overall standard of the ladies, venues, and performances has improved significantly over the last 5 years.

As of March 2021, there were 25+ gogo bars, each with around a dozen thai gogo dancers, spanning three different levels of pleasure.

However, there are a few bars that are simply dreadful.

Thus, for beautiful ladies, entertainment, and the best drinks prices, we suggest starting with these places, which by the way are all featured in our report about the Best GoGo Bars in Bangkok.

Anglewitch Bangkok

group of sexy bar girls in black lingerie in front of Angelwitch Bangkok sign at Nana Plaza in Bangkok

Angelwitch is one of the most creative bars in the city.

Why? This is a must because of their erotic performances, including everything from solo burlesque acts to lesbian acts with 2 girls and sensual shows with up to 5 women going fully nude.

For more detail, check our complete Anglewitch Bangkok Review.

Spanky’s Bangkok

sexy girl getting spanked on stage of Spanky's gogo bar in Nana Plaza

Visit Spanky’s and get spanked! It’s one of the most well-known gogo bars in Nana Plaza, and for a good reason: it’s a classic.

The ladies are extraordinary, but it’s the sensual shows that make it really unforgettable. Spankey’s live shows go all night.

For more detail, check our complete Spankey’s Bangkok Review.

Rainbow Bangkok

rainbow 5 gogo bar in Nana Plaza Bangkok

The Rainbow mafia owns several clubs at Nana Plaza and has strong connections strong with the Thai police. Their clubs are famous for having the hottest girls on stage, so all Rainbow clubs are famous, especially with the Japanese community.

And while they have beautiful ladies in all Rainbow bars, Rainbow 5 on level 2 is by far the craziest.

For more detail, check our complete Rainbow 5 Review.

Billboard Bangkok

Thai gogo dancers on stage at Billboard Bangkok in Nana Plaza

Finally, save the best for last.

You’ll go nuts on the third level. 

Billboard is the most well-known gogo bar in all of Bangkok.

On busy days, this massive club can hold up to 200 steaming hot girls. And they come up with some pretty amazing shows every day of the week.

For more detail, check our complete Billboard Bangkok Review.

Nana Plaza: Cheap Prices on Liquor & Girls

Lollipop gogo bar girls dancing on stage at Nana Plaza

Clearly, with all the options as noted above and great prices on drinks and girls, Nana Plaza offers an excellent value for money.

Here’s an example of the alcohol and lady prices at most the bars:

Import Beer: 120 Baht

Hard Liquor: 200 Baht

Lady Drinks: 180 Baht

Bar Fines: 800+ Baht

Of course, many bars on the ground floor offer happy hour promotions before 8 pm, so come early and get lubed up before the main event.

Also, we suggest that you read our detailed report for 1st Timers — Complete Guide to a Thai a Gogo Bar.

Watch Out for Ladyboys Around Nana Plaza

ladyboys bars in Thailand

The Nana neighborhood actually has the city’s largest population of thai ladyboys. Most of the freelance ladyboy prostitutes are found working the streets near Nana Plaza.

Some will be standing in front of Nana Plaza; other groups can be seen along the main Sukhumvit Road when you enter Soi 4.

The Plaza also has a few fantastic ladyboys gogos where fascinated tourists might discover a little about members of the third sex.

Most ladyboys are incredibly pushy, so if you’re not keen on taking their phone number, your best option is to look the other way and keep walking. Say nothing back that might upset them!

If you want to know how to pick the shemales out of a crowd, check out our report about how to spot a ladyboy.

And if you’re still curious and want to actually get intimate with a ladyboy, check out our report on Where to find a Ladyboy in Thailand.

Luxury Hotels Nearby Nana Plaza Great for Sexy Parties

Hot Thai girls in bikini at NAP guest-friendly hotel in Bangkok

There are a few luxury hotels close to Nana Plaza which offer large party suites rooms, and jacuzzi pools.

We recommend Alofts on Sukhumvit 11. They have best excellent party suites.

And if you want to check others, see our full report on Luxury Suites Pools in Bangkok.

Alternatives to Extend the Party after Nana Plaza

And if you finished the night at Nana Plaza, bar fined the sexiest bikini babe from Rainbow, or worse, did not yet find a girl, you can move over to Sukhumvit Soi 11. This famous Bangkok party street has late clubs like Sugar and Insanity with top DJs jamming long after Nana Plaza closes at 2:00 am. These clubs also have a huge number of Thai Freelancers so you might hook up after all for some naughty night entertainment.

And if Nana did not do it for you, discover more options for Naughty Nightlife in our complete guide about the Best RedLight Districts in Bangkok. Or maybe even check out our detailed report about Soi Cowboy. Soi Cowboy is the closest competitor to Nana Plaza and 15 minutes walk up the road Sukhumvit Soi 23.

And finally, if you are the type of guy that prefers thai models, live music, bottle service, and VIP rooms, then consider visiting one of Bangkok’s Best Gentleman Clubs. These Thai clubs are more exclusive and better-suited groups that need privacy with 5-star service and the most beautiful girls.

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Nana Plaza is located in the Heart of the Nana Nightlife zone in Bangkok.  

The actual Nana Plaza building is on Sukhumvit Soi 4, also called “Soi Nana.”  

It’s about 20 meters inside the soi, barely a 5-minute walk from Nana Skytrain BTS on the left side. 

Nana Plaza opens from 7 pm and will close around 3 pm. Some bars may close earlier.

You can check Thailand English News Sources for the latest updates.

Nana Plaza has 3 gogo bars with Thai LadyBoys.

The bars include Temptations, Casanova, and True Obsession.

There are also many Thai Ladyboy Freelancers working on the street, most of them standing in front of the entrance to Nana Plaza.

If you want a ladyboy escort, check our guide on Bangkok’s Best Escort Agencies. Most all agencies offer LadyBoys for outcall service.

With so many bar girls in the area, all hotels are accommodating. Most allow guests to join your rooms without charging extra. The girls just sign and leave their ID at the lobby.

For a full report of all Guest Friendly Hotels in Bangkok, see our report on 16 Best Guest Friendly Hotels in Bangkok.

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