People who are looking for somewhere a little bit different to hangout in Bangkok for the usual Sukhumvit bars and clubs should check out The Overstay, which is located just across the river in the Pinklao district. This large creative space features six floors of madness and mayhem, where just about anything and everything goes.

The Overstay is perfect place to meet new people from all walks of life and exchange ideas and there is always something going on, from live music provided by some of the best bands in Bangkok to kinky parties, art exhibitions and dinner parties.

The Overstay is a member of the Bangkok arts an events community and there is a large creative area on the third floor, where people are welcome to express themselves freely. Painting, sculpting and other types of classes are run by the resident artist, while the walls on all six floors of The Overstay are adorned with the work of graffiti artists from all over the globe.

The ground floor features a large bar, and friendly owner Yuval Schwok can often be found here, when he isn’t buzzing around taking care of things in other parts of the building. The ground floor is a great place to hangout, and there are several comfortable sofas to chill out on as well as a pool table. In the evening the central space is often turned into a club, and people turn up to strut their stuff on the dance floor, gyrating to anything from reggae to old school funk, house and even French rap.

The Overstay also offers a wide range of accommodation options, from beds in the dorm room for just 50 Baht a night to comfortable private rooms. Those who are a little strapped for cash are also welcome to sleep on the sofa free of charge in exchange for helping out behind the bar or cleaning up a little.

Rooms are located on the second, third, fourth and fifth floors and come complete with access to free Internet wi-fi, while hammocks and tents are set up on the rooftop for those who want to take it easy for a while.

Guests are welcome to make full use of the kitchen, which is located on the ground floor. Visitors should note that meat and fish are banned out of respect for the vegetarian residents. Guests are encouraged to share their food and cook together and special dinner parties are often held in the evening, with culinary delights including Spanish salsa nights, Chinese banquets, hummus and Brazilian Muacas.

The Overstay is always evolving, and a cinema was recently installed on the third floor. A large selection of movies is available to watch here, while XBOX games can also be played on the 7 inch screen. There is even a make shift recording studio on the second floor, where budding musicians can sing their hearts out for just 150 Baht per night.

The great thing about The Overstay is that everyone is welcome to get involved. Musicians can often be found playing acoustic guitar or the bongos, while others sing or simply sit and listen. Music lovers will also want to turn up to The Overstay’s band nights. Instrumental cowboy surf band The Klong Riders recently took to the stage to play an energy charged set, accompanied by folk punk band Error 99, Dream Hot Road and indie rock band Cuckoo.

Chilling out on the rooftop is the perfect way to end the evening. The way of life at The Overstay is seriously addictive, and it is easy to see why many people consider this their home away from home.

If you’re taking a taxi ask for ‘Charan Sanit Wong, soi si sip’. The taxi will stop at the send of the soi. Simply walk to the right for about thirty seconds, past 7-11.

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