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In the middle of Ekamai, a few hundred meters from Czech Club, and almost across the road from Babyface Superclub, is one of the most famous gentlemen clubs in Bangkok, Sherbet Ekamai.

Opened for over 15 years, Sherbet is among the oldest g clubs in the city. And so far, it has managed to survive the growing competition.

But with big and luxurious new clubs opening in Thonglor and Ekamai in the last few years, is it still a good option to blow your money?

That’s what we’re going to see.

Sherbet Ekamai Is An Older Club

From the outside, Sherbet looks a bit old, and it’s the same inside.

interior of Sherbet exclusive club in Ekamai

There’s nothing really appealing about the venue and nothing that screams “come in for a wild night” or “we offer a luxury experience.”

The club always had and still has great shows, coyotes, and live bands every night.

But nothing truly impressive or world-class.

It’s a nice club for anyone who wants to drink with pretty Thai girls while enjoying live music, but outside of that, there’s not much more to talk about.

What About the Girls?

Thai coyote girl at Sherbet Exclusive Club

Most girls at Sherbet are what they call coyotes.

Young pretty Thai girls, often students, who love to party and drink.

We can’t really say they’re more attractive than girls in the best gogo bars. But they’re definitely more friendly, classy, and without a doubt, a lot less aggressive.

Now regarding the shows, Sherbet Club does have a few shows with choreographed dances during the night. 

But outside of these rare performances, the girls are just standing on stage or in the room, waiting to get invited to a table.

Sexy Thai dancers at Sherbet Club in Bangkok

So if you’re looking for an exciting party with girls with a strong personality, or mind-blowing erotic and sexy shows performed by the hottest Thai girls you’ve ever seen, Sherbet is not the place we can recommend.

Nothing Luxurious in the Private Rooms Either

Sherbet Ekamai has 9 VIP rooms, all equipped with a karaoke system featuring up to 15,000 songs. And the biggest rooms even have pool tables.

party room at Sherbet Exclusive club in Bangkok

The design of private rooms is really basic, a bit old school, but it gets the job done.

Most importantly, each room is comfy and has enough space for a crazy party with the girls.

And that’s where the list of good things to say about their private rooms stops. Again, nothing is incredible about them.

Unfortunately, the design and the equipment at Sherbet are getting old, especially compared to what you can find a few minutes away in clubs like Emerald and Krystal in Thonglor.

Until they renovate the club, for the same amount of money you’ll have a better VIP experience at another gentlemen club.


Even though the club is older and less interesting, it’s not cheaper.

A 1-year membership at Sherbet costs 20,000 baht or more and comes with up to 7 bottles.

The price of girls there starts at only 1,680 baht for the first hour, and 420 baht for every 30 minutes after that.

The price of the first hour depends on how the girl is ranked (coyote, PR, model) and can go up to 2,940 baht.

Like other gentlemen clubs in Ekamai, the cost of a private room start from 2,500 baht.

The good thing is that members can enjoy a 10% discount on the bottles, girls, and food.

Sherbet also has a “discovery” package for non-members. Two people can party with 2 girls for 2 hours in a private room, with 1 bottle of alcohol, for only 6,600 baht.

It’s a nice option to try the club and see by yourself the venue and the quality of the girls before you decide to commit to a membership.

Regardless if you’re going there for a night only or to buy a membership, contact Party Bangkok and let their team take care of the booking for you.

About Sherbet Club Bangkok

live singer at Sherbet Exclusive Club in Ekamai

Right now, it’s hard to recommend Sherbet over other gentlemen clubs when for the same price you can get better service, brand new chic VIP rooms, world-class entertainment, and nothing but stunning Thai girls.

If you want to avoid the crowd, party in a club where you have more space for you and your friends, and where you won’t have to arrive early to get the hottest girls, then Sherbet might be for you.

But most gentlemen clubs in Bangkok will give you a better experience for the price, if not cheaper

  • Opening Hours: Daily 7 pm – 2 am
  • Address: Sherbet Exclusive Club, 59 Soi Sukhumvit 63, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

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What is the dress code of Sherbet Club Bangkok?

Sherbet Club Bangkok has no dress code. As for other clubs in Bangkok, try to dress smart casual (no tank top, no shorts, no open shoes)

What is the entrance fee at Sherbet Club Bangkok?

There is no entrance fee at Sherbet Club Bangkok. The club offers memberships that give you discounts on drinks and services, but you don’t need to buy a membership to get into the club.

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