Thailand has some of the best coastlines, and one of the biggest benefits of living in Thailand and having those coastlines, is the quality of seafood available. In my opinion Hua Hin and other seaside towns have the best seafood, along with beachside views, however whilst you may not get the views in Bangkok, you can get the same quality of seafood due to the deliveries that arrive in Bangkok everyday. There are many restaurants that serve seafood alongside other fare in Bangkok, however on the days where you want something in particular, you should check these restaurants out:

| Snapper | Soi 11 | Sukhumvit |

Recently voted best fish and chips in Bangkok, Snapper is run by New Zealanders: Craig, Clint and Moose. Whilst they may not drown chips in vinegar as they do in England, they do serve an array of fresh fish that is caught using sustainable fishing methods. Clam chowder, mussels, oysters, prawns, steaks, calamari and more, there is something here for every fish loving foodie.

| Kuang Sea Foods | 107/13 Soi Rangnam | Phaya Thai |

Inside a bright white cave with white walls, white tiles and white fluorescent lights is Kuang Sea Foods. A place where large tables fill the space and laughter from the semi drunk diners’ bounces off the walls. Just a ten-minute walk from Victory Monument BTS, Kuang Sea foods provides some of the finest seafood dishes in Bangkok. Such as the sweet and sour shrimp, or the yellow crab curry.
The laid back atmosphere combined with reasonable prices make this a great place to enjoy with friends.

| Honmono | Siam Paragon | Siam |

Up until recently I couldn’t bare to eat sushi. However after a friend persuaded me to taste fresh sushi that uses high quality fresh fish, rather than the usual pre-packaged sushi, I was immediately converted. Offering an array of seafood such as; sashimi, maki and sushi as well as high quality beef, Honmono caters to a variety of taste buds. Reservations are advised, as Honmono is typically busy with Hi-So clientele. But whilst prices are a little steep, the experience and the quality and freshness of the seafood ensure the prices are worth it.

| Seafood Market | Soi 24 | Suan Lang |

“If it swims we have it” are the words that light up the street below, and are also the words that signify you have arrived at the seafood market. Serving fresh fish to customers in Bangkok since 1959 the market is no stranger to the seafood game and with 1500 seats, the seafood market is used to catering to large crowds. Their concept is simple. Walk around the tanks and select your seafood, choose your side dishes, then tell the Captain exactly how you would like it cooked. Alternatively, if looking your dinner square in the eye isn’t your thing, you can order straight off the menu.

| Royal Dragon | 35/222 Bangna-trad road | Bangna |

Up until 2008 the Royal Dragon was in the Guinness book of world records for being the worlds largest restaurant. Seating over 5,000 people, and well known for its Thai and Chinese food, (as well as serving an array of European and international dishes) the menu is extensive. However one of the reasons many people come here, besides being guaranteed a table, is for the world-class seafood and entertainment. With almost 1,000 members of staff spread across three hectares, you can see why so many wear rollerblades. And when you combine that with the entertainment of zip lining, traditional dancing and a variety of others, you’re in for a night you’ll remember forever.

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