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Pattaya is one of Thailand’s most popular destinations for sex tourism.

Add beaches, luxury hotels, high-end restaurants, and beautiful girls, then you have the perfect mix for fun. 

Locals are also warm and welcoming to visitors.

They’re proud to show off their Buddhist heritage and traditional shrines.

But let’s face it – tourists don’t come to Pattaya to see temples.

They come to Pattaya for the girls, the nightlife, and the sex.

And if they have money to spend, the Thais girls welcome them with open arms. 

Are Prostitutes legal in Pattaya?

pattaya prostitute in police uniform

Prostitution is considered illegal in Pattaya.

However, it’s been going on in Thailand for hundreds of years, so everybody looks the other way.

Many of Pattaya’s entertainment workers make their living from prostitution.

Without it, Pattaya’s nightlife would collapse.

Most bars and go-gos have arrangements with the city to protect their workers.

Every so often, Pattaya police put on a show and round up the prostitutes on Beach Rd.

They fine them 100 baht, then they’re back to work the same night.

This is Pattaya’s way of getting tough on prostitution.

Basically, sex in Pattaya is a thriving business and like the girls, farangs love it! 

Sex Shops in Pattaya

thai girl in see through lingerie

There isn’t as much variety of sex shops in Pattaya compared to Bangkok, but they still exist.

Massage Parlors and Blow Job Bars are the safest and easiest places to go to.

When you walk in, expect to have sex.

All you have to do is choose the girl and type of service.

Prices are set depending on how much and how long you want to spend.

Generally, Pattaya sex shops open early so you can take care of business day or night.

One popular venue is Sabai Dee.

You’ll find young hot girls who don’t want to work in dirty beer bars or dance in a go-go.

But for 90 minutes, they’ll give you the soapiest, most sensual experience you’ve ever had.

And you won’t have to buy a lady drink or pay a bar fine.

Blow job bars and happy ending oil shops aren’t fancy, but the girls are still sexy, and the prices are right.

Another popular venue is Club 4.

They have go-go dancers who offer blow jobs and full service starting at 800 baht.

You can choose between a private booth and a private room.

You may have to buy a lady drink or two, but there aren’t any bar fines or room fees.

Wild Sex Parties

pattaya girl ready for wild sex party

Pattaya’s Gentlemen’s Clubs are nothing like the private Gentlemen’s Clubs in Bangkok.

They don’t have VIP rooms or bottle service, but they know how to party.

Pattaya’s Gentlemen’s Clubs are daytime bars with lots of hot girls and short time rooms inside.

The best places to go are Kinnaree and Passions.

They have large bar areas, swimming pools, and over 50 beautiful girls.

Spend an afternoon at either club, and you’re guaranteed a short time or two.

You pay for the room and as many girls as you can handle.

Both clubs have regular BBQs and pool parties with one price all you can drink specials.

And with a pool full of half-naked girls, things can get wild.

Thai Bar Girls and Freelancers in Pattaya

sexy pattaya freelance girl

The best and safest places to meet freelancers in Pattaya are nightclubs and discos.

Ibar and Insomnia have the hottest freelancers in Pattaya.

It’s a mix of university girls, office girls with day jobs, and off-duty go-go girls trying to make extra cash.

Later in the night, you have a much better chance for long-time sex with a gorgeous freelancer.

And depending on the girl, you’re only going to pay 1,000 to 2,000 baht.

You can find more freelancers at Pattaya’s beer bars.

There’ll be bar girls serving drinks and entertaining customers.

Like go-go girls, they make their money from lady drinks and bar fines.

The bar girls in the upscale beer bars are the hottest in Pattaya, much sexier than any go-go girl.

For a 500 baht bar fine and 2,000 baht, these hotties are yours for the night.

Escort Agencies

sexy pattaya escorts

The best way to get a Thai girl direct to your room in Pattaya is through an escort agency.

They’re private, discrete, and open 24-hours a day.

Pattaya Escorts have the best girls and the best rates.

You’ll find girl’s photos are real and up to date.

They offer a variety of sexual services, even some that aren’t on the menu.

Check out the girl on the agency website, see what she offers, then make your choice.

Most tourists and expats find this much easier to negotiate.

You don’t have to hassle with crowded clubs, lady drinks, bar fines, or long-time dates that leave after an hour.

The hourly rates start at 3,000 baht, which’s about what you would pay for a night in a go-go.

Apps & Sites

thai girls on dating apps

If you don’t like clubbing and picking up girls on the street, the best place to meet Pattaya freelancers is online.

