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With about 11 million people living in Bangkok, this is the sex capital of Thailand.

It is full of entertainment venues and large fancy shopping malls with big brand names.

Bangkok is a popular tourist destination, especially if you are looking for fun.

This is also why the prettiest Thai girls flock there looking for fame and glamourous jobs.

They come to meet rich businessmen or handsome foreigners who can take care of them.

It’s quite normal to see Thai girls with fancy mobile phones, designer handbags, gold, or even a car.

For a beautiful Thai girl, sex can buy a lot!

There’s no better place to make easy money than Bangkok.

Is Prostitution Legal in Bangkok?

bangkok Prostitutes

Generally, prostitution in extreme circumstances is not legal in Bangkok.

For example, underage sex, violence, or if you’re under the influence of drugs.

In theory, there are penalties for girls (or ladyboys) and include jail time for customers.

But prostitution in private areas is very common and tolerated in Bangkok.

Thai girls also love sex!

It’s part of their culture.

On top of that, every girl has a price.

With enough money, even the hottest magazine models or movie superstars are available.

You just need to deal with the girls directly – no middle man.

Pay the girls at your hotel or in private, and there should be no issues.

There is no need to look further; Bangkok has the sexiest girls to suit every taste at every cost.

The youngest and prettiest ones can be found in the gentlemen’s clubs, go-go bars, and countless other venues.

Bangkok Sex Shops

sexy thai girl at soapy massage

OK, we know you want some action!

But you have no idea where to go for sex in Bangkok.

Let us point you in the right direction.

If you want a dedicated venue where you can enjoy the girl on the premises, check these out.

Soapy Massage

sexy girls at black caviar soapy massage

Soapy massage parlors are different from massage parlors in Bangkok.

They offer full sex – not a massage and a happy ending.

Again, this is usually an evening activity.

How does it work?

The staff greets and sits you in a large lounge. Entry is free.

On the other side of the glass, you will see many beautiful girls seated and waiting.

You can choose the girl you want by number.

Pay for the girl in advance and spend 1-2 hours with her.

You will get a bath, enjoy a full body massage and sex on the spot.

The bigger Soapy Massage venues offer suites for many guys and girls to join in.

These places usually have a big pool and adjoining bedrooms.

A Soapy Massage is more expensive than a massage, but you are also getting a full and discrete service on the spot.

Happy Ending Massage

thai girl handjob

If you want daytime sex, you can visit a Happy Ending massage shop.

Unlike traditional massage shops, a happy ending massage also offers 30-minute hand-jobs or blow-jobs.

You can tell them apart from a traditional shop by the names, colors, and girls.

Once inside, you can expect a massage and oral sex.

If you want sex in the day and you want to pay less, a happy ending massage is the way to go.

And if you don’t mind younger girls, with less experience, who offer something closer to a girlfriend experience, try Kapooclubs

They are Thai men favorite type of happy ending massages.

Blowjob Bars

Thai girls at 7 Heaven

There are a number of Blowjob bars in Bangkok.

These are venues where your hostess will give you a blow job along with your drink.

It’s a good way to get quick and cheap service as a blow job and a beer will only set you back about 1,000 baht.

The bars usually have seating in front where you can choose the girl.

In some bars, you must go inside with the girl that first greets you.

The private area may be behind a curtain, in a booth, or in a private room where you can wash up.

Oral sex is without a condom.

Some bars allow you to cum in the girl’s mouth for extra, and some have full-sex services.

Taking the girl home will cost the same as taking her back from a beer bar with a bar fine.


Girls playing at Barbar Fetish Club in Bangkok

There are some interesting BDSM Clubs in Bangkok.

You can act out many kinky and fetish fantasies there.

For example, most of them have mistresses who offer dom/sub play and role play.

You may need to pay an entry fee, and then marked-up drinks and lady drinks.

The settings are more luxurious than a beer bar, and you can enjoy your fun in a private area too.

BSDM clubs usually open mid-afternoon and close around midnight.

Red Light Districts and Go Go Bars

Bangkok has many red-light districts with countless go-go bars and adult entertainment venues.

But there are 3 main areas we recommend for sex with girls you like.

Nana Plaza

nana plaza red light district

This is one of Bangkok’s most popular red-light districts.

Nana Plaza is in the heart of the city on Sukhumvit Soi 4.

It boasts over 30 go-go bars and beer bars.

This place is bustling with sexy hookers and great bars.

You will find sexy ladyboys freelancing there, too.

The fun starts after 7pm. Don’t miss it!

Soi Cowboy

soi cowboy at night

Soi Cowboy is Bangkok’s most famous red-light district.

It caters to foreigners.

You will find more than 40 go-go bars and beer bars there.

It is in the Asoke district near Sukhumvit Soi 23.

Like Nana Plaza, the fun starts around 7pm.


patpong neon lights at night

Famous historical red-light district.

You can have a lot of fun if you know which bars to visit; such as, Bada Bing, Glamour and Black Pagoda.

There are over a dozen go-go bars near Patpong night market.

