If you like to party Bangkok is the place for you. But with bars, pubs and clubs on every corner, it can be overwhelming when choosing a destination. New to the Bangkok scene and wanting a good night out I head to RCA, a designated party area set up by the Thai government.

Route 66 and RCA.

RCA is a long strip full of music, that makes the floor vibrate, and visually appealing clubs. I decided to check out Route 66 and not just because I heard Eminem playing. As with anywhere outside of Khaosan, dress code is smart, so leave the flip-flops and board shorts at home and pop on your glad rags. Just remember to take ID as everyone is asked for it! Admission is 300 Baht, however this is given back in drinks coupons. So it’s less of a fee and more of an exchange.

The areas.

As you walk in you’ll look around and discover you’re in the middle of two areas. To your left you’ll hear pop classics, chart toppers and popular Thai music, and to the right your ears will be filled with hip-hop and Rnb playing, everything from new style Beyonce to old school DMX.

Chairs are lined outside, however these fill up pretty quickly so if you want to sit down, I’d recommend booking a table. For those that prefer to dance the night away, drinks tables are placed both inside and out so that you don’t end up wearing your drink whilst trying to dance!

The inside of the club is the busiest, and whilst the dance floor is a good size, the drinks tables really restrict your ability to move. The bar has a good price and extensive selection of alcohol with interesting shot selections, however the bar inside does tend to get over-run quickly, however Route 66 has you covered as just outside, there are two more bars which are (usually) queue free, so you can grab a quick drink and get back on the dance floor! Although Route 66’s main clientele are Thai’s, expats and tourists help fill the floors so westerners wouldn’t feel out of place.

Even the toilets deserve attention!

One of the things I found most interesting about Route 66 was the restroom. The owners have put in just as much effort here, as they have with the rest of the establishment, although with a 6ft statue of a banana there to greet you as you walk in, and some toilet cubicles housing two toilets, I do wonder whether it’s genius or just plain crazy. The effort continues throughout with the restroom being huge and very well spaced. There is a room full of mirrors, (helping to diffuse the traffic at the sinks between people washing their hands and those that are applying make up!) and a seating area filled with comfortable sofas… and a live band. I kid you not. People often joke about there being parties in the women’s toilets as they take so long, but in Route 66 there just might be.

Go down the ‘Route’ and check it out!

Route 66 has accumulated a bit of a reputation as one of the best clubs, in Bangkok, however as with any highly rated place, it can be a bit daunting going, just in case it doesn’t live up to pre-set expectations. Route 66 is not one of the places, any and all predetermined opinions I had before were blown away and replaced with bigger and better new ones.

By Amy Morgan