People who are departing or landing at Don Muang Airport should take the time to check out the Royal Thai Air Force Musuem. This large and impressive museum is the perfect place for aviation fans to explore and consists of several large buildings that come complete with interesting exhibitions and displays.

The Royal Thai Air Force Museum was established in 1952 and features an extensive collection of aircraft and military paraphernalia dating back from the early period of Thai aviation history all the way to the present day. The collection contains around thirty different aeroplanes, including impressive examples of the first double-winged planes to touch down in Thailand. The aeroplanes and other equipment that can be found here come to a total of more than six million baht, although their historical value cannot be measured.

Inside  the Royal Thai Air Force Museum

The first building of the Royal Thai Air Force Museum presents Thai aviation history and contains aircraft that was flown by the Royal Thai Air Force after World War II. A number of temporary exhibitions can be found in building two as well as rare aircraft, while building three is reserved for aircraft that was used during Thailand’s anti-communism campaign. People who make their way to building four will find an extensive collection of military items, while building five houses a cool collection of helicopters as well as the last ever propeller fighter flown by the Royal Thai Air Force.

Anyone who is fascinated by old flying machines is sure to appreciate the many models on display at the Royal Thai Air Force Museum. Some of the aeroplanes in this collection are extremely rare and have been carefully restored to perfect condition.

Some of the many highlights at the Royal Thai Air Force Museum include the Curtiss Hawk III, which is one of the last in existence, the Vought Corsair V-93s and the Paribatra, which was the first ever aeroplane to be designed and built in Thailand, which first took fight in 1927.

All of these mean machines proudly stand on red carpets next to fighters that hail from the Vietnam War era. Each of these planes has a unique story to tell, while a collection of the first generation jet fighters can be found parked outside the museum as if ready to take to the skies. Visitors should allow plenty of time to admire the North American F 86L as well as the Lockheed T33A and Republic F 84 Thunder-Jets.

Before leaving the Royal Thai Air Force Museum, visitors will be able to view a large collection of victory medals, which were awarded to pilots of the Royal Thai Air Force and attest to the bravery of these magnificent flying men.

How to get there

The Royal Thai Air Force Museum is situated on 171 Paholyothin Road, just behind Don Muang Airport. The establishment is open daily from 09:00 to 16:00 and can be reached by taking the Skytrain to Mo Chit station followed by a short taxi ride. Entry is free of charge and visitors are free to roam the buildings there at their leisure.

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