Siam Niramit is a fantastic adventure for the whole family. A wonder of Thailand that must be experienced, this venue shows all that Thailand and its culture has to offer. This is an enormous facility consisting of indoor and outdoor locations, live elephants, and Thai performers in all stages of traditional dress and attire. The stage of Siam Niramit is certified by Guinness book of World Records as the highest in the world.

This location is a central spot for all tourists to see. The experience of Thai culture, live performer, and entertainment is astounding. There is a traditional Thai village, where food is prepared fresh and shows the culinary delights that Thailand offers. All of the buildings are erected just as any typical Thai village would look like.

When dining you can experience the wonderful buffet with international selections from around to globe. These two restaurants covers two floors of the main building, with over 2000 people served daily, the food is widespread and in stations all across this dining hall.

The show inside the main stage is electric. Performers are suspended in air at incredible heights. The show is a circus wrapped in a play surrounded in a Theatre setting. This will help you understand the great culture of the land of smiles.

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