You’ll find plenty of escorts and freelancers on sites like Smooci and ThaiFriendly. is a great place to meet independent escorts who don’t want to pay agencies a fee.

It’s like using an escort agency, but you pay the escort directly, not the agency.

ThaiFriendly is another popular app.

In tourist destinations like Pattaya, there are lots of freelancers on the site.

Their photos are easy to spot with sexy poses, short skirts, and tiny bikinis.

You may even find a bar girl or go-go girl looking to make some extra cash.

Freelance prices start at 1,000 baht, which sure beats the price of drinks at a club.

Red Light Districts and Go Go Bars

Pattaya has three main red-light districts with go-go bars, nightclubs, and beer bars. 

Each one has its own personality and attracts different types of customers. 

Walking Street

Walking Street

It used to be that Pattaya nightlife and Walking Street were one and the same. 

The nightclubs, go-go’s, and beer bars were the best in the city. 

Night clubs like Insomnia are still popular with tourists and expats. 

You can take home a freelancer for 1,000 baht.

Another top spot for hot girls is at Atlantis A-Go-Go, and the bar fine is only 600 baht.

For 1,500 baht, they’ll take care of you all night. 

LK Metro

LK Metro

LK Metro is Pattaya’s favorite nightspot for western ex-pats and tourists.

With over 12 go-gos and 20 upscale beer bars, LK has the hottest bar girls in the city.

Walk in any bar, and you’re surrounded by pretty girls who are ready for anything.

Destiny A Go-Go and Scooters Bar have the hottest girls on LK Metro.

If you decide to spend some time with one of the girls, there are several discrete short-time rooms on LK Metro.

Beers, lady drinks, bar fines, and short times are about half what you pay compared to Walking St.

Soi 6

hot thai girls at Nightwish Bar

If you’re looking for daytime fun and short-time sex, you need to spend an afternoon on Soi 6.

Soi 6 is lined with dozens of short-time bars, and the fun starts every day at 1pm.

The girls on Soi 6 aren’t shy, and they dress in sexy little outfits that will get you inside.

Girls on Soi 6 are incredibly hot, so it’s not hard to make friends.

All the bars in Soi 6 have short time rooms, so once you connect, sex is on the menu.

Prices for short times are pretty reasonable.

The room costs 300 baht, and the girls are 1,000 to 1,500 baht.

Other Districts

Soi Buakhao is one of Pattaya’s fastest-growing adult entertainment areas.

Already popular for happy ending massages, it’s now home to several new short-time bars.

On Soi Buakhao, everything opens early and stays open late.

If you’re bored of the main Pattaya red-light districts, happy ending massage or short time sex is available on Soi Buakhao.

Girl-Friendly & Love Hotels

sexy thai girl at pattaya hotel

When you stay in Pattaya, you’re going to bring girls back to your room. 

You need a girl-friendly hotel that won’t charge an extra fee for an overnight guest. 

The 4-star AYA boutique hotel is girl-friendly and accessible to Walking St and all the Beach Rd Soi’s.

Bring a girl back here, and she will definitely be impressed. 

Love Hotels are also convenient options in case you can’t wait.

They’re discrete little bungalows with private parking and no windows.

No one will know what you’re up to inside. 

The two best love hotels in Pattaya are Full Love Inn and Love 24 Inn. 


How much does sex cost in Pattaya?

The cost of sex in Pattaya depends on where you go.

If you go to a happy ending massage or blow job bar it’s around 1,000 baht.

Book an escort, visit a go-go or get a soapy massage, it’s at least 3,000 baht.

Pick up a freelancer, visit a gentlemen’s club, or bar fine a bargirl, it’s 1,500 to 2,000 baht.

What are the best venues for sex in Pattaya?

The best venues for sex are Gentlemen’s Clubs, Soapy Massages, and Escort Agencies.

At Gentlemen’s Clubs and Soapy Massages, you pick the girl, choose your service and pay for the service.

The same applies to an escort agency.

You pick the girl, pick the service, and pay for it when she arrives.

No negotiating and no bar fine.

Can you get free sex with girls in Pattaya?

You don’t always have to pay for sex in Pattaya.

You can meet girls with regular jobs on ThaiFriendly.

Waitresses, 7-11 clerks, and students are all looking for foreign boyfriends.

Meet them on ThaiFriendly and ask them out for coffee or dinner.

Invite them back to your place to watch a movie and see what happens.

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