Be careful of scams with Thai guys inviting you to watch a ping pong show.

Patpong is in the Silom business district.

Other Districts

While these are the 3 main areas most farangs go for sex, there are some hidden gems around Bangkok. 

For example, Khaosan road is good for partying and dancing.

Similarly, Thonglor is worth a visit – one of Bangkok’s hippest districts with a mile of pubs and clubs.

Read our complete guide on red-light districts in Bangkok.

Wild Sex Parties

thai girls ready for wild sex party

Are planning a bachelor party, or looking for a wild sex party?

Well, there is a selection of premium venues available for you in Bangkok.

Gentlemen Clubs, like the famous PIMP Bangkok, is one of the best clubs for private parties.

They have everything you are looking for.

This includes:

  • International singers
  • Professional dance acts
  • Live music
  • Drinks packages
  • Food
  • Lap dancing
  • Themed parties

All the best locations have hundreds of beautiful young girls to keep you company all night.

VIP arrangements include comfy rooms with a karaoke set, high-end audio, a jacuzzi, and a private pool table.

These are ideal for a large group as they can accommodate up to 30 people with gangbang chicks on demand.

This natural sexy setting is perfect for stag parties.

Karaoke bars and beer bars are also reasonable alternatives.

Keep in mind, it’s best to have your own girl-friendly hotel so you can continue the real sex party in privacy.

Thai Bar Girls and Freelancers in Bangkok

thai bar girls and freelancers

Many beer bars and go-go bars are open from late afternoon until early morning.

The main point is to drink with a sexy hostess.

Girls earn commission by getting the customer to order them lady drinks.

They can also choose to go with customers or not.

However, you cannot have sex at most of these venues.

You need to take the girl (or ladyboy) to a girl-friendly hotel, such as Nana Hotel.

If you do take a girl home, there is a bar fine that compensates the venue for their absence.

These days, however, many freelance hookers work on their own.

They use dating sites, venues like night clubs or specific red-light areas to attract customers.

At times, they may also work some shifts in a beer bar.

Some bars and nightclubs have a high percentage of freelance hookers.

Look near Nana Plaza, or in the nightclubs at Thonglor, Silom, and Soi 11.

You do not need to buy freelancer drinks or pay a bar fine.

Escort Agencies

sexiest thai girl at escort agency

Bangkok has an excellent choice of escorts and outcall massages.

These include Absolute Angels Bangkok, Bangkok Golden Escorts, and BKK Escort Service.

You can choose a girl or a ladyboy online: The rates and services are clearly displayed.

The models you get there are always sexy, young, and very pretty.

Browse through the models, call the agency and book her: The girl comes straight to your room.

Pay her, and then have fun. Simple!

Remember, advance bookings for a specific model need a deposit.

You avoid the hassles of buying drinks, paying bar fines, and traveling to venues.

It will cost you upwards of 5,000 baht for short time, but it’s worth it.

Apps & Sites

hot girls on smooci & thaifriendly

There are many dating apps and sites where you can find more Thai girls and ladyboys in Bangkok than anywhere else.

You can find girls for serious relationships, casual fun, or sex with freelancers.

Here are the apps we recommend:

Always remember, most Thai girls do not speak English.

Girl-Friendly & Love Hotels

sexy thai girl at love hotel

Many hotels have a two-person occupancy rule.

They charge a fee to bring unregistered guests to your room.

Small to medium size hotels have staff that recognizes and check your guests.

If your hooker is not Thai, they will also want to register the guest with immigration.

A girl-friendly hotel allows you to take bar girls and freelancers to your room.

They do not charge you extra and may do not need an ID.

Even so, some hotels do not have a girl-friendly attitude and frown upon your lady.

Have a look at our recommendations for the best places to stay in Bangkok if you need to pay to play.

Another option is to go to a boutique love hotel.

These places are great for adult fun.

You can rent a room by the hour.

They have unique themed suites with sofas, jacuzzi, water beds, and adult channels on TV.

They are the perfect place to live out your fantasy.


How much does sex cost in Bangkok?

The cost of sex is very reasonable in Bangkok.

You can pay as little as 1,000 baht for a blow-job from a freelancer.

Bar girls, go-go girls, models, escorts, and Coyote girls will cost much more on a sliding scale.

You can find details in our guide to Thai hookers.

As well as short-time and long-time (overnight), you can rent a girl by the day, the week, or the month.

Some bar girls charge 20,000 to 30,000 baht for the week full-time.

What are the best venues for sex in Bangkok?

This depends on what you are looking for.

If you want a beer with a sexy hostess, then check out the beer bars and go-go bars on Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy.

If you are looking for an experience, your best bet is a gentleman’s club like The PIMP Club or a Soapy Massage.

Once you’ve visited all the venues in Bangkok, you may even want to visit Pattaya for sex.

Can you get free sex with girls in Bangkok?

If you are short of cash, try picking up a girl online with Tinder or a dating site.

A mall or even a shop is another good way to chat up a girl.

Have a look at our guide on how to seduce a Thai girl.

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