What Is A Pornstar Experience (PSE)? Where To Find A PSE in Bangkok?

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We’ve been asked this question a lot, so we decided to give you a detailed answer.

A lot of you also want to know, what’s the difference between a Pornstar Experience and a Girlfriend Experience?

And are there any differences in Thailand compared to the rest of the world?

We have some experts in the team that are happy to share their experiences with you to bring you some clarity on PSE.

What does it mean?

What is the difference with a girlfriend experience?

And most importantly, where to find it in Bangkok?

What Is A Pornstar Experience?

According to Urban Dictionary:

“PSE is an escort term used to describe an encounter where having sex is the primary objective accompanied with high energy and multiple positions. It can but does not necessarily denote the absence of protection.”

In other words, it means the girl will give you a sex experience like the one you can see in porn movies.

Some crazy sex, with a really open-minded escort, and almost no limits.

Exaggerated moaning and dirty talk, difficult and adventurous sexual positions, anal sex, deep-throating oral (possibly to the point of gagging), facial or body ejaculation, spanking, BDSM, and other fetishes, or using sex toys.

If you want to book girls that are wild in the bedroom, look for the ones that say PSE on the escort’s websites.

And you know you’re going to get just that.

What To Expect With A Pornstar Experience?

The types of sexual intercourse you see in porn movies vary greatly; thus, the phrase “porn star experience” is ambiguous.

In reality, the porn star experience varies greatly depending on what the guy wants.

And, of course, what the girl is willing to do.

Thai girl in bed thinking

But typically, the type of porn we’re referring to concerning PSE is the hardcore porn seen online.

And this means a Porn Star Experience in Thailand, PSE almost always involves physically intense activities.

Deep, hard, and fast.

Most Thai freelancers, bar girls, and escorts from the outcall services offer “full option” services, including “A-Level”, “COB” (come on boobs), “CIM” (come in mouth), and many other acts you see in porn movies. 

It’s all listed on their profiles for all to read!

There is a range of popular sexual services, including bold positions, dirty talk, use of enhancement devices as well as anal play, rimming, and many more terms outside the scope of this article.

Thai girl at The PIMP Bangkok slave party

The bottom line is that guys coming to Thailand have the opportunity to experience everything they see in porn but seldom have the chance to participate in real life.

Like a popular escort website in Bangkok put it “Why watch porn when YOU can be the pornstar? “

Can All Thai Girls Offer A Porn Star Experience?

If you’re not going to hire an escort, a Porn Star Experience requires both the girl and the guy to develop a degree of trust and confidence in each other.

As a result, most Thai girls may decline to give you this kind of experience the first time you meet.

The easiest way is to just ask the girl.

Do they love hard porn-style sex, and do they want to share this kind of experience with you?

The answer from most Thai girls will surprise you.

In general, Thai girls love sex and are willing to engage in all types of sexual acts.

Including some you see in porn videos.

No wonder why Thailand is dimmed as a paradise for single guys.

PSE vs. GFE: What’s The Difference?

Some guys want to take it easy for their holidays and get close to the girls.

That’s what they get with a Girlfriend Experience.

Sexy Cute Thai Girl in Bed at Bangkok Hotel

A GFE is when a guy rents a girlfriend for dates or trips that are not exclusively about sex.

When hired for a girlfriend experience, the girl often expects to take things slow.

We have a complete post that explains this in detail.

Their focus is to provide you with a romantic feeling that isn’t necessarily sexual in nature.

A kiss, a hug, just hanging out watching a movie before having sex on the couch, maybe.

The porn star experience, on the other hand, is all about fulfilling your wildest hardcore porn fantasy in real life.

But even though GFE and PSE can seem direct opposites, some girls do offer both.

What’s More Popular: PSE or GFE?

Girlfriend experiences were far more common about a decade ago.

And as porn is becoming more widely available and mainstream, the number of girls open and excited by this kind of sex has increased as well.

Many men and Thai girls want to personally experience what they see online.

PSE might also be more popular in Thailand because it’s easier to get here than in other parts of the world.

A PSE is something that a lot of guys tend to crave the first time they come to Thailand.

But you can get one or the other, or get both, why choose?

Smart guys take time to learn about Thai girls and Thai culture, and even learn the Thai language, and they can get the girls to do crazy things.

Where To Find PSE In Bangkok?

sexy Thai models from escort agencies in Bangkok

The easiest way to find girls who provide PSE in Bangkok or anywhere else in the world is through escort services.

In Bangkok, there are a lot of escort agencies with gorgeous girls.

You can also use Smooci, a free app that lists all the escorts available in Bangkok.

Smooci Bangkok escorts service

It doesn’t require you to register or to pay online.

Go to their website, filter the girls that offer PSE and you’ll find in seconds who’s open to doing that.

Some gogo girls might also be open to providing PSE.

Spankys Smiling Girls

But there are 0 guarantees she either knows what it means, or what she’s supposed to do.

The other option is gentlemen’s clubs.

The girls working there, called “party models” are known to be among the naughtiest you can find in Thailand.

Take The PIMP for example, just look at the sexy shows they have on stage.

pretty girls at The PIMP Bangkok

Or book a VIP room and party with their hot models in private, and you’re highly likely to meet girls open for both GFE and PSE.


How Much Does A PSE Cost in Thailand?

A PSE in Thailand costs anywhere between 3,000 and 20,000 THB for a few hours. Depending on where you meet the girl, how hot and popular she is, and all the extra services she offers.

Are There Thai Escorts That Offer PSE And GFE?

Yes, you can find escorts in Thailand that offer PSE and GFE. Either ask the escort agency directly or on Smooci you just need to tick both filters to find the girls that offer both.

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