I haven’t spent much time bar hopping along Bangkok’s swanky rooftop bars, to be honest the vast majority of them are a little out of my price range. However, Nest Rooftop Lounge is one I consider to be far more accessible to your average Bangkokian, and one I have spent several evenings in. While it technically is a rooftop bar, being on the 8th floor of the Le Fenix hotel it’s not quite in the same league as Sky Bar, Baiyoke Sky, or Vertigo and Moon, all of which tower well above the Bangkok hustle. However, Nest still has that rooftop vibe, and despite many of the neighbouring buildings still towering above, the views of this cosmopolitan Bangkok neighbourhood are still impressive.

The Nest: Chilling at it’s best

Entering via the lift of the hotel there’s little by way of exterior to note, though the red hallways leading you into the venue don’t quite do justice to the genuinely chilled and ambient vibe within. Nest is all about chilling out and intimate moments. Once you cross the small pond you’ll find yourself instantly set at ease by the chill out music supplied by the house DJ, and a selection of soft seating, which includes several recline seats and bedded areas for anyone looking for extra intimacy. The seating is also well spaced so you experience a certain level of privacy. There is also lots of welcome greenery for added chill factor.

Drinking and eating in style

If the chilled vibe and attractive views don’t win you over there’s a chance the drinks menu might. Cocktails dominate the list of drinks, and it’s almost rude not to indulge in a slightly expensive mixed drink. Most cocktails are around the 250 to 300 Baht mark and I can personally vouch for the Amaretto Sour and a rather potent Long Island Ice Tea. The food menu is a little pricey but goes beyond your usual bar snacks, include lots of tasty sounding tapas and a selection of hearty pastas and desserts if hunger really does strike. I have eaten here before but I with so many great restaurants and street food close by I prefer to head here for post dinner/pre clubbing drinks.

The difference with other rooftop bars

I’m certain some of the swanky rooftop bars offer a more memorable experience, with far more epic views and a chance to rub shoulders with Bangkok’s hi-so, but they all come at a price, and what you get from Nest is a welcome compromise in terms or view, cliental, and pricing. The result is a pretty cool chill out spot located at the heart of one of Bangkok’s busiest nightlife areas, with occasional parties and guest DJs cranking up the vibe. This is also a failsafe venue for dates and those romantic occasions.

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